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WPVR – How it Works

To create a 360° virtual tour from your WordPress dashboard, follow these steps:

Install and Activate the Plugin

You can get the free version in the WordPress repository at https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpvr/ 

And you get both the free or the premium version here: https://coderexco.wpengine.com/wpvr/

Go to your WordPress dashboard and select Plugin > Add New

Search for new plugins with WP VR and you will find our plugin as shown in the image below:

Search Plugin

Click on “Install” and then “Activate”. 

If you download from RexTheme website, Go to add new Plugin > Add NewOn top, you will get the option to “Upload Plugin”. Simply upload the plugin and activate it.

Dashboard options

Look for the menu, WP VR on your dashboard. Under it, you will get the options ‘Get Started’ which provides you with all documents and tutorials you require, ‘Tours’ which will contain the virtual tours you already created an ‘Add New Tour’ to create a new virtual tour.

Dashboard options

Embedding A Virtual Tour 

Each item/virtual tour you create will generate its own shortcode automatically, which will be below the publish button when you create the tour or you can collect from ‘Tours’ option in the dashboard. For example, Invalid Wpvr slug attribute.


For Classic Editor, copy and paste the shortcode on your page and edit it to the following format:

[wpvr id = "24" width = "600px" height = "400px"]

You can use any height and width dimension according to your requirements. You can also add a custom class to apply custom design: 

[wpvr id = "24" width = "600px" height = "400px" class="myclass"]

For Gutenberg block editor, use the following instructions:

WPVR Block 

The plugin creates a WPVR block type under the common blocks of Gutenberg.

WPVR Block

Hence, go to a post or a page and click on add block icon (the + icon) and select block type as “WPVR”. And a block will be added as shown in the following image:

WPVR Block Added

Once Block is added, click on the Settings icon on the top-right corner of the page and select the Block menu for the toolbar of WPVR block.

WPVR Block Toolbar

Here, you can see you need to provide “id”, “Width” and “Height”.

Collect the id from the tour you created.


Once you provide data in the field, the block will update the data.

Block data updated

Now, you can preview or publish the page and you will see that the virtual is embedded on your page.

Creating A Virtual Tour 

When you click on ‘Add New Item,’ First you need to name the tour under Title.


Below that, you will get the setup options which includes the three menus on the page: ‘General Settings’, ‘Scenes’ and ‘Hotspot.’

How To Edit An Existing Item/Tour

To edit an existing item/tour, Go to “Tours” under WPVR dashboard and select the one you want to edit.

Edit Tours

Then apply any changes you want and update the tour for changes to be effective.