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Einrichten eines virtuellen Rundgangs mit 360-Panorama-Hintergrund

If you’re looking forward to doing something truly unique with your panorama images, how about creating a 360 panorama background or a background virtual tour.

You’re probably wondering what is it? So, let me explain.

You can set it in 2 ways:

360 Panorama Background #

Imagine a 360 degree panorama image as the background of your webpage.

On top of that, you can add a heading and subheading.

The background image is controllable, responds with mobile device movement.

But, the content like Head and Subheadline on top of the image stays still.

Think how interesting it will look to a visitor.

Background Virtual Tour #

Suppose you already have a virtual tour created with WPVR.

You can set it as the background of any of your webpage.

The tour will be fully functional with Pages headings and sub-headings on top of it.

And for both of these ways, you can set the tour as the full-page background or the background of any section.

Let’s have a look at how you can create it:

Set A 360 Panorama Background – For Your Webpages #

In this tutorial, we’ll be making a tour perfect for the background of your webpage and then set it as the background.

Befolgen Sie diese einfachen Schritte:

Step 1: Creat e a Basic 360 Virtual Tour #

Create a virtual tour using WPVR, or choose to edit one of your existing tours.

Make sure to Upload the 360 degree panorama image, set a Scene ID, and Preview the tour to see if it’s working.

360 Panorama Background

Step 2: Customize Tour Basic Settings for Background Tour #

i. Click on the General Tab.

Set 360 Background Image

ii. Turn on the Tour Autoload option.

iii. Turn off the Show Controls option.

iv: Turn on the Auto Rotation option.

You can set your preferred Auto Rotation settings here.

It depends on how fast and smoothly you want the rotation of your background 360 degree image.

Step 2: Customize Tour Advanced Controls for Background Tour #

i. Click on the Advanced Controls Tab.

Panorama Background Image

ii. Trun on Gyroscope Control.

As well as the Auto Gyroscope Support option.

iii. Turn on the Zoom Preference option.

– Set Default Zoom and Max Zoom to the highest value, which is 120.

– Set a bit lower Min Zoom value, like 80 or 90.

This makes sure that the background 360 panorama doesn’t lose image quality when your users are controlling it.

Step 3: Turn on the Background Tour Option #

i. Click on the Background Tour tab on left.

Set A Website Panorama Background

You’ll be taken to the Background Tour tab.

360 Panorama Background Webpage

ii. Turn on the Enable Background Tour option.

Background Virtual Tour - 360 Panorama

Now, you’ll see 2 new fields:

– Title.

– Subtitle.

iii. Set a Title for the page or section you’ll be using this 360 panorama image.

iv. Set a Subtitle for the page or section you’ll be using this panorama image.

You can also choose to keep one of these fields empty, depending on your preference.

Step 3: Publish the Virtual Tour #

You need to publish this virtual tour using shortcodes.

Choose the shortcode option of your page builder or theme.

Here, we’ll be using Gutenberg.

Now, you can publish this tour in 2 ways:

  • Make it a full webpage background tour.
  • Make it the background of a section on your page.

i. Full Webpage Background 360 Tour #

In the Shortcode block, paste the shortcode of the virtual tour.

Then add: width=”embed”.

360 Background Panorama Image - Full Webpage

Here is how it should be:

[wpvr id="Your Tour ID" width="embed"]

And Here it will look like once you’ve published it on your webpage:

Full Webpage 360 Image Background

ii. 360 Panorama Background of A section #

In the shortcode block, paste the shortcode of the virtual tour.

Then add: width=”full-width”

Panorama Background 360 Image - Page Section

Here is how it should be:

[wpvr id="590" width="fullwidth"]

And here’s how it will look like once it’s published on your page:

Background 360 Image - Webpage Section

To have a better look at how it looks like on a webpage, check out this 360 Panorama Background Tour.