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How to Add A Virtual Tour Icon or Your Company Logo in 360 Degree Tours – WPVR

Once you’ve created a virtual tour for your business or property, you want to set your own logo or a simple virtual tour icon on the tour front-end.

This logo will serve as your mark on the tour and show your authority on the virtual tour.

With WPVR Pro, you can:

  • Add your company logo on the virtual tour.
  • Show your company description upon clicking on the logo.
  • Set a simple virtual tour icon to make it more interactive.

Today, you’ll learn how you can add your company logo on the tour as well as set your company description.

Let’s get started.

Add Your Company Logo on Virtual Tour #

Follow these simple steps to add your company logo and description on the virtual tour:

1. Go to the edit mode of the virtual tour on which you want to add your company logo.

You can choose to edit an existing tour created with WP VR. Also, you can create a new tour then proceed to the next steps.

WPVR Dashboard View

Click on the Advanced Controls tab.

2. In the Advanced Controls page, you’ll find an option named Add Company Information.

Option - Add Company Information

Enable this option.

3. After enabling the option, 2 new options will appear:

  • Upload Company Logo.
  • Company Details.

Here is how you can set them up:

Company Logo and Description

Upload Company logo: #

Click on the image icon under this option. Now you can upload your logo here.

The preferred size for the logo is 100*100px.

Company Details: #

In this field, you can just simply type or add your company details.

Set a short and informative description about your company.

Company Logo And Details

Here you can see the WP VR logo and a short description of WP VR is added.

4. Save or Update the tour.

The page will reload. However, you won’t see the logo on the backend preview of your tour.

5. Publish the tour on a page or post of your site.

Once you publish the tour on your website, you’ll see the logo appearing on the tour front end.

Company Logo Added on Virtual Tour

Click on the logo and the description will appear under the logo.

Company Description Under Company Logo

That’s it. Your company logo and description are now added on your virtual tour.

How To Add A Virtual Tour Icon On Your 360 Degree Tour #

Just like your company logo, you can set a simple virtual tour icon on your 360-degree tours.

Just like you’ve set your company logo and a description, you can set a virtual tour icon and set a small description to it.

Here is how a virtual tour icon will look like:

Virtual Tour Icon

As you see, it’s really easy and simple.

Just like these, you can add many more exciting features on your virtual tours with WP VR.

Follow this to add Background Music on your virtual tour.

Follow this to add a Scene Gallery on your virtual tour.