Observe Your Abandoned Carts

As you know, the plugin keeps track of every abandoned cart on your site.

You can observe them by going to Dashboard > Cart Lift > Carts.

Carts Tab

Here, you will get the list of all the people who abandoned their shopping carts after adding products.

Here you will get the following details for each abandoned cart:

  • Email – the email address of the potential buyer
  • Products On Cart – the number of products added in the cart
  • Amount – the total cost of the cart
  • Status – is it still abandoned or recovered
  • Date – date of abandonment

You will also see two action buttons, an eye icon, and a cross icon.

Cart Icons

If you want to delete an abandoned cart lead, you may click on the cross icon.

The eye icon gives you an overview of each lead. If you click on it, a pop-will appear as shown below:

Cart Preview

On the top right corner, you can see the status, It’s a red shape with text ‘Abandoned’ if the status is abandoned, and a green shape with the text ‘Recovered’ if the cart was recovered.

Next, you can see the User Address Details section on the left.

User Details

Here, you will find the Name of the person who abandoned the cart, the email of the customer, cart total cost, and the date when the recovery campaign was issued for this abandoned cart.

On the right side, you will see the Email details.

Email Details

Here you will get how long ago email(s) were sent or how long left for the email(s) to be sent to the customer. (The image above is based on a 4 level email campaign).

And at the bottom, you will get Cart contents i.e. the products in the cart and their details.

Cart Contents

Observing abandoned carts can be very useful to understand which products are commonly abandoned and the price range of products for which abandonment happens.