Eid Mubarak

Demo Tour – WPVR (Free)

Image Credit: Roel van der Baan          Location: Lupos Bistro am Badesee

This is a demo tour created using WPVR (free version).

In each scene, we used the available features to make it compelling.

All the scenes are connected to make it into a complete virtual tour.

In this demo tour, we used a total of 6 Scenes with multiple hotspots in each scene.

General Settings #

Here are the options selected in the General Settings:

General Settings Free Demo Tour

As you can see, we have use the following general features:

  • Show Controls – On screen control for zoom in/out and fullscreen
  • Scene Fade Duration – To enable a scene fade effect and it’s execution time
  • Autoload – Turned off, so that viewer has to click to start tour
  • Preview Upload or add link – Set a preview image until the tour is started by viewer
  • Auto Rotation – Tour rotates automatically
  • Auto Rotation Inactive Delay – Duration for tour to start rotating again when stopped

Scenes And Hotspot Settings #

Here we have fulfilled the basic requirements to create the scenes by

  • Assigning a unique Scene ID to each scene
  • Uploading an image for each scene
  • Setting a certain scene as default

And we used several hotspot features such as

  • Hotspot-Type Scene – To connect to another scene (used in all hotspots except in Scene 1 – hotspot 3)
  • Hotspot-Type Info – To provide information (used in Scene 1 – hotspot 3)
  • On hover Content – To provide information when mouse hovered on hotspot (used in Scene 1 – hotspot 3)