5 gute Gründe, virtuelle Hausbesichtigungen zum Verkauf von Immobilien zu nutzen

5 gute Gründe, virtuelle Hausbesichtigungen zum Verkauf von Immobilien zu nutzen

Virtual Reality is the latest technology that gives you a realistic experience through your computer or phone.

A lot of online stores now provide 360 models of products. You can move at any angle to inspect the products as if you were actually checking them out in person.

Even most colleges are now adding virtual tours of their campuses to attract more students. Especially, virtual tours of their dormitories.

Likewise, it’s high time to make use of virtual tours in the real estate industry.

If you are a realtor you could really benefit from adding virtual home tours on your listing site to sell properties.

Today, we’ll discuss the reasons why you should use virtual home tours to sell properties and how this will bring more effective conversion for your real estate business.

Fangen wir an.

Why Use Virtual Home Tours When Selling Houses?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, virtual home tours are the latest and the most credible way to promote homes for sale.

Lassen Sie uns nun einige der wichtigsten Vorteile untersuchen, die Sie durch die Nutzung virtueller Touren erhalten können.

 1. Mehr potenzielle Käufer gewinnen

Potential Buyers Will Prefer Using Virtual Home Tours

When you list homes for sale on your site, you probably get many people viewing properties, but very few actually make inquiries.

And out of the ones that inquire, most of them never make a decision even after you gave so many details over the phone.

Finally, you come down to the very few who wish to visit properties.

Now here is the thing. The only visual they had before visiting were the photos you put up on your site.

Once they visit, if it doesn’t meet their expectations, they reject in most cases. 

Dies ist ein klarer Hinweis darauf, dass das Interesse der Menschen vor allem davon abhängt, welche Erwartungen Sie in ihren Köpfen über das Anwesen wecken können, bevor sie sich für einen Besuch entscheiden.

Sell more properties with WPVR

If you include a virtual home tour, the person viewing will be able to experience a realistic tour of the house while sitting at home.

They’ll be able to get a complete visual of how the house will look when they actually visit in person.

Now this will give you 3 major advantages:

  • The person will stay longer on your site when exploring the virtual tour. Hence he/she will get more time to choose on your site and probably, eventually, get interested. The fact is the more you spend time, the more attractive it gets.
  • People calling with any inquiry will have a good tour around the house. Hence, they calling means they are probably highly interested, and the house satisfies their requirements. Now, giving them further details will be worthwhile.
  • Since you have a virtual tour, anyone asking to take a visit is probably interested in buying the house and you will have a higher chance of closing the deal. This is because the viewer will be able to get a good visual of the house and his/her expectations will match when he/she actually visits. Thus increasing the chance of buying.

And this is how virtual home tours can make a big difference and will certainly increase potential buyers.

2. Fokus auf den Abschluss von Geschäften, während die Häuser sich selbst verkaufen 

Home verkauft sich selbst
A virtual home tour will increase your closing rate.

Virtual Tours of Homes for sale can save you a lot of time and effort and will let you focus more on increasing your business revenue rather than wasting a lot of time.

Now that you know that the person you will be dealing with already got a virtual tour, you can focus on closing deals, go for negotiations, and give extra details about the house, such as its history or neighborhood. 

You do not need to spend hours over the phone trying to convince people with details about the house itself.

The homes are selling themselves through virtual tours. People calling has developed a genuine interest.

All you need to do now is set up a visit and work on closing the deal.

The moment a customer steps foot in the house, he/she will know that this is exactly what they experienced in the virtual tour and exactly what he/she visualized about the home that got them interested in the first place.

Daher haben Sie eine bessere Chance, Geschäfte abzuschließen.

3. Erhöhen Sie die Reaktion auf Folgemaßnahmen

Erhöhte Reaktion auf Folgemaßnahmen

As a realtor, you are always busy checking out new properties on sale and speaking with clients who are interested to buy homes. It is really a hectic task to maintain your day-to-day tasks.

You probably get people leaving messages on your site about inquiries or through e-mails.

And sometimes you get calls, while you are trying to close a deal, which you can’t answer and hence they leave voicemails.

All of these are hard to follow up on.

You need to list them and then get back to them, hoping that they are still interested.

And more often, people don’t respond to your attempt to follow up with them unless they are really interested. 

