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How To Embed A Virtual Tour Using WPVR Elementor Widget

If you’re using the Elementor Page builder, WP VR has a dedicated Elementor Widget that you can use to embed virtual tours on your site easily.

Once you create a virtual tour, follow the steps below to embed a virtual tour using WPVR Elementor Widget.

1. After creating the tour, remember the Tour ID.

Remember Tour ID

**You can also collect it from the Dashboard > WPVR > Tours.

2. Edit the page/post using Elementor Page Builder, where you want to embed this virtual tour.

3. On the widget area of Elemenor, search for the WPVR widget.

WPVR Elementor Widget

4. Drag-and-drop the WPVR widget to whichever section you want.

WPVR Elementor widget added

It will add the widget and you will be required to provide “Id”, “Width”, “Height”, and “Radius”.

  • Id –
    – Insert the Id of your desired WPVR tour that you wish to embed.
    – Do not input the Tour name.
  • Width –
    – Assign a positive numeric pixel value. For example: 600px.
    – Or, you can use a percentage that will take the percentage width of the container of the page. Example: 90%.
    – If you wish the tour to be full-width of the whole page, then input the text “100vw”.
  • Height –
    – Only assign a positive numeric pixel value. For example – 400px
    – Do not use percentage or any text
  • Radius –
    – Assign a positive numeric pixel value. For example – 10px
    – Or you can use a percentage. For example – 10%

5. Once you provide the required data, you will get a preview of the tour on your web page.

Elementor - tour preview

6. Now, you can preview or publish the page, and you will see that a virtual tour has embedded on your site.