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Install and Activate

Install and Activate the Plugin:

You can get the free version in the WordPress repository at https://wordpress.org/plugins/best-woocommerce-feed/

And you get both the free or the premium version here: https://rextheme.com/best-woocommerce-product-feed/

Go to your WordPress dashboard and select Plugin > Add New.

Search for the plugin with WooCommerce Product Feed Manager and you will find our plugin as shown in the image below:

Search WPFM

Click on Install and then Activate.

If you download from RexTheme website, go to Add New Plugin > Add New. On top, you will get the option to Upload Plugin. Simply upload the plugin and activate it.

Plugin Dashboard:

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will find the plugin and its features on your dashboard as shown in the image:

WPFM Dashboard

You can see, it has the following options:

All Product Feeds:
All the feed lists you generate will be stored here.

Add New Feed:
To generate new feed.

Category Mapping:
To map your categories into different custom categories, so that the feed is compatible with the merchant site you are willing to upload the feed on. 

Google Merchant Settings:
To auto-sync your product feed generated using WooCommerce Product Feed Manager, directly with Google Merchant Center. Once you set this up, your feed will automatically be uploaded on Google Merchant Center, you will not have to download and upload manually.

Provides you with documentation, tutorial videos and a way to contact our support team. Plus, you have the option to upgrade to Pro here.


Contact Us:
To be able to get in touch with us via our support email.

Support Forum:
It will redirect you to our support forum on WordPress repo.