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Our pricing structure for the WP VR Pro is exclusive of VAT/Tax. This means that the invoice generated by our system will not display the VAT amount. Instead, VAT will be included in the payment gateway invoice provided by Paddle, our payment processor.

VAT Exemption #

To obtain VAT exemption, you have two options:

  1. Providing VAT Number: During the purchase process, you can avail of VAT exemption by providing your VAT number.
  2. Submitting VAT Refund Request:
    • If you’ve purchased without providing a VAT number, you can still request a VAT refund. Reply to the payment confirmation email received after purchase to initiate the refund process.
    • The VAT refund request process is facilitated by Paddle, our payment gateway. For detailed guidance, refer to Paddle’s guidance on sales tax exemption.

Geographic Region-Based Tax Calculation #

Please note that the Tax/VAT amount is determined based on the buyer’s geographic region. As our payment processor is Paddle, any VAT refund requests or inquiries should be directed to them.

For further assistance regarding VAT refunds or any tax-related queries, please contact Paddle’s support directly.