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How to Generate Real Estate Leads: 14 Proven Tips

How to Generate Real Estate Leads: 14 Proven Tips

Like people require oxygen, To be a successful real estate agent you need leads.

And it’s true – without a steady process of generating qualified leads,

it’s nearly impossible to scale up your real estate business.

We know you nod in agreement,

That’s why you’re reading the countless ‘how-to generate leads’ articles

-all promising the secret to generating a never-ending supply of leads.

To save you time from digging into 100 resources,

we have rounded up 14 proven tips on

how to generate real estate leads” and

will shower you with lots of “want to know/buy your home” calls!

Keep reading!

Why Applying the Right Strategies is Crucial for Real Estate Leads

Before diving into the tips and tactics,

Let you know why it is important to pick the right strategies.

Implementing the right lead-generation strategies is not just about finding any leads,

it’s about targeting the right prospects, maximizing your return on investment, and

building a sustainable pipeline of high-quality leads.

Here are the benefits of picking the right strategies for your real estate growth :

  1. Receive More Website Traffic: When you implement the right mix of lead gen tactics, you’re able to draw more qualified prospects to your real estate website.
  2. Reduced Costs: Using lots of lead generation tactics often leads to wasted time and resources. But strategic, data-driven methods allow you to maximize your return on investment.
  3. Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate: Irrelevant or untargeted leads are more likely to click away from your website quickly.
  4. Increased Closing Rates: Strategic lead generation helps you focus on the prospects who are truly ready to buy.

How to Generate Real Estate Leads – 14 Tried-and-True Methods

From receiving more website traffic to increasing sales,

these proven 14 tips will help you generate leads faster :

14. Optimize your SEO for local leads

As a real estate agent, your bread and butter comes from local leads – after all,

your expertise and network are rooted in your community.

So, when it comes to your digital marketing strategy,

optimizing your SEO for local search is an absolute must.

Real estate lead generation tools like keyword planners and

local SEO services can greatly

enhance your visibility without significant costs.

Incorporating SEO lead generation techniques ensures that

your property listings get the maximum exposure to potential local buyers,

effectively increasing your chances of closing more deals.

Generate Local leads


Let’s dive into a few key tactics to help you get found by the right local prospects :

  • Create Content Based on Local News Stories or Events: By creating content that taps into the latest news, trends, or happenings in your market, you position yourself as a trusted, in-the-know resource in front of your potential leads
  • Hone in on Local Keywords: To attract local leads, you need to laser-focus on location-specific search terms.
  • Use Location Pages or a Location-Specific “About Us” Page: In this way, you can more real estate to showcase your community expertise, highlight local listings, and make it crystal clear to search engines (and prospective clients) that you’re the go-to agent in that local.

13. Optimize your landing pages for conversions

Only focusing on local leads will limit your lead-generation process.

To reach out broadly you need to optimize your landing pages.

It can dive deep into the metrics that matter most like –

High click-through rates, low bounce rates, conversion rates, and more.

This is how you can optimize your landing page for conversion :

  • Make your visitor think, “Wow, this page speaks to me!”- Craft captivating headlines that grab your audience’s attention and communicate your unique value proposition.
  • Don’t make them wait for “what’s next.”- Create compelling copy that addresses your audience’s pain points and highlights the benefits of your offer. Keep it concise, engaging, and focused.
  • Attractive Design – Visually appealing layouts that guide visitors toward your desired action. Remove any clutter or distractions that could dilute your message and conversion potential.
  • Conversion Monitoring- Always measure key metrics like click-through rates, bounce rates, and conversion rates.

12. Network with home professionals

Networking is the cheapest way to get real estate leads and

can create a foundation for referral-based leads which often come without any upfront cost.

You can start building your network even before obtaining your real estate license.

Here are some key professionals you should look to connect with:

  1. Mortgage Lenders: Having a reliable lender in your network can speed up the pre-approval process for your buyers and ensure they avoid predatory lenders.
  2. Home Inspectors: Building a relationship with home inspectors can help you secure quick turnaround times for your clients, especially in competitive markets.
  3. Appraisers: Like home inspectors, having a connection with appraisers can help you get faster service for your buyers and sellers.
  4. Attorneys: Attorneys can be a valuable lead source, especially those working with clients going through divorce or other life events that may necessitate real estate transactions.
  5. Financial Planners: Financial planners often have clients looking to invest in real estate, so being the go-to agent for these professionals can lead to new opportunities.
  6. Property Managers: Referring your investor clients to reliable property managers can strengthen your relationships and lead to more business.
  7. REO Asset Managers: Building connections with REO asset managers at banks can provide a steady stream of foreclosed properties to sell.
  8. Builders and Contractors: Even if you don’t represent builders directly, having relationships with local construction professionals can help you serve your land-buying clients or receive referrals.

