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8 Surprising Airbnb Virtual Tour Benefits For Property Owners

8 Surprising Airbnb Virtual Tour Benefits For Property Owners

Attention property owners! Are you looking to elevate your rental experience? If so, you need a game-changer Airbnb virtual tour in your property showcasing.

With captivating 360-degree views, these tours grab the attention of guests instantly. Imagine potential guests immersed in your space, visualizing their stay before booking.

It’s the ultimate attention-grabber, But it doesn’t stop there. These tours increase interest by offering an immersive experience. Guests are drawn in, eager to explore every detail of your property. And as they navigate through, desire turns into action.

Bookings make sure that guests are convinced that your rental is the perfect choice for their stay. So, are you ready to transform your property into a booking magnet?

Let’s take the journey from attention to action so that you can turn the guests into customers.

What is an Airbnb Virtual Tour?

An Airbnb virtual tour means bringing your rental property to life on the screen. It’s a way for potential guests to explore every nook and corner of your place without even stepping inside.

With stunning 360-degree views, guests can virtually walk through your property. They can check out each room and get a feel for the space. It’s giving them a sneak peek before they book and it’s super convenient for you too.

Instead of scheduling multiple in-person viewings, you can showcase your property to countless guests from anywhere in the world.

So, whether it’s a cozy cabin in the mountains or a chic city apartment tour, an Airbnb virtual tour lets you show off your space in all its glory. Thus you can make it irresistible to guests.

Important Key Elements of Airbnb Virtual Tour

Airbnb virtual tour typically includes several key elements to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience for potential guests. Some key elements are given below:

  1. 360-Degree Views: Take in the full scope of the space with a panoramic view. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the environment from all angles.
  2. Interactivity: Engage with the tour through interactive features. It allows guests to navigate your rooms, zoom in on details, and interact with specific elements within the space.
  3. Multimedia Elements: Experience the space through various multimedia components such as high-quality images, videos, and audio narration. It enhances the realism and depth of the virtual home tour.
  4. Accessibility: Ensure inclusivity by making the virtual tour accessible to all guests. Regardless of their abilities, through features like alternative text descriptions and keyboard navigation.
  5. Realistic Experience: Provide a true-to-life experience that accurately represents the property. It enables guests to visualize themselves within the space and make informed booking decisions.

8 Surprising Airbnb Virtual Tour Benefits for Property Owners

Airbnb Virtual Tour Benefits

Today, I’ll reveal 8 unexpected benefits of Airbnb virtual tours for real estate property owners. It revolutionizes the way by showcasing your space and attracting guests.

1. Increase More Visibility and Reach

Airbnb virtual tours enhance visibility and reach by offering potential guests a comprehensive preview of your property. It attracts a wider audience and increases exposure across the platform. Some more tactics to increase visibility and reach are given below:

  1. Increase exposure to potential guests: Your property gains increased exposure worldwide with the best Airbnb virtual tour. It maximizes visibility and booking opportunities.
  2. Minimize expansion of target audience: Utilizing Airbnb experiences minimizes the need to expand your target audience manually. It effortlessly attracts diverse guests from across the globe.
  3. Global accessibility: Enjoy global accessibility with Airbnb virtual tour. It offers an easy and good experience for guests to explore your property. It also enhances engagement and booking convenience.

Having explored how personalized panoramas increase visibility and reach, let’s focus on how they also provide significant benefits in terms of time and cost efficiency.

2. Time and Cost Savings

Discovering the magic of the top Airbnb virtual tour brings incredible time and cost savings. It also helps to make the booking process fast and easy. Let’s learn how it helps to bring time and cost efficiency:

  1. Reduced time spent on physical showings: With Airbnb virtual experiences, save time previously spent on in-person tours. It allows potential guests to explore your property remotely with ease and convenience.
  2. Minimization of associated expenses: By leveraging the efficiency of Airbnb virtual tour, cut down on costs related to travel, staging, and preparation for physical showings, optimizing your budget allocation for other aspects of your business.
  3. Easy booking process: Simplify the guest booking journey with easy integration of virtual experiences. It offers a hassle-free and intuitive way for guests to book your property directly from the virtual tour.

Utilizing time and cost efficiency will improve guest experiences and in the next section, I am going to describe it.

3. Improve Guest Experience

Airbnb Virtual Tour Benefits

It’s easy to elevate guest satisfaction to new heights with the best Airbnb virtual tour. It provides an unparalleled experience that enhances understanding and confidence. Now, let’s dive into more to know how it improves guest experience:

  1. Enhanced understanding of property layout and amenities: With an Airbnb virtual tour, guests can gain a comprehensive view of your property’s layout and amenities. It ensures they know exactly what to expect.
  2. Higher guest satisfaction and confidence: By offering immersive Airbnb virtual tours, guests feel more confident in their booking decisions. It leads them to increased satisfaction with their stay and a higher likelihood of positive reviews and repeat bookings.
  3. Reduced likelihood of cancellations or misunderstandings: With the clarity provided by Airbnb virtual tours, guests have a clearer picture of your property. It minimizes the chances of cancellations or misunderstandings due to mismatched expectations. ultimately leading to smoother booking processes and happier guests.

You improved your guest experience with the Airbnb virtual tour but now competition is the main challenge. But don’t worry, I will discuss how virtual experiences can avoid competition in the next paragraph.

