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Demo Virtueller Rundgang mit Teil-Panorama - WPVR Pro

This is a partial panorama/flat panorama virtual tour created using WPVR Pro.

Sometimes, you have a flat panoramic image captured with your cellphone with which you can’t create a full 360-degree tour.

With this feature, you can control the Vertical Angle of View and Horizontal Angle of View of your tour.

So you can create a virtual tour with a flat panoramic image.

General Settings: Partial Panorama Virtual Tour  #

Here are the options selected in the General Settings:


As you can see, we have used the following general features:

Show Controls: On-screen control buttons.

Move Up: On-screen control button for going up.

Move Down: On-screen control button for going down.

Move Left: On-screen control button for going left.

Move Right: On-screen control button for going right.

Zoom In: On-screen control button for zooming in.

Zoom Out: On-screen control button for zooming out.

Fullscreen: On-screen control button for full screen.

Scenes Settings: Partial Panorama Virtual Tour #

Throughout the tour, we used several scene features such as:

Set as Default: Set the current scene as the default scene.

Scene Settings Virtual Tour

Scene Upload: Upload the flat panoramic image.

Scene ID: You can give a unique ID to a scene or our system will auto-generate it for you.

Angle of View

Vertical Angle of View: This controls how much of your image will be visible on tour vertically.

Horizontal Angle of View: This controls how much of your image will be visible on tour horizontally.

Limit Scene Grab

Limit Vertical Scene Grab: This limits how much a viewer can see on your tour vertically. 

Max Pitch & Min Pitch: We’ve set these two from -45 to 45 as we’re using a flat panorama.

Follow this documentation to create a partial panorama virtual tour easily with flat panorama images captured with your smartphone.