11. Contact clients on their birthdays and other events

As a real estate agent, maintaining strong client relationships is key to generating referrals and repeat business.

Contacting clients on special occasions is an effective and cheapest way to get real estate leads.

Birthdays, in particular, are often a happy time for your clients.

They want to surround themselves with people who put them in a good mood – and

you can be one of those people.

Giving each of your top clients a personalized birthday call is one of the easiest,

most thoughtful gestures you can make.

Even if you’re not the sentimental type,

setting aside time for these calls in a consistent, efficient manner can pay huge dividends.

Go through your list of best clients and make sure to give each one a call on their special day.

Generate Real Estate Leads


10. Join online homeowner groups from your area on social media

As a real estate agent, you’ve got to be tapping into the power of online homeowner communities in your local area.

These groups can be goldmines for how to get leads in real estate for free.

Take those “buy, sell, and swap” groups, for example.

When people are posting about having a big clear-out,

that’s a telltale sign they could be getting ready to move or downsize.

Promoting your business in these groups is a fantastic way to go the extra mile to get a high number of qualified leads.

Not just that, but this is how you can get leads in real estate for free.

09. Be an active participant

It is necessary that you participate actively in whichever groups you join.

Being helpful and providing valuable information is a great strategy for how to get leads in real estate for free.

Give them information that will be helpful.

Remember that no one joins a local interest group to receive sales pitches;

don’t think of them as a sales platform.

Gaining the trust of local homeowners can be achieved by exhibiting your involvement in the neighborhood and

demonstrating your concern for the area.

For this reason, you should incorporate groups into all aspects of your real estate marketing.

08. Host a real estate webinar

As a real estate agent, hosting a webinar is one of the greatest real estate lead-generation tools to

position yourself as an expert and attract qualified leads.

Here’s how you can go about hosting an impactful real estate webinar:

  • Choose a Relevant, Valuable Topic: Think about the pain points, questions, or trends that your potential clients are most interested in to make valuable content.
  • Promote the Webinar Across Multiple Channels: Once you’ve got your topic nailed down, start promoting the webinar across your website, email list, social media platforms, and any other relevant channels.
  • Use Webinar Software for a Polished Presentation: Tools like Zoom, GoToWebinar, or WebEx make it easy to host a professional-looking webinar complete with screen sharing, Q&A sessions, and audience engagement features.
  • Deliver Genuinely Helpful Content: Share insights, tips, and actionable advice that position you as a trusted resource.

07. Create interesting, helpful content for your blogs

Not only can your real estate blogs and articles benefit your clients,

but they also keep you in the forefront of potential clients’ eyes as a real estate authority.

This is another method for how to get leads in real estate for free.

06. Make It Easy To Contact You

If a consumer likes what you are offering,

you need to make it as simple as possible for them to contact you.

Including a contact form would be the most appropriate way to do it.

05. Segment and score leads with marketing automation software

The power of marketing automation can be a total game-changer for real estate agents looking to

supercharge their lead generation and nurturing efforts.

These powerful tools are vital real estate lead-generation tools that

allows you to segment your leads based on behavior and demographics,

ensuring your outreach is hyper-personalized and relevant.

Along with these tools, lead generation forms can also help with segmentation,

because they often include specific fields that capture customer behavior, demographics, and other information.

04. Create Facebook Ads to Generate Quality Leads

Facebook ads are another essential tool in the modern real estate agent’s toolkit.

With laser-targeted reach, diverse ad formats, and robust performance tracking, Facebook enables you to connect with your ideal audience and convert them into high-quality leads.

So, employ targeted Facebook ads, which can be both the cheapest way to get real estate leads and a method to use real estate lead generation tools effectively.

  • Diverse Ad Formats: From eye-catching image and video ads to lead generation forms and dynamic creative, Facebook offers a range of ad formats to capture attention and drive results. You can get creative with your messaging and visuals to make a lasting impression.
  • Retargeting Opportunities: Facebook’s pixel tracking enables you to retarget ads to users who have already engaged with your content or website. This keeps you top-of-mind and increases the chances of converting them into leads or clients.
  • Detailed Performance Insights: The Facebook Ads Manager platform provides robust reporting and analytics, allowing you to track key metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost-per-lead. This data empowers you to continuously optimize your campaigns for better results.

03. Optimize social media pages and post regularly

Social media is a powerful tool for real estate agents like you to boost your brand,

attract new clients, and find quality leads.

  • Using LinkedIn helps you to connect with business clients and share expertise. By optimizing your profiles with keywords and location tags, you can improve visibility.
  • Engaging with followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter and sharing helpful content r local in your local market.
  • Joining online communities can also help you build relationships and find new leads.
  • Collaborating with influencers such as Instagram influencers can expand their reach and credibility.
Generate Real Estate Leads


In terms of social media marketing, You need to transfer all of your home profiles to your social media feed.

