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How To Add Advanced Shipping To An Existing Shipping Zone

If you are new to Advanced Shiping for WooCommerce, the first thing to do is learn to “Add a shipping zone” for your WooCommerce store.

After that, you will learn how to add Advanced Shipping to that shipping zone you created step by step.

So, let’s take the first step.

Add a Shipping Zone On Your WooCommerce Store #

Before starting, make sure you installed the Advanced Shipping plugin and your license key is activated. Follow the steps below to add your list of shipping regions.

1. Hover on the WordPress dashboard >Advanced Shipping

Add shipping zone

2. Then, Go to Advanced Shipping > Shipping zone. Then write the zone name in which area you want to deliver your shipping service.

After that add your list of shipping regions that you want to show on your customer’s shipping details page.

Adding shipping zone name and region

That’s it, your shipping zone setting is done.

Set Up “Advanced Shipping” As A Shipping Method On Your WooCommerce Store #

1. Now, click on the “Add Shipping Method” button.

Add shipping button

2. After that, set “Advanced Shipping” as your shipping method.

Select Advanced Shipping

3. Once you’ve added Advanced Shipping as your Shipping method you can go ahead and start editing the shipping strategy by clicking “Edit”

Shipping method edit option

That’s it. this is how you can add Advanced Shipping as a shipping method on your preferred shipping zones. If you have existing zones set up on your WooCommerce store, then you can add Advanced Shipping there as well.

In the upcoming documentation you’ll get an overview of the tool.