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How to do SEO optimization for Embeded tour

With the latest feature of WP VR, you can now SEO-optimize your embedded virtual tour on a WordPress or non-WordPress website.

First, make sure you have WP VR free, WP VR Pro, and WP VR Embed Addon installed and activated on your WordPress site.

Then simply follow the steps below.

1. Create a virtual tour.

2. Once you have the virtual tour ready, publish it. Then go to the General >> Basic Settings


3. Here, you will see there is a code snippet with an iframe tag.  Copy this code snippet.

How to do SEO optimization for Embeded tour 1

4. Now, use this code snippet to embed it on any website you want.

5. Copy this code snippet and paste it where you want to use it. Now you can put your Meta Title and Meta description in the field inside the inverted comma.


That’s it. You now have a WPVR virtual tour embedded on your website with an SEO-optimized Title and description.