Best Online Marketplace To Promote WooCommerce Products [2024]

Best Online Marketplace To Promote WooCommerce Products [2024]

Running a WooCommerce store can be difficult at times and you have to put in a lot of effort to increase your sales.

However, you can leverage the benefits of popular online marketplaces and speed up the process.

Upload your WooCommerce products on any popular online marketplace and use their immense traffic to generate more sales.

Why Promote Products On Popular Online Marketplace?

If you look at statistics, popular marketplaces such as Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamics, eBay, Amazon, Connexity, Vergelijk, and other large online marketplaces get thousands of traffic regularly.

A large marketplace has mutual trust from thousands of customers who frequently purchase products from the same website.

When you list your WooCommerce products on these sites you are sure to get more sales without much hassle.

With time, you will be able to expand the number of products you sell and make a substantial amount of profit.

All 4 of these online merchants operate in almost every country all over the world. Plus, they all have easy interfaces that let you easily upload WooCommerce products, and promote on targetted countries.

It is highly recommended that you promote your WooCommerce products to at least one of the marketplaces among Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamics, Amazon, and eBay.

However, there are so many more online marketplaces you can promote your products on. Below is a list of over 70+ online marketplaces where you can upload your WooCommerce products and boost sales.

Look for the ones that operate in your required countries and start planning on getting more sales through them.

List Of Trusty Online Marketplaces To Boost Sales On WooComerce Stores

Every merchant shop has its own set of dedicated customers that regularly purchase from them. As long as the product is posted there, most customers will not care who the manufacturer is. They will expect to get good quality.

Here are some of the best marketplaces including (Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamics, Amazon, and eBay) where you can promote your products.

How To Upload Products On A Large Online Marketplace? 

Of course, it makes no sense to manually upload your products to several online marketplaces one by one.

Rather, generate a product feed of your WooCommerce products using a WordPress plugin and upload it on the online marketplaces you wish to promote on.

You can easily generate product feeds in the correct formats of any popular online marketplace using Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce.

Why Use Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce?

Generate product feed for online marketplaces with WPFM

Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce is currently the most stable plugin to generate accurate product feed.

You will be able to use features such as category mapping, category filter, add advanced custom fields, custom and category filters, scheduled updates, and many more.

You will be able to auto-sync your WooCommerce store with Google Shopping Center.

The main reason to use Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce is that it already has pre-built templates of product feed for over 70+ major online marketplaces where you can promote your products.

This means that you do not need to go through hours of tutorials to set up a product feed for each merchant shop.

You can simply select the merchant shop and assign the data correctly. That’s it. The feed will generate in an acceptable format of the merchant you selected.

It will only take you a few clicks to generate a product feed for each online merchant shop.

My Advice

If you are running a WooCommerce store, I advise that you promote your products to at least 3 of these marketplaces. Trying to grow with your site alone won’t work.

Plus, I already referred to a great tool to make things easier for you. Go ahead and use Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce to generate accurate product feed easily and start promoting on a large marketplace ASAP.

The more prospects you reach, the more products you can sell. So it’s only wise to increase your market presence.

If you ask me, I suggest promoting on Google Shopping is a must for any WooCommerce store. Also if you have a good social presence, then definitely promote on Facebook Dynamic Ads.

Hence, take advantage of these online marketplaces and boost your store performance.

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Best Online Marketplace To Promote WooCommerce Products [2024] 2
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