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Selling Baby Clothes Online – 5 Innovative Ways to Grow Fast in 2024

Selling Baby Clothes Online – 5 Innovative Ways to Grow Fast in 2024

If you own an online business to sell baby clothes, then the good news is the baby apparel market is rising fast.

The global baby apparel market is expected to reach USD 82.54 billion by 2027.

With this growth in the market, selling baby clothes online is also getting more and more competitive. There are tons of other online stores for baby clothes business, whether locally or internationally.

You must think outside of the box to stay ahead of the competition.

In this article, you will learn 5 ways that will help you increase WooCommerce product sales significantly.

After reading this article, you will be able to

  • market your baby clothing products effectively to more buyers,
  • persuade more buyers to regularly purchase from your store, and
  • use unique tactics that have proven to increase conversion.

Eventually, you will be able to grow your business and increase your revenue by selling baby clothes online.

So, let’s get started.

Innovative Tactics For Selling Baby Clothes Online

The following are some tried-and-tested tactics for boosting sales in different marketplaces to sell clothes online. Some of these are unique yet not popular; hence, you can easily stay ahead of your competitors.

1. Create Specialized Bundle Offers

Bundles are a great way to sell products online, no matter your niche.

However, if you can create bundles the right way, then you can be dynamic in selling baby clothes online much more than you would expect.

But as mentioned above, you need to plan your bundles properly, and there are 3 things to consider:

  1. You have to ensure all products in the bundle are somewhat relevant.
  2. The bundle price should result in attractive savings for the buyer.
  3. You must choose the right ‘bundle theme’ at the right time.

Let us look at some examples.

i. A Bundle That Offers A Specific Benefit

Newborn babies are quite the handful when taken care of. You will need a lot of things to ensure the baby is brought up well.

For example, when it comes to clothing, most people prefer getting body suits, while others prefer sleeveless t-shirts and underwear, for girls, a skirt is a common choice.

Now, how can you plan a bundle that will deliver more results? Normally, everyone focuses on promoting how cute the clothes are or how comfortable they are to wear.

Instead, you can create a special newborn clothing bundle highlighting the theme ‘easy to put on or take off.’ This bundle may include the product’s onesies, body suits, and baby footies.

The idea here is that you will focus on solving a particular pain point of most parents – dressing up their child. Since children are delicate, it’s best to wear clothes that don’t take much effort to put on.

With the newborn bundle concept, you will be able to promote a special benefit to parents or nannies that they will be able to change the babies in no time while also highlighting the cuteness and comfort of these clothes.

Key Takeaway: Create a bundle with dynamic discount for WooCommerce to attract targetted audience for better conversion.

ii. Bundle On Specific Occasions

Summer brings the desire to visit the pool or beach, especially for the little ones. So, you can make good use of the time and develop a lucrative swimmers bundle.

This bundle can include a swimsuit, swimming goggles, a breathing tube, and flappers. If priced with a good discount, this bundle will sell a lot during the Summer holidays. Thus you can prepare your WooCommerce store for the holidays.

**You probably don’t sell goggles, flappers, or anything other than clothes, but for this tactic, you may make an exception to create a surprise offer.

Just like this, you can create a bundle of winter clothes for babies in winter.

The idea is to offer a bundle that goes well with the season or the seasonal trend.

But it doesn’t have to be limited to the season. You can even consider creating bundles for special occasions, such as a bundle of Halloween-themed baby clothes during the Halloweens. This you can increase Halloween sales for your store.

The current occasion or season will automatically be relevant to your buyers’ needs and, if offered at the right time, can trigger more sales.

When I say ‘right time’, you have to know when people shop for these products.

For example, let’s consider the Halloween-themed bundle. If you offer it just on the day before Halloween, it won’t get you many sales. Instead, you should offer it for at least 2 weeks before the event date. The same can be said about the Swimmers’ bundle. That bundle has to be on your WooCommerce store at least 2 weeks before the summer vacation.

