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How To Configure Category Mapping For Facebook Product Category

While creating a feed for Facebook, you will find that there’s a recommended field which is Google Product Category.

And for this Google Product Category, they want you to follow the Google Taxonomy List when assigning the value.

So you can use Category Mapping for Google Product Category to assign these values.

In this guide, you will learn how to use Category Mapping for Facebook Feed.

1. Publish Facebook Feed Initially #

When you are creating a Facebook Product Feed, you will get the Google Product Category field in the template:

Initial Facebook feed

Now, you can configure all other fields and initially publish the feed. But your feed is not fully ready yet.

Scroll back to the top and click on the Publish button to publish the feed.

Now it is time to configure the Google Product Category.

Configure Google Product Category #

To configure your Google Product Category,

1. At first you need to create a new mapper.

To do so, go to the Category Mapping section by clicking on Category Mapping from the WordPress Dashboard.

It will take you to the Category Mapping section, where you can add new Category Mapping for your Google Product Category.

Here, all the categories available in your store will be listed.

On the right side of each category, you will find the empty fields where you need to assign the Category you want to be mapped in your product feed.

First, give a name to this Mapper.

Name category Map

2. Now map your categories as required on the respective fields.

You need to assign the category you want to be mapped in your product feed.

What this means is that, if you assign this mapper as the value of an attribute, then the values you input here will be generated as the value of that attribute, for the products in the respective categories.

For example, let’s say, for the category: “Clothing”, you inputted the value here as “Clothing”.

Clothing Category

So, if you use this mapper for a value of an attribute in a feed, then any products in the category Clothing, will generate the value Desserts for that attribute.

Now, the category mapping fields are integrated with the Google Taxonomy list, which means you will get smart suggestions with Google Product Categories, while you type your required category.

Google taxonomy

But we advise that you look for the relevant category from Google’s Taxonomy list, and then copy and paste the category code in the fields.

3. Once you have assigned categories to map to, click on the Save button below.

Save Button

The Mapper will be saved and listed below.

saved mapper

You can click on it to expand and edit it if needed.

Expand mapper

Now that you have set up Category Mapping, you will be able to use it when generating a feed.

Applying Category Mapping For Google Product Category While Generating Product Feed For Facebook #

Once you have set up a category mapping rule, you can make it effective when creating a new feed by choosing the category mapper you created under Value for an attribute.

1. First, remember the Mapper name you saved it with. Then go back to your initially created Facebook feed settings.

Click on the Value option for the Google Product Category attribute.

Value option

Scroll to the very bottom and you will find the Mappers you created.

Choose your required mapper.

choose mapper

For Google Shopping, you have to use it as the value for the attribute Google Product Category.

2. Update the feed. Go back to the top and click on the Update button.

Now, once you publish the feed, you will see the value of the attribute that will use the mapped value as per the product’s category you assigned.

That’s it. Now, you can go ahead and use it to generate a flawless product feed for Facebook.