Eid Mubarak

eBay MIP Feed Generation

Unlike most merchant sites, eBay MIP has a different product feed format.

However, you can generate the required product feed that will be approved by eBay MIP.

Generating product feed for eBay MIP #

To generate product feed for eBay (MIP), you can follow the same way as you do to generate product feed for other merchants such as Google Shopping or Facebook Dynamics, expect one small step.

Once you set all the options for generating a product feed, and choose eBay MIP as the merchant type, you should get all the required fields ready.

eBay (MIP) Product Feed

Now, you can see that all the Attributes are assigned as ‘Attribute’ under the Type column.

eBay (MIP) Attribute Type

Here, you need to change Type to eBay Attribute for all the Attributes.

Simply click on the dropdown arrow and you will get three options, Attribute, Static and eBay Attribute.

eBay attribute

Choose eBay Attribute. Do this for all the Attributes Type.

eBay (MIP) Product Feed ready

That’s it. Now you can go ahead and publish or update the feed file, and it will be generated in the right format for eBay (MIP).