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Scenes Settings

Basically, every single panorama you want to include in your Virtual tour is a scene. Under Scenes you get the following options: 

Scenes Menu

Set as default: If you select “Yes” then the current scene will be the default scene to be viewed at first when the virtual tour is loaded. (FYI: You must mark it yes for any one of the scenes for the virtual tour to work) 

Set as Default Yes or No

Scene ID: Scene ID is the initialization of a scene. You need to assign unique scene ID to every scene you wish to upload. 

Scene ID

You can also use the Scene ID to assign a scene as the Target Scene under Hotspot, i.e. clicking on the hotspot will take you to this scene. You will get a guide to this under the “HotSpot” section of this document. 

Scene Type: Scene type is set as ‘equirectangular’ for now. It means that it will view equirectangular format of a scene panorama image.  

Scene Upload: Upload a panorama image to use it as your current scene. Just click on the “UPLOAD” button and add a media image. (For this to work properly, you should use a 360 panoramic image) 

Scene Upload

Once you upload the image, a thumbnail will appear above the upload button.

Scene Thumbnail

This will mean that the image is supported by the plugin and is uploaded as the current scene image.

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