Best WooCommerce Checkout Plugins [2020]

Best WooCommerce Checkout Plugins [2020]

If you’re a WooCommerce store owner, you know that the most important step of your website is the checkout process.

An optimized checkout process makes it easier for your prospects to complete the purchase and leaves a sense of positive user experience inside them.

You should optimize your WooCommerce checkout process at any cost to ensure that your prospect completes the purchase once they enter the checkout.

There are many ways for you to optimize your WooCommerce checkout process:

  • Implement one-click checkout;
  • Use smart custom fields wherever you need them;
  • Break down the checkout process in multiple small steps;
  • Ensure the payment gateway process fast and responsive.

These methods will help you bring down the abandoned cart rate on your WooCommerce store and increase the number of loyal customers.

Today, I have gathered a list of 7 amazing plugins that can help you optimize your WooCommerce checkout process and increase your ROI.

So, let’s get into the details.

1. Custom Checkout Fields For WooCommerce — Tom Anbinder

Custom Checkout Fields For WooCommerce

Custom Checkout Fields For WooCommerce is a light and easy-to-use checkout plugin for setting up any type of custom fields on the checkout page for your WooCommerce store.

You can set up various field types such as:

  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Number
  • Datepicker
  • Timepicker
  • Checkbox
  • Email
  • Radio
  • URL

You can also include more customs fields for Password, Country, State, Phone and the Search field.

The plugin allows you to add fees to the cart total depending on the value of the custom fields.

For each type of field you use, you can set various options like:

  • Default value
  • Placeholder
  • Required
  • Description
  • Label
  • Customer meta fields

You can also arrange the position options with:

  • Set by Priority
  • Set by billing section
  • Set by shipping section
  • Set by account section
  • Set by order section

If you want to add additional and customized fields anywhere in your checkout process, this is the perfect plugin for you.

Check out the premium version of Custom Checkout Fields For WooCommerce.

2. WooCommerce Buy Now — StoreApps

WooCommerce Buy Now

WooCommerce Buy Now is a premium plugin that allows your repeating customers to complete the full checkout + payment process in a single click!

If a customer with previous purchasing history tries to purchase again from your store, this plugin will auto-fill their information and take them directly to the checkout or payment page with a customizable Buy Now button.

Some of its premium features are:

  • Auto-fill billing and shipping information;
  • Custom Buy Now buttons on the entire store or just selected product pages;
  • One-click checkout with PayPal, Braintree, Stripe,, etc;
  • Quick checkout for the new and the guest users;
  • Set up discount coupons.

This plugin is modeled after Amazon’s patented and popular “1-Click ordering” that lets your customer skip the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

So, if you’re looking for a plugin to let your customers complete the checkout process in the easiest and the fastest way possible, then this is the ideal plugin for you.

Learn more about the website of WooCommerce Buy Now.

3. myPOS Checkout For WooCommerce — myPOS Europe Ltd

myPOS Checkout Plugin

myPOS Checkout is an extension of myPOS Online Payments that provides European merchants with a modern and secure checkout solution.

This plugin allows you to accept payments from debit and credit cards in few simple steps and integrate financial transactions with VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Bancontact cards.

With myPOS, you’ll get benefits such as:

  • Easy and simple installation and set-up;
  • iDeal compatibility for clients from The Netherlands;
  • Free e-money account with individual IBAN;
  • Fully PCI compliant;
  • Integration Support.

myPOS Online Payments has more exclusive features which include:

  • Secured page and channel communication with the merchants;
  • 3D secure processing for direct payments from any card;
  • Accepting payments in many currencies in a single account.

The plugin can store merchant data such as shopping cart, amount, payment method, transaction details, etc.

If you’re a merchant in the EU, who wants a secure and advanced, but easy to use online payment solution, you should consider using myPOS Online Payments.

Visit the website of myPOS.

4.  Flexible Checkout Fields For WooCommerce —  WPDESK

Flexible Checkout Fields

Flexible Checkout Fields For WooCommerce is a great plugin for customizing your checkout fields using an easy to use interface.

This plugin is beautifully integrated with the WordPress dashboard, so you will feel comfortable using it.

The free version has useful features such as:

  • Fields ordering;
  • Edit Labels and Placeholders;
  • Ability to show or hide fields;
  • Validation and make validation required or optional;
  • Custom fields styling using the CSS classes.