Key Takeway: You may create bundles that are specialized for a specific occasion or the season to attract more buyers, but you have to make sure you stock up at least 2 weeks before the event.

iii. Multi-Packs With A Twist

Since most baby clothes are delicate, parents tend to purchase more quantities of the same clothes. In this case, you can offer a discount on multi-packs, such as ‘10% off if 5 or more Bodysuits are purchased.

Now, these offers are common in most WooCommerce stores. So how can you make it unique?

Here’s an idea. Typically, parents don’t need a lot of clothes of the same size. Since most babies grow rapidly, you can rather create a bundle of more quantities of the same product, but each being a bit larger than the other.

So as the baby grows, the parents will have another piece of the baby’s clothing right then and there.

Selling Baby Clothes Online - Baby Clothes

What you need to focus on is that your Product page should highlight this fact – “Kids grow rapidly! Get an incremental size bundle and be ready with the same comfort while your baby grows older.”

The idea here is, that you will point out a possible issue the prospect may face and then convince him to take your offer as a solution. The ‘growth’ concept almost works when selling baby clothes online.

Key Takeways: Multi-packs or quantity based-bundles alway work well. But you can make it extra conversion-optimized by teaching your buyers what to worry about, and then providing it’s solution in the bundle.

Just like this, you can think of several ways to create meaningful bundles to drive more sales. Higher sales and expenses also need to be tracked and for that invoicing software can be used.

2. Use Order Bumps To Trigger More Sales

Since buying clothes for babies has an emotional devotion, parents do not just buy the clothes they need. They often buy products on a whim just because they feel it would be adorable for their child.

One way you can take advantage of this is by using order bumps right on the checkout page.

Let’s say a mom is buying a couple of Pink Bodysuits for her baby girl. You can present an adorable skirt dress at a small discount on the checkout page. When going to pay, if the mom sees this, she might imagine her kid in this dress and get excited. At this point, if she has the budget, she might go ahead and add it to the order as well.

This is a great technique; if you can make the right order bump offers while purchasing certain products, it can result in a high conversion rate.

Key Takeaway: Make a great order bump offer to buyers on the checkout page and if done right, your average order value will increase, meaning more revenue for you.

3. Sell On Large Online Marketplaces

Your marketing goal is aligned with the promotion of your WooCommerce products. Simply optimizing your site for more conversion is not enough to drive more sales.

Rather, you may also get help from online marketplaces.

Most parents who search for baby clothing products initially search on Google or Facebook.

So the best option for any WooCommerce store is to list its products on Google Shopping or Facebook Marketplace. The fact is you do not just get exposure; these marketplaces have a unique algorithm that displays products as per the correct search term.

At the same time, you can also consider listing your products in specific local marketplaces from which people from your neighborhood love to purchase. For example, if you know how to sell baby clothes online in the Czech Republic, then Heureka is the perfect marketplace to promote your products.

The advantage here is these marketplaces already have thousands of loyal buyers. So your products, if listed there, will be available for all those potential buyers, giving you higher odds of selling.

So listing your products in online marketplaces is a must if you want rapid growth.

Key Takeway:
Invest some time to find suitable online marketplaces to promote your products on. It will give you a great boost in sales even if you are a startup.

Listing products on online marketplaces means you have to submit your product data there. But don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you think.

You don’t have to prepare your product data manually. Rather, may consider using a reliable plugin, Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce to help you generate a product feed with all your product data in minutes. Next, you submit the feed link to your marketplace and the products will be listed there in no time.

Try using Product Feed Manager now.

In recent years, parents have shown a greater interest in keeping their children’s fashion up to date.

So, you may follow the latest trends and stock up on clothes that represent these trends.

For example, rompers and jumpsuits are popular choices for parents to dress their children up during special occasions.

Other than that, you can look into the latest trending topics on the internet to plan on your next stock.

For example, when the movie, Batman: The Dark Knight was released in the theatres, people started dressing up their kids in Batman and Joker-themed clothes such as a Batman embroidered Beanie or a Dark Knight-themed bodysuit.

So that was a great time to stock up on kids’ clothes with images or designs related to Batman.

