Eid Mubarak

How To Add Or Remove An Additional Product Attribute In The Feed

When you are creating a feed for your preferred merchant with the Product Feed Manager, you will see that the required attributes are already included in the feed.

However, you will find only the required attributes in the feed template. And there are other recommended/ optional attributes that you may need to add to your feed.

In this case, you can easily add those recommended/ optional attributes with the Product Feed Manager plugin.

Let me show you how you can add a custom attribute to your feed.

1. At first create a new feed >> select a merchant or open your existing feed.

shopee feed

2. Scroll down to the Feed Configuration section. Here you will see all the attributes that are included in this feed.

On the bottom, you will find two options, Add New Attribute, and Add New Custom Attribute.

Now, to include a pre-made attribute, click on the Add New Attribute button.

Add New Attribute

3. Once you click on the Add New Attribute button, a new attribute will be added to your feed.

New attribute field

Here, select a new attribute, select the attribute type, and set a value to this.

You can keep the Output Filter the same as it is, or you can change the Output Filter as per your need.

configure new attribute

Your custom attribute is ready now.

4. Now, click on the PublishUpdate button to Publish or Update your feed.

And now if you open your feed you will see that this new attribute and its values are included in your feed.

To remove any existing attribute, you can simply click on the delete option next to the attribute from the feed configuration and that attribute will be removed from the feed.

Delete button

That’s it, your attribute will be deleted from your feed.