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General Settings

Under General Settings, you will get the following options: 

General Settings

Show Controls:
Turning it on will view the on-screen control button, such as zoom in/out and full-screen mode.

Show Controls

Show Scene Gallery (Pro feature):
Turning it on will let you display a scenes gallery to viewers.

After you publish the tour and embed on a website, viewers will get a small upward arrow blinking. Clicking on that will display the scene gallery.

Scene Gallery

Gyroscope Control (Pro feature):
Turning it on will show a small icon on the top left corner, just below the control menu of the tour, when you open the virtual tour on a mobile device.

Tap on the gyroscope icon to activate gyroscope mode and tap again to deactivate gyroscope mode.

WPVR Gyroscope On or Off

Show Compass (Pro feature):
Turning it “On” will show an on-screen Compass. 

Show Compass

Scene Fade Duration:
Fade duration can be added in milliseconds for the transition between two scenes.

General Settings 1

According to this image, the scene fade duration is set to 1000 milliseconds i.e. 1 second. Hence there will be a 1-second fading effect to transit from one scene to another.

If the autoload is turned on, the panorama you upload will load automatically. Otherwise, it will load on-click.

Autoload On/Off

Preview Upload or add link:
When you keep Autoload option “Off”, there is a netted place holder visible. However. you can replace that by uploading a Preview image. Simply click on the “UPLOAD” button and add a media image. (You should use a flat image for this, rather than a 360 panoramic image)

Or you can provide a link to the image. (Make sure if your site is SSL certified i.e. “https”, then the image link should also have “https”.)

Preview upload

Once you upload the image, a thumbnail will appear above the upload button.

General Settings Preview

This means the preview image was uploaded successfully.

Now once you Preview the tour, you will see that this image is in place of the tour until you click on it.

Preview image added

Auto Rotation:
Turning it “On” will show three for fields for you to add an auto-rotation feature to your virtual tour.

Auto rotation

The Auto Rotation field is the to set the speed of auto rotation on your tour. We suggest you keep this speed within the range -20 to 20, or else the rotation will probably be too fast.

The Auto Rotation Inactive Delay field lets you set a time so that if you stop the rotation, then after this amount of time, it will start rotating again. It’s assigned in milliseconds.

The Auto Rotation Stop Delay field lets you set a time after which the tour will stop auto rotating. It’s also assigned in milliseconds. (This will not work if you input value on Auto Rotation Inactive Delay).