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Gutenberg Block

Wpvr Gutenberg Block: 

The plugin creates a WPVR block type under the common blocks of Gutenberg.

WPVR Block

Hence, go to a post or a page and click on add block icon (the + icon) and select block type as “WPVR”. And a block will be added as shown in the following image:

WPVR Block Added

Once Block is added, click on the Settings icon on the top-right corner of the page and select the Block menu for the toolbar of WPVR block.

WPVR Block Toolbar

Here, you can see you need to provide “id”, “Width” and “Height”. Collect the id from the shortcode generated when you created an item/tour.

Collect ID From Shortcode

Once you provide data in the field, the block will update the data. 

Block Data Update

Now, you can preview or publish the page and you will see that the virtual is embedded on your page.

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