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With the Product Feed Manager to WooCommerce plugin, you can easily set the Yoast Primary Category in the feed as a feed attribute value.

Follow the easy steps to learn how you can set Yoast Primary Category value to your feed attributes.

*** At first make sure that Yoast is installed on your site.

1. At first create a new feed >> select a merchant or open your existing feed.

Add New Feed Yoast

2. Scroll down to the Feed Configuration section, and here you will find all the attributes as per your selected merchant.

Facebook Feed

3. Click on the Value dropdown field of the concerned attribute and select “Yoast Primary Category” from the dropdown list.

Product Feed Manager Yoast Primary Category Values

4. Finally, click on the Publish/ Update button to publish/ update the feed.

Now when you open the feed, you will find that the Yoast Primary Category value is showing as the value for the concerned attribute.