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Hoe gebruikt u de optie Productfilter om specifieke producten in of uit te sluiten?

You may often want to include or exclude products in your feed as per your specific needs.

You can easily do that by using the Product Filter option.

How To Include Products #

Follow the easy steps below:

1. Click on the Product Filter button.

Product filter

2. Next click on the Add Custom Filter button.


3. After clicking the Add Custom Filter button a new section will appear below.


Here you can add filters to get the desired result while generating the feed for your mercahant.

For example, if you want to add a product to the feed whose ID is equal to 1748, you can set the custom filter like this:

How to use the Product Filter option to include/ exclude specific products 1

After you’ve added the initial rules, you can include more rules using AND or OR.

  • If you use AND, both rules must be satisfied for the feed to generate.
  • If you choose OR, the feed will generate successfully if either of the rules is met.

This gives you flexibility in setting up rules based on your specific needs.

That’s how simple it is to customize your feed using feed rules.