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How To Add A Scene To Your Virtual Tour

In this WP VR lesson, follow the steps below to add a scene or multiple scenes to get started with creating your virtual tour.

Add A Scene To Your Virtual Tour #

1. Go to Dashboard > WP VR > Add new tour.

Add new tour

It will take you to this page where you can start creating your virtual tour.

2. Add a title to the tour.

Add a scene title

3. On the left side, you can find the Scenes tab. Click on it.

Click on scenes tab

This is where you add the scenes for your virtual tour.

Scenes tab

4. Click on the blue Upload button and upload a 360 panoramic image.

Upload a 360 panoramic image

Once uploaded, a thumbnail will appear.

Image added

5. Assign a Scene ID

6. Change the Set as default to Yes.

Scene ID and Default

This will mean that this scene will be the 1st scene of the tour, in case you add multiple scene.

7. Now, click on the Preview button below.

Tour preview

You will see the image has been converted to a virtual and you can get a preview tour on the right side.

8. If you wish to add another scene, simply click on the (+) plus icon above and a blank new scene page will appear.

Add a second scene

9. You can upload an image here and set a Scene ID.

10. You can go back to the 1st scene by clicking on it’s respective icon above.

Back to first scene

11. Now, again click on Preview.

You will see on the preview tour, you are on the 1st scene (because you set it as default), but there are two images in the gallery below the preview tour.

Two scenes added

If you double click on the second image in the gallery, it will take you to the second scene in the preview tour.

Double click to view second scene

That’s it. You now know how to add scenes to your virtual tour.

Now on the right side, you can see a number of features. I’ll explain them to you in the next lesson.