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How To Install & Activate The Advanced Shipping For Woocommerce

Get the utmost freedom in deciding how you want to charge for your shipping with the Advanced Shiping plugin. Based on your shipping requirements, you can easily set your desired conditions using an easy user interface.

Before installing Advanced Shipping for WooCommerce on your site, make sure you have WooCommerce installed and activated on your site.

Here’s how you can install and activate Advanced Shipping for WooCommerce on your site:

Install & Activate the Advanced Shipping For WooCommerce #

1. Go to your RexTheme account and you’ll find the Advanced Shipping For WooCommerce on your downloads.

2. Download the plugin > Then log in to your WordPress site and go to Plugins > Add New.

3. On top, click on Upload Plugin and upload the zip file of the Advanced Shipping for WooCommerce that you downloaded earlier.

Advanced Shipping install

4. Then click on Install and then Activate it.

Activate The License Key For Advance Shipping For WooCommerce #

1. Collect the license key from your RexTheme user account.

2. Once the plugin is activated a module will appear named “Advanced Shipping“.

3. Hover on the module and go to the License tab.

4. Then, enter the license key and press the Activate License button. Once activated, you will get a confirmation.

Advanced Shipping License

2. Once Advanced Shipping for WooCommerce is activated, you’ll get a module named “Advanced Shipping” and when you click on it you’ll get the shipping setting.

You’re now ready to create advanced shipping strategies for your WooCommerce store.