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Using Google Merchant Promotions Feed

Google Merchant Promotions Is Only available in the following countries:

  • US (United States)
  • AU (Australia)
  • DE (Germany)
  • FR (France)
  • GB (UK)
  • IN (India)

Usually, when you access Google Merchant Center, on the left you get the tabs ‘Overview’, ‘Products’ and ‘Growth’.

To be able to get options for Google Merchant Promotions, you need to first sign up for the Google Merchant Promotions Interest Form.

Once you submit this form, it will take 3-5 business days for your request to be approved.

Caution: Before applying here, make sure most of your products on your Merchant Center are approved for Shopping Ads. Too many rejected products will mean Google will not accept your application.

Then you will see a change in tabs on your Google Merchant Center. You will get a new tab called Marketing. If you click on that, you will get a tab under it called Promotions.

This is where you need to upload your Promotions feed.

Connecting Promotions with Google Product Feed #

Now, once you upload your promotion feed, you need to indicate which products this Promotion applies to.

If you chose the Promotion type as ‘ALL_PRODUCTS’ then simply uploading the Promotion feed is enough. The promotion will be applied to all the products in the feed you have uploaded earlier.

If you chose the Promotion type as ‘SPECIFIC_PRODUCTS’ then you have to take an extra step.

You need to add ‘promotion_id’ attribute and assign the promotion id to the products for which you are running a promotion for.

Alternatively, you can connect the promotions to products from within Google Merchant Center.

Once you upload the promotions feed, it will be added under the Promotions Tab in Google Merchant Center.

You can edit it there, and assign Product types for which you wish this promotion to run.

Here are all the details you need to know when using Google Merchant Promotions:
Google’s Merchant Promotions details