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Best Marketplaces to Sell Clothes Online in The USA – 2024

Best Marketplaces to Sell Clothes Online in The USA – 2024

If you own a website to sell clothes online, then you know that it is always a struggle to increase sales regularly.

Right now, the best way to increase sales is to promote your products through popular online marketplaces.

It is a proven fact that you can get 10 times more traction through online marketplaces than you can get on your own.

You’ve heard of Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon, and a few other worldwide marketplaces.

But, did you know that there are a few more online marketplaces in the USA that are specialized and highly effective in selling clothes online?

For example, there is a marketplace called Bonanza where there is a 1,300: 1 buyer-to-seller ratio and the majority of these buyers are interested in clothing and apparel products.

This means you can expect around 1,300 potential prospects for every product you promote there.

This means you can expect around 1,300 potential prospects for every product you promote there.

Today we will look at 5 best fashion marketplaces to sell clothes online in the USA that are proven to increase sales.

You will learn about:

  • Links to these marketplaces;
  • Why you should promote there;
  • Instructions on how to succeed there.

So let’s begin.

The Most Overlooked Marketplaces to Sell Clothes Online In The USA

The Most Overlooked Marketplaces to Sell Clothes Online In The USA

Selling on global online marketplaces is always a safe option for your clothing and accessory products.

However, you can often face more competition with similar products from other sellers, especially on popular sites such as eBay and Amazon.

Well, today I’ve listed 5 best marketplaces to sell clothes online that can surely help to increase sales, with less competition and a more relevant audience.

1.  Wish Marketplace 

Best Marketplaces to Sell Clothes Online in The USA - 2024 1

Wish is an eCommerce platform that concentrates on mobile shopping and has a dedicated app for mobile users.

You won’t believe how effective the mobile app strategy proved to be.

The dedication to mobile users made the Wish App the most downloaded shopping app of the year 2018.

It is now the 3rd largest eCommerce company in the U.S. by sales numbers.

Currently, Wish has 107 million monthly active users.

Another reason Wish is popular among U.S. users is its unbelievably low prices.

Suppose you come across a pair of sleek-looking sneakers on Amazon at $59.99. You will find a pair of almost the same designed sneakers on Wish at $29.99.

Does this mean you have to post low prices? No.

Keep reading and I will explain to you in a bit, how Wish manages to offer such low prices.

Clothing and accessories are one of the most popular product categories on Wish. If you go to the Most Popular and the Best Seller pages on Wish, you’ll find tons of clothing products.

Listing your products on Wish will reach thousands of mobile shoppers all over the USA.

Listing your products on Wish will make your products easily reachable to mobile shoppers in the U.S.

Let’s take a look at some statistics on Wish.

Traffic Analysis of Wish

Monthly Website Visits: 9.7 Million. (18.38% of these users are from the USA)

This means, on average, Wish has over 1.7M visitors monthly from the US alone.

Interesting Facts That Make Wish The Right Marketplace

Interesting Facts That Make Wish The Right Marketplace - marketplaces to sell clothes online

Here are some interesting facts about Wish you should check out:

i.  Wish Is A Millennial Shopping Platform

More than 60.39% of Wish users are male and 24.76% of Wish users are between the age of 25 to 34. Making it a hot spot for shoppers who feel comfortable shopping online and regularly purchase products online.

ii. High Return Number of First Time Buyers

According to Forbes, 80% of first-time customers return to buy again on Wish. This indicates the high product and service satisfaction of Wish among customers.

The mobile app plays a key role in this.

iii.  Low Prices And Discounted Products

Here’s the thing, your product price is not high compared to Branded products. Most platforms, such as Amazon, focus on presenting well-known branded products to visitors; and products of branded products are usually expensive.

Wish rather focuses on less popular brands, or non-branded products with good quality. The marketplace avoids listing products from popular brands and hence can present products at lower prices compared to most other fashion marketplaces to sell clothes online.

Plus, Wish regularly runs discount campaigns that highlight discount offers from sellers. You too can benefit from it if you run discount offers.

If you are a new or emerging online store with good quality products, then Wish is ideal for you.

