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When you are using price attributes to your feed, most of the time you will need to add currency to your product price attribute.

Also, based on your country, this currency may be set before or after the pricing. For example $109.99, ฿100.99, etc.

Before or after, you can easily do this with the Product Feed Manager plugin.

In this case, you can put any currency value as the prefix or suffix to your pricing attribute.

When you add a prefix, this static value would be placed before the attribute, such as “USD $119.99”

For suffix, your static value would be placed after your attribute value, such as $119.99 USD.

In this guide, I will show you how easily you can set Prefix or Suffix to any attribute. 

1. At first create a new feed, select a merchant or open your existing feed.

Facebook Feed

2. In the attribute section, here you will find the Prefix and the Suffix option for each of the attributes.

Product Feed Manager Prefix And Suffix Options Of Attributes

3. Put any static value as the Prefix or the Suffix for the price attribute.

For example, here you can see that a Static value “USD” is set as the Suffix for the Regular Price attribute.

Product Feed Manager Price Suffix

Now you can keep the suffix as it is, or you can change it to EUR or any other currency as per your required currency value.

Also, you can put the currency before the Price attribute, to do that, remove the currency value from the Suffix and insert a new value into the Prefix.

4. Complete your feed configuration and then click on Publish or Update button to publish or update the feed.

Now when you check your feed, you will see that your static value is added as the Prefix or Suffix to your assigned attribute.