Das bedeutet, dass Sie nicht wissen können, wie groß das Interesse einer Person ist, wenn sie die Anfrage gestellt hat, obwohl es offensichtlich ist, dass sie früher oder später bereit ist, ein Haus zu kaufen.

Having virtual home tours can make a big difference when selling properties.

You can be sure that the people inquiring, after taking a virtual tour, are probably interested to a great extent since they saw exactly what they will get, and probably that’s what they were looking for.

Hence, you will get a better response when you reach back.

4. Hilft, eine Entscheidung zu treffen 

Informierte Entscheidung treffen

There are people who are simply checking out listings and making inquiries to compare with homes they checkout on other listings.

These people are still not sure what they want and will probably visit several homes before making a decision. 

Generally, when they inquire to you for more details, they yet don’t have much interest.

You will take time and effort to try and follow up with them, and give more details, but at the end of the day, they will make a decision after they have heard from all the listing companies they inquired about.

However, if you use virtual tours, a person will be able to get a detailed view of the house; a realistic visual which he/she will not get from other property listing sites.

So, the prospect might develop an instant interest and probably stop looking elsewhere.

5. Leichter, Ihr Unternehmen und Ihre Website zu fördern

Unternehmen leicht fördern

Since virtual tours are still pretty new, a lot of realtors are yet to make proper use of them.

If you choose to use virtual tours on your site, you will be taking one step ahead of the lot.

You will have a strong marketing value point, that you offer virtual home tours to visitors.

People will be able to make an informed decision when using your site.

You will be able to stand out in the industry since people will find you more reliable.

Creating Virtual Home Tours Are More Affordable And Easy Than You Think

There was once a time when by the word virtual home tours, people would understand that it’s a video tour. Later 3D model dollhouse tour came along.

Well, creating virtual video tours requires you to hire an expensive video crew or production house.

Creating a 3D model dollhouse requires you to hire experts in that field.

Trying to create these will cost a fortune and is not worth investing, compared to what you will earn from a sale.

However, virtual tours have a new meaning now.

Now there are several real estate virtual tours creator tools out there that will allow you to create virtual tours on your own, without the need of hiring an expert, and at a reasonably low cost.

For instance, if you are using WordPress on your website, you can find this amazing plugin called WPVR.

It is simple to use and will make it super easy for you to create virtual home tours when selling properties.

WP VR – Quality Virtual Tour Creator for WordPress 

Use WP VR to create virtual home tours and sell properties easily.

Using WPVR, all you need is to take 360 panoramic images of all the rooms in a home, and some from outside the house, and upload them to the plugin.

The plugin will then help you to create a realistic virtual tour.

You will be able to set it up in a way so that a viewer will be able to go from room to room and look around, zoom in and out, and get a detailed visit to the home remotely.

You will also have the option to display information on clicking at certain points.

So if you have any specific information to provide, let’s say the history of the design of the fireplace, you can set a small icon to click on, to view that information. 

The best thing is, this plugin will give you all the tutorials on how to use it.

You will not need any assistance from experts, you will be able to create the tour on your own and that too in a very less amount of time.

If you wish to check out the WPVR plugin, just click here.


Wie Sie sehen können, sind virtuelle Rundgänge sehr nützlich und innovativ. Nun, es gibt keine Garantie dafür, dass virtuelle Besichtigungen das Interesse jedes einzelnen Kunden wecken, der die Website besucht, oder dass jede Person, die sich nach einer virtuellen Besichtigung erkundigt, das Haus sicher kaufen wird.  

Sie werden jedoch mit Sicherheit mehr interessierte Kunden finden und eine größere Konversion haben als ohne virtuelle Touren.

Plus, they are cost-effective and easy to create. If you include virtual home tours on your website, you will surely get more business and go ahead of other realtors in your area.

**Sie können sich auch diesen kompletten Leitfaden zur Erstellung einer virtuellen Tour anschauen, um alle notwendigen Werkzeuge und Aktivitäten zu kennen, die für die Erstellung einer virtuellen Tour von Grund auf erforderlich sind (d.h. von der Aufnahme von Bildern bis zur Verwendung von virtuellen Touren).

Nehmen Sie daher so schnell wie möglich virtuelle Rundgänge an, und Sie werden zweifellos davon profitieren.  

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