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How To Set Virtual Floor Plans Inside Your Tours – WPVR

With WPVR, you can now easily set Virtual Floor plans inside of your tours and connect the plan to your scenes.

So, your viewers can open the floor plan while viewing the tour and choose to visit the different scenes right from the virtual floor plan.

Here is how you can set a Floor Plan and connect your scenes with it.

Set Virtual Floor Plans Inside Your Virtual Tours #

Follow these steps to set a floor plan for your virtual tour and connect it with your scenes:

Step 1: Enable Floor Plan #

Go to one of your tours, and click on the Floor Plan tab.

Virtual Floor Plan - WPVR

You’ll find this Floor Plan option.

Enable it.

Set A Floor Plan Inside Virtual Tour

Step 2: Upload Floor Plan #

Once you enable the option, you’ll find these options:

  • Upload Floor Plan Image.
  • Floor Plan Pointers.
  • Floor Plan Pointer Color.
Upload Floor Plan to Virtual Tour

Click on the image icon to upload the floor plan image.

Virtual Floor Plans - WPVR

Now, choose to Preview your virtual Floor Plan.

Virtual Tour with Floor Plan

Here’s how it’ll appear on your virtual tour.

Floor Plan on Preview

Step 3: Add Pointers On The Floor Plan #

On the Preview, click anywhere on top of the virtual Floor Plan.

You’ll see a new position has appeared under the Floor Plan Pointers List.

Panorama Pointer on Floor Plan

You can drag and move this pointer on the floor plan.

You can add multiple pointers on the Floor Plan and they’ll appear under the Floor Plan Pointers List like this.

Connected Panorama Images - Floor plan

You can choose to delete any of these pointers simply by clicking on the Delete icon.

You can also set your desired color to the pointers using the Floor Plan Pointer Color option.

Set Color to Floor Plan Pointers

Step 4: Connect Scenes With Panorama Pointers #

For each Position under the Floor Plan Pointers, you’ll find a drop-down option.

Once you click it, you can see all the scenes of your virtual tour.

Scenes Added To Floor Plan Pointers

You can choose the desired scene by its Scene ID and connect it to this pointer.

Like this, you can connect a scene to each of the pointers.

House Plans with Virtual Tours

Once you’ve successfully set up the Floor plan, it’ll appear on the front end like this:

Virtual Floor Plan - Thumbnail

Your viewers can click on each pointer and it’ll take them to the scene you’ve connected with it.

They can also enlarge the floor plan to have a better understanding of your place.

Floor Plan on Virtual Tour

And that’s it, you’ve added an interactive floor plan to your virtual tour.

It was really easy to do it.

Next on, you can set background music to your virtual tour as well.

Follow this simple guide to set background audio on your virtual tour.