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Rex Affiliate Program

Join The Rex Affiliate Program And Grow!!

Help us and earn. Let us grow together!!

Refer And Earn - Increase Your Revenue

Get amazing results by becoming our affiliate.

Become An Affiliate Now
Earn a 20% commission on every purchase by your referral.
Track your earnings through your own affiliate dashboard.
Refer plugins that are proven to be amazing.
Promote easily with referral links or attractive banners.

Why Become Our Affiliate?

With years of market research, the plugins created by RexTheme are top-notch and are proven to be effective for its user to help them scale up their businesses.
So, you are not only earning money by referring to our plugins, but you will also be helping your audience scale up their business.

Become An Affiliate Now

Refer These Amazing Plugins To Help Your Audience

Here are the amazing plugins that you can refer to your users. And we can assure you, your audience will love them and find them super beneficial.

Produkt-Feed-Manager für WooCommerce
Dynamic Discount For WooCommerce
Dynamic Discount for WooCommerce
Product Recommendations for WooCommerce
Product Recommendations for WooCommerce
Checkoutify -- Checkout Field Manager for WooCommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

You get 20% commission for every new purchase made from your referral link.

Yes, your commission is payable once the total is $50 or more.

Once the commission threshold is reached, we pay you via Paypal or via Bank Transfer (using Stripe).

A referral commission will be considered payable if the purchase is older than 30 days and is not refunded by then. So we will release a payment every 30 days.

If a purchase is refunded within 30 days of purchase, then it will be disqualified as a commissioned referral, and you will not receive any commission for it. However, if the refund is issued after 30 days of purchase, then you will still get your commission

Becoming an affiliate does not mean that you are in any way associated with RexTheme. You are not an employee of RexTheme and it is strictly prohibited to claim that your represent RexTheme.

How to Use Rex Affiliate Program.

The Right Way To Benefit From Rex Affiliate Program.

Here are a few examples of encouraged promotional methods to earn more commission:

  • Use word of mouth to refer our plugins to friends
  • Write blogs and reviews about the plugins
  • Refer to people who seek similar plugins on various platforms
  • Refer our plugins to your email subscribers
  • Share on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  • Create video tutorials or review of our plugins (maybe on Youtube)
  • Go to live sessions on social platforms to preview our plugin

Prohibited promotional methods:

We back our product 100%, and we are very careful with how it ’s promoted. We expect you, as our affiliate, to maintain the same high standards of integrity.Here are some of the prohibited promotional methods that you must avoid:

  • Do not promote on coupon or discount deal sites
  • Do not offer unofficial or fake coupon codes or discounts
  • Avoid spamming on emails, ads or on other websites with referral link
  • Never pretend to be an employee or representative of RexTheme
  • Do not use affiliate link to purchase on your own. Self purchases do not count
  • Do not copy or use RexTheme's assets (designs, images, etc) without permission
  • Please do not give any false information about RexTheme or it's plugins

Any Further Questions?

Simply read our Affiliate Program TOS and you will have all your questions answered. If you still have further questions, feel free to contact us.

Join The Rex Affiliate Program And Let Us Grow Together