The pro version has many features which include:

  • Conditional logic based on
    • fields
    • products
    • product variation
    • categories
    • shipping method

Plus it allows Custom checkout sections.

The premium plugin allows you to add 12 types of fields:

  • single-line text
  • text area
  • checkbox
  • radio button
  • select (dropdown)
  • multi-select
  • date
  • time
  • color picker
  • headline
  • HTML
  • file upload

If you want to customize the checkout fields fully, then you can rely on this plugin.

Check out the premium version of Flexible Checkout Fields For WooCommerce.

5. Conditional WooCommerce Checkout Field  — Amplify Plugins

Conditional WooCommerce Checkout Field

Conditional WooCommerce Checkout Field will help you to set fields for additional information that are required to complete the purchase.

Suppose you are selling customized products on your WooCommerce site, or have a service of event registration like summer camps.

In these cases, you need additional information like product customization details and requirements for the event from your prospect before they can complete the purchase.

This is important because the price of a customized product will depend on the customizations applied.

For example, the cost of an event will depend on the number of people joining, and the extra services and facilities required.

This plugin is perfect to help with these situations by adding fields that are necessary to complete a proper purchase based on the products that require custom pricing.

Here are some of the pro features you’ll get with this plugin:

  • Unlimited number of custom conditional fields;
  • Conditional fields for an unlimited number of products, product variations or product categories;
  • Conditional field based on the number of purchased products;
  • Integration with WooCommerce Bookings and WooCommerce Product Bundles;
  • Conditional fields for all products in a single category or multiple categories;
  • Adjust the order of the fields.

This plugin also allows you to edit all the default WooCommerce checkout fields.

You can set input fields such as:

  • Text boxes
  • Multiline text areas
  • Dropdown
  • Password
  • Radio buttons

And more useful fields such as Country, State, Checkbox, Password, and Date.

This plugin has been improved and maintained for more than 5 years, so the developers have made it light and efficient; the plugin loads quickly and is fully compatible with any WooCommerce compatible theme.

Check out Conditional WooCommerce Checkout Field.

6. WooCommerce 2Checkout Gateway — Elsner

WoCommerce 2Checkout Gateway

WooCommerce 2Checkout Gateway is a smart payment gateway plugin for your WooCommerce or WordPress site to receive payments.

This gateway plugin allows you to:

  • Accept payment from more than 200 countries;
  • Works on 15 languages;
  • Accept 30 different currencies.

It has more features which include:

  • Accepting payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Discover, Diners and JCB;
  • Customizing your checkout page;
  • Get paid through Payoneer MasterCard or electronic bank transfer.

This plugin makes your checkout process simple and easy by letting your customers skip the shipping and billing processes.

Check out the website of the WooCommerce 2Checkout Gateway.

7. WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout —  SilkyPress

WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout

WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout allows you to break down your checkout process in multiple, small steps.

This is often useful to make it easier for your users to understand the whole checkout process and input accurate data.

You will find the following benefits in the free version:

  • Mobile-friendly interface;
  • Smart and sleek design;
  • Keyboard navigation;
  • Responsive layout;
  • Inherit your button and form designs from the theme;
  • Adjust with the color of your theme.

The premium version of the plugin has exclusive features such as:

  • Clickable steps: Your user can click on the immediate next step or the already completed checkout steps to navigate.
  • Validation With Steps: The step by step process allows you to inform your prospects of any errors before going to the next step.
  • Registration on The Login Step: When a new prospect goes to your checkout process, they can register directly on the login page.
  • Product Image on the Order Review Step: You can make your customers confident about the purchase and ensure their order with images of the products.

This plugin is WPML ready and is compatible with most WordPress themes.

Check out the premium version of WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout here.


You can see that each of these plugins has unique features that allow you to optimize your WooCommerce checkout process for the best possible outcome.

The right plugin for you really depends on your products, and the checkout process you wish to achieve.

Also, if you’re looking for some great and free WooCommerce plugins for your store, you can check out these best free WooCommerce plugins.

Try to make your checkout process as simple as possible and ensure not to confuse the users with too many fields scattered around. Yes, you have the power to customize, but use customizations only when necessary.

If you know of any better checkout plugins for WooCommerce, then please share them with us in the comments.

Or if you have used any of these plugins, then you can let us know of your experience.

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