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So verwenden Sie WP VR Oxygen Element zum Einbetten einer virtuellen Tour

If you’re using Oxygen Builder to build and design your website, WP VR has a dedicated WP VR Oxygen Element for you to embed virtual tours.

Using this WP VR Oxygen Element, you can embed virtual tours on your website easily.

Here is how you can embed a WP VR virtual tour using WP VR Oxygen Element.

Embed A Virtual Tour Using WP VR Oxygen Element #

First, create and publish a tour and remember the Tour name and the Tour ID. You can find the Tour ID below the features when editing a tour.

How To Use WP VR Oxygen Element To Embed A Virtual Tour 1
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Then follow the steps below to use WPVR Oxygen Element and embed a virtual tour on your site.

1. Go to the page or post where you want to embed a virtual tour and click on Edit With Oxygen.

**Make sure you’ve already saved or published the page/post.

2. It will take you to the Oxygen Builder edit mode.

Oxygen add element

3. Click on the ‘+ ADD’ button on the top left.

4. On the search field, type ‘WP VR’ or ‘wp vr’. The WP VR Oxygen Element will appear. Click on it.

WP VR-Sauerstoffelement
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5. The element will be added and you will need to provide the Tour ID. Plus you will get the options to customize the Height, Width and Radus.

Oxygen builder
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6. On the field for Tour ID, click on it and you will find the names and ids of all the virtual tours you created, listed here. Choose your desired tour.

Element added
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7. Next customize the tour size – height and width – and the radius.

Customize tour size
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  • Height
    – Only assign a positive numeric value along with px. For example, 500px.
    – Do not use percentage or any text.
  • Width
    – Assign a positive numeric value along with a px. For example, 600px.
    – Or, you can use a percentage value, such as “100%”.
    – If you want the tour to take up the fullwidth of the page, use type the text “fullwidth” as the width.
  • Radius
    – Input a value here if you wish to create round edges of the tour.
    – Only assign a positive numeric value along with a px. For example, 10px.
    – Do not use percentage or any text.

8. Once you input the size, click on the Apply Params button on the bottom left corner.

Apply params
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You’ll see the preview of your the tour.

9. Now click on the Save button to save the settings.

10. Now click on the Back To WP option and choose Frontend to view the page.

View tour
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And that’s it. The tour will be embedded on your website.