Some Success Tips For Wish

Success Tips For Wish - marketplaces to sell clothes online

Now, if you decide to sell clothes online on Wish, here is what you can do for more sales:

  • Offer discounts (You have to, this is what Wish is famous for).
  • Maintain Product Quality (Selling at a discount does not mean you can offer poor quality items).
  • Keep your online store organized and optimized (Just make it user-friendly).

If you have a WooCommerce store, here is how you can optimize your WooCommerce store products.

Join the Wish Marketplace here and start to sell clothes online.

2. Bonanza Marketplace

Best Marketplaces to Sell Clothes Online in The USA - 2024 2

You probably have heard of Bonanza, but did you know you could take this platform as an alternative to eBay?

Here’s why.

Let’s start with a couple of facts:

  • Bonanza has a 1,300: 1 buyer-to-seller ratio.
  • eBay has less than a 10: 1 buyer-to-seller ratio.

It means Bonanza has far less competition and a much higher chance of a conversion.

Traffic Analysis of Bonanza: 

Monthly Website Visits: 2.1 million monthly (85.28% of these users are from the USA)

This means, on average, Bonanza has over 1.7M monthly visits from the US alone.

Now, there are other marketplaces with a lot more daily visitors. But I still rate Bonanza higher.

Let me explain it with the features Bonanza provides for its sellers.

Amazing Bonanza Marketplace Features 

Let’s look at some excellent features Bonanza provides for its sellers.

 i. Bonanza Booth 

Like most advanced marketplace platforms, Bonanza allows you to create a personal place for your products. Named Booth, which is a great addition to your store.

You can create a booth in Bonanza and set it up similarly to a real web store with the following features:

  • Listing all your products on the booth.
  • Booth Description and details.
  • Let your buyers follow your booth.
  • Search by filter and sort by price feature in your booth.
  • Let buyers contact a booth through Booth Chat.
  • Booth review, badges, profile, and social media integration.
marketplaces to sell clothes online- Bonanza Booth

Here is the Bonanza Booth of Green Bee Decor.

i. Minimal Fees

Opening a Bonanza seller account and listing your products are free of cost. Bonanza only charges a percentage when you’re making money.

This fee is determined by the total cost of a product including shipping costs.

Here is how Bonanza charges:

  • 3.5% on products worth less than $500.
  • 1.5% on products worth $500 or more $500.
  • The minimum charge is 50 cents per product.

So for example, if you sell a t-shirt on Bonanza at $7 and the shipping cost is $2, Bonanza will charge you 3.5% of $9.

To promote your products on Bananza, you have to create a product feed for Bonanza with your product information and details.

If you own a WooCommerce store, you may use the plugin Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce to create an accurate Bonanza product feed in a few minutes.

Join Bonanza here as a seller and begin to sell clothes online.

3. Walmart Marketplace

Best Marketplaces to Sell Clothes Online in The USA - 2024 3

Apart from having 4,717 stores around the U.S., Walmart has a large online marketplace since 2009.

The Walmart marketplace is well known for its product quality, easy return/refund policies, and excellent processing services.

Let’s take a look at Walmart’s traffic analysis.

Traffic Analysis of Walmart:

Monthly Website Visits: 374.1 Million (94.74% of these users are from The USA)

This means, on average, Walmart online has over 354.4 million monthly visitors from the US alone.

Hence, most new sellers prefer promoting on the Walmart marketplace. Even though certain retailers don’t have a shop or a website; they directly do business through Walmart and are very successful.

Amazing Advantages For Sellers At Walmart

i. No Monthly Fees

Walmart only charges a 15% referral fee for selling clothes online on their marketplace; no other fees.

So, unlike most giant marketplaces, such as Amazon or Rakuten, you don’t have to pay any monthly fees, setup fees, subscription fees, or listing fees.

ii. Two-Day Delivery

marketplaces to sell clothes online -Walmart Two Day Delivery

As a seller on Walmart, you will get access to their popular two-day fast delivery system, which encourages the buyers to make the purchase.

According to Walmart, the sellers who enabled the two-day delivery option on their products, saw a 40% increase in their gross revenue on total sales; as 62% of all online shoppers consider 2 days or sooner delivery as fast delivery.

Click here to join the Walmart Marketplace and begin to sell clothes online.

4.  Target+

Best Marketplaces to Sell Clothes Online in The USA - 2024 4

One of the major issues every large marketplace faces is:

  • Counterfeit products;
  • Offensive products;
  • Low-quality products.

