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How To Upgrade To Pro – Cart Lift

To upgrade to Cart Lift Pro, follow the steps bellow.

Step 1 – Purchase Cart Lift Pro #

First, go to Dashboard > Cart Lift and on top, click on the Free Vs Pro Tab.

Cart Lift - Free VS Pro menu

On the top-right side, click on the Upgrade To Pro button.

It will take you to our official website plugin page (You can also go to the link directly if you want.) 

Once you are on the website, click on Get Pro and it will take you to the pricing section.

Cart Lift Pricing Section to Upgrade to pro for Cart Lift Pro

Choose your desired plan and click on the Buy Now button below.

It will take you to the check out page.

CL - Checkout

If you scroll lower, you will get the form to open an account.

CL - Create acc

These information will help to create and account for our website.

Then you will see the section for payment.

CL - Payment info

Fill out the information.

Then make sure to read the Terms of Service below and checking it.

Once done, click on the Upgrade Now button below.

You will be notified that the purchase is successful. You will also get an e-mail from us which will include your purchase details, license key, and a downloadable Cart Lift Pro zip file.

Step 2 – Collect Cart Lift Pro License Key(s) #

Other than via email, to collect the license key, go to and on the right side of the menus, and click on Account.

RexTheme home page

If you are not logged in, you will need to log in with the ID and Password that you used at the time of purchase. Else, you will be taken to your account page.

Here’s how your account page will look like.

Rex Account

On the left, click on License Key, and there you will be able to collect the license key for Cart Lift Pro and on the Downloads tab, you will be able to download the latest version of Cart Lift Pro.

Step 3 – Complete The Cart Lift Upgrade To Pro #

Once you have the Cart Lift Pro zip file and the License Key(s), you are ready to upgrade to Pro.

FYI: Make sure that you have the free version installed and activated on your website for the upgrade to be successful.

Now, go to your Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. On the top left corner, you will get the option to upload plugin. Click on that and upload the Cart Lift Pro zip file.

Once you upload, install, and activate Cart Lift Pro, go to Dashboard > Cart Lift and you will notice that the Free Vs Pro tab has changed to License tab.

Go to the License tab and you will see the following:

License Tab Pro

Here, input the license key, and click on Activate License. Then you will see that the License is Active and the button changed to Deactivate License.

License Activated

Then click on Save Changes.

That’s it. You now have full access to all the Premium features of Cart Lift.