Product Feed Optimization with Yoast SEO Product Title, Meta Description and Primary Category

If you’re using Yoast SEO, you can set Yoast Product Title, Yoast Product Meta Description and Yoast Primary Category on your products to optimize these ranking factors of search results.

With these Yoast attributes, your products will rank higher on the marketplaces too and will bring more sales.

Now you can create a product feed with these Yoast attributes of your products using the WooCommerce Product Feed Manager.

Follow these steps to create a product feed with the Yoast product attributes.

Step 1: Add Yoast SEO Title, Meta Description and Primary Category to Your Products #

Go to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Click on the Products tab on the left bar.

Choose All Products if you want to optimize the SEO of an existing product.

You can also choose Add New to create a new product with an optimized SEO.

Products Section WooCommerce

Here, we’ll be editing an existing product.

Choose a product you want to edit and click on it.

Edit Products on WooCommerce

You’ll be taken to the Edit product section. Scroll down on this page.

Edit Snippet for Products

Click on the Edit snippet button.

Yoast SEO Snippet for Products

You’ll find these 3 fields:

  • SEO Title.
  • Slug.
  • Meta Description.

Set more optimize information in these fields, so your product will perform better in the search results.

**If you change the Slug of an existing product, you have to use 301 redirects.

Optimized SEO Snippet for the Products

You can optimize these fields for all of your products.

Now on the right side of your Edit Product page, you’ll find a section for Product Categories.

WooCommerce Product Categories Section

You can choose multiple categories and sub-categories for each of your products.

Selected Categories of the Product

For every category and sub-category you’ve chosen for your product, you’ll see a Make primary option beside it.

You can set only one Primary Category for Yoast for each product.

Primary Category of the Product

Choose the one which suits your product category best and Yoast will identify as it’s primary category.

Now above this section, you’ll find another section named Publish.

**If you’re creating a new product, you can set these Yoast SEO attributes while creating the product.

Update Product on WooCommerce

Click on the Update button on this section to save all your changes and publish this product.

Step 2: Set The Yoast SEO Title, Meta Description, and Primary Category on Your Product Feed #

Go to Product Feed and click on Add New Feed.

You can also choose to edit an already existing feed.

Add New Product Feed

Here, we’re creating a feed for Google Shopping.

Scroll down to the Feed Configuration section.

Feed Configuration Settings Section

Set these 3 attributes:

1. Product Title for Yoast: #

For the Product Tile attribute, on the Value field, scroll down and choose Product Title (Yoast SEO).

Product Title for Yoast SEO

2. Product Description for Yoast: #

For the Product Description attribute, on the Value field, scroll down and choose Product Description (Yoast SEO).

Product Description for Yoast SEO

3. Yoast Primary Product Category: #

For the Product Category attribute, on the Value field, scroll down and choose Yoast Primary Category.

Yoast Primary Product Category

Now, on the right side, click on the Publish button to generate the product feed.

Generate WooCommerce Product Feed

Your product feed will be generated with the Yoast attributes using WooCommerce Product Feed Manager.