And it really is difficult to watch over all the sellers in any marketplace and maintain 100% quality.

However, there is Target+ that is trying something different with its curated marketplace.

They tend to choose their sellers based on their quality and reviews. They choose the sellers that can join their marketplace.

Once you apply, they will review your request and research your shop. They will reply to you only if they think you are fit for their business model.

In some cases, Target invites businesses to their platform if they see that it is an emerging, high-quality online shop.

Hence, Target+ is a marketplace to sell clothes online stores that are a couple of years around and have a good reputation, both online and on social channels, for high-quality, authentic products.

Let’s look at the traffic analysis of Target:

Traffic Analysis of Target:

Monthly Website Visits: 144.3 Million. (96.23%% of these users are from the USA)

So, more than 138.8 million U.S. citizens visit Target every month.

So if you are confident with your quality and have been around for some time, then you should apply for a place at Target+.

Selling clothes here will mean you will get buyers who are more concerned over quality, than quantity or price.

But as I mentioned earlier, they have a curated marketplace and there is no guarantee that you will be accepted. But you should try applying.

Here’s Why The Curated System Is A Benefit

marketplaces to sell clothes online - Benefits of Curated System

i. No Counterfeit Products To Compete Against

On marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, there are always counterfeit products that are of low quality and cost way less than the general market price.

Often people tend to be content with paying less and adjusting to the low quality. Others buy these products, expecting them to be original, and get disappointed enough to decide not to buy these products online at all.

In Target+, all products are authentic and buyers are confident to purchase as they know how well Target+ maintains quality.

You won’t have to worry about losing customers due to price or suspicion of low quality.

 ii. People Won’t Think Twice About Buying What They Like 

Target+ regularly keeps its prospects updated on the quality of the products posted there. So the regular buyers in Target+ always have it in mind that they will get the value for money.

If they are attracted to any product of yours, they will buy it without caring about the quality as they expect the quality to be naturally high.

**Do not exploit this mentality by charging more than usual; Target+ regularly monitors sellers’ activities and has the right to ban a seller for any unwanted activity.

Even though there is no clear way to understand how they choose sellers, it’s obvious that you should have:

  • A good reputation for the quality of service and products.
  • A wide range of products that people demand

To become a seller on Target+, you have to fill up this seller registration form and submit it to Target.

Then Target will validate your company’s information before approving you as a curated seller on Target+.

5. Poshmark 

Best Marketplaces to Sell Clothes Online in The USA - 2024 5

Poshmark is a social marketplace where you’re allowed to both buy and sell clothes online through a mobile app.

It’s the largest social online commerce application with over 2 billion social connections, and 25+ million products uploaded through mobile within around 5000 brands.

One of the main reasons behind Poshmark’s success and popularity is its dedication to mobile users.

They’ve made it easier for anyone who wants to:

  • Clear their closet of old clothes in exchange for some money;
  • Look for some new affordable clothes.
  • Run a personal business selling self-produced clothes

It’s easy thanks to the mobile app product upload system.

Traffic Analysis of Poshmark:

Monthly Website Visits: 58.05 million (93.21%% of these users are from the USA)

That’s roughly about 54.1 million users from the U.S.A. every month.

Why Use Poshmark Marketplace to Sell Clothes Online

i. Focused on Originality

Poshmark’s way of listing products is very original. You can directly take a photo using your mobile camera and upload the original product image, or you may choose one from the photo gallery.

However, the app is smart in realizing its originality. If you are selling a used jacket but try to use the image from the Brand website of that jacket, Poshmark will reject it.

The app insists on providing original images and information about the products.

Hence, you won’t have to compete with products with fake images that make them look good.

ii. Ideal for personal or small businesses

It takes time to upload and list products on Poshmark. Unlike most other marketplaces, Poshmark doesn’t allow you to upload any feed file for bulk upload.

So naturally, the giant companies do not post their products on Poshmark. Every seller here is either an ordinary person trying to sell clothes online or a small business that just has appointed a qualified registered agent.

So the competition is marginal and everyone can get more traction.

iii. You Can Join And Hold Posh Parties

marketplaces to sell clothes online - Join and Hold Posh Party

Posh Parties are a great opportunity to gain new followers, find similar poshers like you, and check out amazing listings.

