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Hoe producten uploaden op Instagram Shop

Once your Instagram feed generation process is completed, now it is time to submit the feed to Instagram Shopping.

You can click here to learn how to create a WooCommerce feed for Instagram.

Now follow the steps below to learn how you upload the feed to Instagram Shopping:

1. At first, you need to create an account on Facebook Business page.

If you already have an account, login to your Facebook Business page or create a new account.

How to upload products on Instagram Shop 1

You will take redirected to the Facebook Busines dashboard.

Facebook Business Dashboard

Go to the Instagram Business account first.

2. Now you need to create a Catalouge where you will upload your products.

To do so, go to Facebook Commerce Manager and click on the Add Catalouge button.

Facebook Commerce Manager Add Catalouge Option

3. To create a Catalouge,

Select your Catalouge Type:

Select Catalouge Type

Give a name to your catalog and select the upload method and click on the Create button.

Configure Settings

A confirmation message will appear. This means that your Catalouge is ready and now you can upload products to this Catalouge.

Finish Catalouge Configuration

Click on the View Catalouge to add products to this Catalouge.

4. Once you click on the View Catalouge button, it will take you to the Category Overview section.

Click on the Add Item button add products to your Catalouge.

Catalouge Overview Dashboard

To start adding products to your Facebook Catalog with the feed you’ve generated for Facebook, click on the Data sources option, and it will take you to the Add Items window.

Data Source Options

5. Select Data Feed and click on the Next button.

Data Source Options

6. Here you will some new options to set data feed source. Select Yes and click on the Next button.

Data Feed Options

Now, you have to submit your feed here. You can upload a feed from your Computer, from external URL, or by using Google Sheets.

Data Feed Source

Upload your feed and click on the Next button.

Confirm your feed upload settings. If you are uploading the feed through site URL, then you can set your feed fetch schedule from here, it won’t work if you are uploading a feed file from your Computer.

Data Feed Data Source

Now, Map your columns if you want, and then click on the Upload button and your products will start uploading to the Facebook Commerce Manager.

How to upload products on Instagram Shop 2

Once the uploading is completed, you will get a summary of your feed catalog.

Products Uploading Completed

10. You can go to the Items tab to see all the uploaded products.

All Items

This is it! Your products are now uploaded on Facebook Commerce Manager.

Now if you can click on any item to view all the detail or edit an item.