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Troubleshooting Common Issues – WPVR

Searching for a solution to any issues you’re facing using WPVR – Quality Virtual Tour Creator?

Here is a list for troubleshooting the common issues for WPVR.

Troubleshooting Common Issues On WPVR #

If it’s a common issue, you might find the solution here:

1. The virtual tour is not loading on the webpage.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > WPVR > Get Started > Settings.

Check the Enable Script Control option status.

Troubleshooting Virtual Tour Not Loading

-> If the Enable Script Control option is turned On, turn it off and reload the tour page.

If you wish to use this feature, you have to set the URLs of all the pages on your site with a virtual tour in the List of Allowed Pages To Load WPVR Scripts field.

To learn more, click here to control script and style loading for virtual tours.

-> If the Enable Script Control option is turned Off, there is a possibility that an optimization or caching plugin you’re using, is optimizing the WPVR JS assets.

Go to the settings page of your optimization/caching plugin and exclude WPVR plugin files from optimizing by the plugin.

2. The fullscreen button is not working on iPhone/iPad.

This is actually a restriction issue from Apple itself due to their security reasons.

Apple doesn’t allow any third-party application to use the full-screen feature on most browsers from their mobile devices.

You’ll face this on all iPhone models and most iPad models, especially if you’re using the Safari or the Google Chrome browser.

However, this issue is not appearing on some latest models of iPad.

You can try to update the iOS version on your iPad, update your browser, reload the tour, and see if the issue presists.

3. “THE FILE (…) COULD NOT BE ACCESSED.” error message on the tour.

Sometimes when you add a tour on your site, you might face this issue that rather than loading the tour it will give the error “THE FILE (…) COULD NOT BE ACCESSED.”

This error shows up when you are running a website under “HTTPS” (secured with SSL certificate) whereas your image link is under “HTTP” (unsecured).

To solve this issue, go to your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General.

Here make sure you have “https” added to both “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)”.

That’s it. Your virtual tour will load with no issues.

4. Can I edit the width and height of the virtual tour?

Yes, you can edit the width and height of your tour.

You can also set a radius on the tour.

Follow this documentation to customize the width, height, and radius of the virtual tour.

5. How can I use panoramas captured with mobile to create a virtual tour?

Yes, you can use the panorama images captured with Mobile phones to create a virtual tour.

Follow this documentation to create virtual tours with mobile phone panorama images.

6. YouTube 360 Degree Video Not Working on Android Device.

First, make sure that you’re using the latest version of WPVR and your android device browsers are up to date.

Then, read this guide to embed YouTube 360 Degree Videos and make sure that you’ve followed it.

If you didn’t find your issue on the list, or the solution didn’t work for you, you can always contact our support or live chat.

**Before you contact us with with an issue, please make sure:

  • You’re using the latest version of WPVR.
  • The WordPress version and the PHP version of your site is not too backdated.
  • Your License Key is active (for WPVR Pro).
  • Clear browser cache and reload the tour page (Load the tour page on an incognito browser if possible).