Wondering what’s a Posh Party?

Posh Parties are virtual shopping events that happen inside Poshmark. You can join, share your listing, check out others’ listings, and make sales in real time.

Every Posh Party has a fixed theme related to certain categories a specific occasion, specific styles, and so on.

So you may join the ones that are more relevant to the products you sell and find ideal buyers or people to collaborate with.

For example, if the theme is Summer, then you may join and gain an advantage if you sell clothes online designed for summer.

iv.  Poshmark Is Addictive

For regular users, Poshmark is addictive as they can find lucrative deals all day long. Plus the interface is designed similarly to a social website app newsfeed, making it more fun to browse through.

On average, a regular Poshmark user spends 25 minutes a day on the app, opening the app 7-8 times a day on their mobiles.

This is a lot more compared to the eBay mobile app (which is used around 5 times a day).

Hence, it doesn’t take too long for any product to get sold.

 v. The “Make An Offer” Feature For More Sales

marketplaces to sell clothes online - Make an Offer to sell clothes online

Poshmark introduced the feature Make An Offer in 2015 and since then, both buyers and sellers are crazy about it.

This feature allows an interested buyer to offer you a slightly lower price than your listed price.

Let me explain with an example:

Suppose you’ve listed a purse in your store with a price of $110. Now let’s say a prospect is interested but she is short of budget.

So she can use the “Make An Offer” feature to quote a price she can pay, let’s say $100 (i.e. a form of price negotiation).

Now you have 24 hours to accept the deal, and if it’s possible you might as well accept it.

Now, you might wonder how could that help you make more money. Let me explain:

  • You will be able to gain customers who you were probably losing due to an extra profit margin.
  • People find price negotiations psychologically more alluring since they feel they are getting what they want at a lower price.
  • The whole process is done in private, so no other user will know that you’ve agreed to a lower price. The product will still be listed with the original price for other viewers.
  • You can always disagree with the offer and the user might still purchase it. So you will agree with the offer only when it’s profitable for you.
  • You might as well post your product with a few dollars extra just to allow people to give you a lower offer, which actually gives you a satisfactory profit.

Tips For Start Selling On The Poshmark 

If you decide to sell your clothing products on Poshmark, here is what you can do to be successful:

  • Focus on your listing title, include the product name and if possible, the style number.
  • Research the price for similar products on Poshmark before deciding the price of your products.
  • Look for the posh parties for your product category, join them, and share your listing at the party.
  • Accept Poshmark’s promotion offers.

If you’re a small business with a really good clothing and accessories collection or just want to sell used clothes online, Poshmark is the perfect place for you.

You can find the Poshmark Apps for iOS and Android here and begin to sell clothes online.


By now, you have learned about the 5 most underrated marketplaces in the USA to sell clothes online.

If you haven’t yet started selling your clothing products in these marketplaces, you should consider the ones that suit your business the most.

I will advise you to sell your clothes and accessories on more than one of these marketplaces to maximize your revenue.

If you’re using WooCommerce, you can follow this guide to generate WooCommerce product feeds with your products to sell on these marketplaces.

You can share your experience in the comments if you’re already selling on these marketplaces or let us know about more underrated marketplaces for selling clothing products in the USA.

** FAQs **

1. How do I choose the right marketplace for my clothing business?

  • Start by evaluating your target audience and niche. Consider factors like platform popularity, seller fees, and integration with your existing systems to find the best fit for your business.

2. Are there any hidden fees associated with selling on these marketplaces?

  • Typically, there are fees for listing products and transaction commissions. Make sure to review each marketplace’s fee structure carefully to avoid any surprises.

3. Can I sell internationally on these marketplaces?

  • Yes, many of these platforms offer international selling options, but regulations and shipping logistics may vary. Check each marketplace’s policies and consider your ability to fulfill orders globally.

4. How do I optimize my listings for better visibility and sales?

  • Focus on high-quality images, compelling product descriptions, and competitive pricing. Utilize keywords relevant to your target audience and regularly update your listings to stay competitive.

5. What support options are available if I encounter issues with selling on these platforms?

  • Most marketplaces offer seller support through online resources, forums, and customer service channels. Take advantage of these resources to troubleshoot issues and optimize your selling experience.

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