Key Takeway: Stock up with the content related to the latest trend to see more sales.

5. Initiate Target Based Discounts

Discounts are a strong element of successful marketing campaigns in any eCommerce business. The same goes for baby clothes. However, the challenge here is to ensure you are offering discounts at the right time and with a purpose.

Normally, parents purchase baby products from various places from time to time to find the ones that they like the most for their babies. And you can take advantage of this with the right discount campaign.

Simply giving a discount at the beginning of every month makes no sense. Rather, you can go for a target-based discount campaign.

That means you can set up a target for a certain category of products. For example, any purchase above $500 will result in a $30 discount, or for certain products, purchasing more than 5 will result in a $20 discount, and so on.

The idea here is, that you allow your buyers to decide if they want the discount. If they do, they will buy more products and hit the target to claim a discount. So you sell more products and make more money, while your buyers are happy with the discount.

**You can also plan a mystery gift, which will be a random prize from maybe 5 selected items if a certain target is achieved. This can be promoted via a homepage, email, or even a social media banner. People may try to hit the target more if the selected gifts are good.

Key Takeaway: Give a target-based discounts to persuade buyers to purchase more, while both of you are happy.

Bonus Tip: Leverage Scarcity & Urgency

‘Scarcity’ and ‘Urgency’ are two of the most commonly used marketing tactics used for decades and still work to date.

The idea is to make your buyers feel that a certain product of their choice may be sold out soon, and so the buyer has to buy it before stock runs out.

In the case of an offer, a reference to how soon the offer will end can often drive urgent decisions out of buyers to purchase a product they like.

And you should try to leverage these techniques on your shop page or the product page.

For instance, let’s say you are offering a discount on Bodysuits for the week. You can put up a banner on the shop page that only 2-days left to get the discount, and the buyer shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

**A countdown timer can be a great way to promote urgency for a certain sitewide offer.

Again, you may disclose a lack of stock availability information, for example, ‘only 2 items left’ on your product previews or right on the product page, to make a buyer make a quick decision. In this case, the buyer will think that, since a smaller number of the product is left, he/she may not be able to get it later.

Similarly, you can also leverage the same on abandoned cart recovery campaigns where in the recovery email, you can state that the product is selling out soon or ‘only 2 items left’ so he should complete the purchase before it’s too late.

So try using urgency and scarcity throughout your website to trigger more sales.


All the strategies outlined in this guide are geared towards expediting the process of selling baby clothes online and expanding your business.

While you may be familiar with some of these tips, if you haven’t implemented them yet, it’s time to reconsider. I highly recommend integrating as many of these tactics as possible into your WooCommerce store, alongside leveraging a product feed manager tool.

Doing so will undoubtedly lead to a notable increase in sales in a short span of time. If you’ve already tested with any of these methods, feel free to share your results in the comments.

** FAQs **

How can I effectively create bundled offers for baby clothes?

  • Creating bundled offers involves selecting complementary items. It ensures attractive savings for buyers, and timing the offers strategically. You can utilize dynamic discounts for WooCommerce tools to create your bundle offer.

What are order bumps, and how can they boost sales?

  • Order bumps are additional offers presented to customers at the checkout page. It temps them to add more items to their purchases. By showcasing relevant and enticing products, order bumps capitalize on impulse buying tendencies, increasing average order values and overall sales.

How do I leverage online marketplaces for selling baby clothes?

  • Listing baby clothes on popular online marketplaces like Google Shopping or Facebook Marketplace exposes your products to a broader audience and capitalizes on existing buyer traffic.
  • Staying updated on current fashion trends and parental preferences is crucial for stocking trendy baby clothes. Monitoring social media, fashion blogs, and entertainment releases can provide insights to utilize the trends well.

How can I implement target-based discounts to drive sales?

  • Target-based discounts incentivize customers to increase their purchase quantities to qualify for discounts. It boosts both sales volume and revenue. By setting targets based on specific product categories or purchase thresholds, you encourage customers to buy more.

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