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Hoe aangepaste tijdsintervallen instellen voor automatische feed-update

When you generate product feeds, you might want to schedule auto-feed updates at a specific time.

Let’s say, you’ve generated a feed using Product Feed Manager. Now you’ve set a feed update schedule at 4.00 pm. That means, every day at this time your feed will be regenerated and if changes were made to your products it will be updated.

It’s pretty easy to set custom time intervals for your feeds.

Volg de onderstaande stappen.

1. Click on the Settings button.

Feed Settings option

Once you click on the Product Settings button, the Product Settings drawer will slide in from the right side of the window.

Lade voor invoerinstellingen

2. In the first option, you’ll see Auto-Generate Your Feed.

How To Set Custom Time Intervals For Auto-Feed Update 1

3. Now, to set a specific feed update interval time, select Custom.

As you select Custom, you’ll see a drop-down from where you’ll choose the preferable time.

set custom time for feed update

That’s it! From now, any changes you make to the product data in your store, the feed will be auto-updated with those data at your assigned time.