So that, your viewer knows that you have a good number of resources with facilities that your buyers need.

We know that’s tiresome work.

But you can easily simplify this hassle task with the product feed manager.

With this tool, you can export your WooCommerce product feed and

promote it on your social media profile to

increase your brand visibility without any effort.

Generate real estate leads

02. Feature video walk-throughs

Apart from just pictures of your homes,

you can also use video walk-throughs to give a real feel of the properties,

using this technique as the cheapest way to get real estate leads.

As home buying is a big investment,

you should always think about how you can build the trust level of your customers online.

Without in-person viewings, That’s difficult to gain trust.

Here’s the solution.- Walkthrough videos.

A walkthrough video provides your viewers with a comprehensive look at your listed property and

highlights hidden or unique features that may go unnoticed with pictures.

By adding AI voice generator technology,

you can enhance these 360-degree videos with detailed narration,

providing viewers with informative and engaging insights into the listed properties.

01. Create virtual home visits for busy prospects

Not just video walkthrough videos, you can also offer virtual tours to save time and

engage prospects effectively, a perfect example of how to get leads in real estate for free.

Your busy prospect might not have that much time to go through your whole website,

profiles, and home details. But they definitely will click and

watch virtual tours as it is convenient also that’s proof that you are a real seller

whom they can trust and invest in.

Also, a virtual tour gives the impression that your viewer is taking a real live tour,

it will generate higher engagement than flat photographs.

Why?- Because live tours will give them the experience of having your home and that feeling will trigger them to buy from you.

not just that, with virtual tours you can give them 360 panoramic views and

they can get an overall idea of how your home will look in real life.

Which will result in saving your wasted hours on in-person home visits.

We know what you are thinking back in your head!

The business handling paperwork is so much there is less time, resources, or manpower to create virtual tours.

No worries, You can rely on WPVR.

WP VR Reviews

With WPVR’s easy-to-use interface, You can easily create virtual tours without any technical knowledge.

You can make a basic virtual tour in just five minutes!

Because with WPVR, you can build a comprehensive virtual tour of any property or area.

Here are the steps :

  • Utilize 360° panorama photographs to construct scenes that include various rooms, corners, or locations.
  • Make a connection between these panoramic scenes.
  • To connect all of the 360-degree photos, use scene-type hotspots.
  • Press “Publish” to display information utilizing info hotspots in virtual tours!

You’ve just finished creating a virtual tour!

With this virtual tour, your viewers may navigate about as if it is an actual tour! In the free edition,

you can link up to five scenes and add five hotspots to each scene on a virtual tour.

You can also create a comprehensive floor plan for your house, business, showroom, or any other location with ease.

Realtors and real estate agencies love using real estate floor plans, and

you can use them to add some flair to your real estate tours.

To construct 360 panorama scenes :

  • Upload the floor plan to WPVR
  • Place pointers for each scene on the floor map
  • And then connect the pointers to the scenes. And that’s it!

You can also :

  • Include A Gallery To View All Available Scenes
  • Cover Every Inch Of The Property For An Interactive Tour

To Get More Real Estate Leads Through Your Virtual Tour with your site here are a few more techniques :

  • Add direct CTA – Add a CTA button that will directly take your site visitor to your virtual tour. In this way, you can get even the busiest/ uninterest lead.
  • Market your virtual tour – Market your virtual tour on social platforms to maximize your reach.
  • WordPress restriction – Often time WordPress automatically lowers the quality of panorama images through compression. A high-quality 360-degree panorama photograph typically has a resolution of 3000 x 1500 pixels.

With WPVR, you can choose to remove this limitation, making it simple to post panorama photos with a width of more than 3000 pixels. WPVR allows you to generate virtual tours from any high-quality panorama photograph, including jpeg, png, and web.

Not just that, with WPVR you can add a direct CTA button to your site that will take your viewers directly to the virtual tour.

Also, with WP VR you can easily share your virtual tours on different Social Media Platforms:

  • Facebook,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Twitter,
  • Email, and
  • Reddit

without having it published on the Web page!

Bottom Line

You need to keep a consistent flow of qualified leads

if you want your property business to succeed. Try to establish yourself as an authority in your field,

be visible online, and prioritize your customers at all times.

If you use a proper strategy aligning with your needs and resources,

Lead generation will quickly become simpler and more affordable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: How does community involvement factor into real estate lead gen?

Getting involved locally through sponsorships, volunteering, hosting events, and partnering with businesses can help raise your profile and connect you with potential clients in your market.

FAQ 2: What online lead gen advice is recommended?

To generate leads online easily most impactful way is to add a virtual tour. As seeing the tour you can gain trust and also save your valuable hours this one is highly recommended.

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