4. Beat the Competition:

You can gain a competitive edge in the market with Airbnb virtual tour technology as it positions your properties as top choices for modern travelers seeking immersive experiences.

Let’s explore some more competitive advantages:

  1. Setting properties apart from competitors: With the best Airbnb virtual tour, showcase your properties in a unique and captivating way. It distinguishes them from competitors and attracts determining travelers looking for standout accommodations.
  2. Appealing to tech-savvy travelers: By offering Airbnb virtual experiences, cater to the preferences of tech-savvy travelers who prioritize convenience and digital innovation. It helps to position your properties as desirable destinations for the modern traveler.
  3. Leveraging innovative marketing strategies: Utilize Airbnb virtual tours as part of your innovative marketing approach. It captures the attention of potential guests and showcases your properties dynamically and engagingly. Ultimately It drives bookings and boosts your market presence.

Now let’s shift the next focus to how these tours offer flexibility and convenience for both you and your guests.

5. More Flexibility & Convenience

Get the flexibility and convenience with Airbnb virtual tour solutions. it provides seamless accessibility and catering to diverse guest preferences for an enhanced booking experience. Some benefits are described as follows:

  1. Accessibility anytime, anywhere: With the flexibility of Airbnb experiences, guests can explore your properties at their convenience, from anywhere in the world. It ensures accessibility around the clock and accommodates busy schedules.
  2. Catering to diverse guest preferences: Utilize the best Airbnb virtual tour to cater to diverse guest preferences. It offers various tour options and customization features to accommodate different tastes and needs. Ultimately it enhances overall guest satisfaction.
  3. Facilitating remote bookings: By combining Airbnb virtual tours into your property listings, facilitate remote bookings by providing guests with a comprehensive understanding of your accommodations. It simplifies the booking process and eliminates the need for in-person visits.

let’s now turn our attention to how personalized panoramas offer flexibility and convenience while minimizing risks for both hosts and guests.

6. Risk Management:

It helps to mitigate risks and ensure peace of mind with Airbnb virtual tour solutions. It offers enhanced safety measures and minimizes potential security concerns for both property owners and guests.

  1. Spread safety concerns during the pandemic: With the best Airbnb virtual tour, clear safety concerns by providing virtual alternatives to in-person viewings. It allows guests to explore properties from the comfort and safety of their own homes, thereby reducing exposure risks during the pandemic.
  2. Minimizing security risks associated with in-person viewings: Utilize Airbnb virtual experiences to minimize security risks traditionally associated with in-person viewings. Such as unauthorized access to properties, by offering virtual tours that safeguard the security and integrity of your accommodations.
  3. Protection against property damage or theft: Incorporate Airbnb virtual tours as a protective measure against property damage or theft. It provides an additional layer of security by minimizing physical access to properties and reducing the probability of incidents that could result in damage or theft.

Personalized panoramas not only minimize risks but also serve as a long-term investment in your property’s success and guest satisfaction. Let’s explore the next section.

7. Long-Term Investment

Airbnb virtual tour helps to achieve long-term success. It offers sustainable marketing tools and adaptability to industry trends for continual property improvement and future rentals. Let’s explore more investment benefits:

  1. Sustainable marketing tool for future rentals: Utilize the best Airbnb virtual tour app as a sustainable marketing tool for future rentals. It provides lasting impressions and entices potential guests with immersive experiences that showcase your properties effectively. It helps to ensure long-term visibility and rental opportunities.
  2. Continual improvement of property presentation: With Airbnb experiences, continually improve property presentation by updating virtual tours to reflect any enhancements or changes. It ensures that your listings remain attractive and competitive in the ever-evolving rental market, ultimately maximizing booking potential.
  3. Adaptability to evolving industry trends: Embrace adaptability to evolving industry trends with Airbnb virtual tours. It helps to stay ahead of the curve by incorporating new features and technologies that enhance the guest experience and meet changing preferences.

To ensure inclusivity and comfort for all visitors, you need to enhance accessibility for your guests according to their special needs. In the next section, I am going to describe how virtual tours can achieve this benefit.

8. Accessibility with Special Needs

If you want to elevate your hospitality standards with enhanced accessibility, the Airbnb virtual tour is the best option. It helps to showcase your commitment to inclusivity and diversity for guests with special needs. let’s explore more:

  1. Catering to guests with mobility challenges or disabilities: Utilize Airbnb virtual experiences to cater to guests with mobility challenges or disabilities. It offers them the opportunity to explore your properties virtually and ensure that your accommodations meet their specific needs and preferences.
  2. Providing detailed accessibility information before booking: With the best Airbnb virtual tour, provide detailed accessibility information before booking. It guides the guests to make informed decisions and ensures that they have a seamless and enjoyable experience during their stay.
  3. Demonstrating commitment to inclusivity and diversity in hospitality: Showcase your commitment to inclusivity and diversity in hospitality by offering virtual tours through the Airbnb virtual tour. It demonstrates your dedication to providing accessible accommodations for all guests, regardless of their abilities or limitations.

Top 3 Tools to Create Airbnb Virtual Tour

Discover the top 3 tools for creating virtual tours, including WPVR for immersive WordPress-based experiences, EyeSpy360 for professional-grade 360-degree tours, and Matterport for seamless property showcasing.


Airbnb Virtual Tour - WPVR

WPVR stands out as the ideal tool for crafting exceptional Airbnb virtual tours. As the premier Airbnb virtual tour app, WPVR offers exceptional functionality and ease of use. It allows you to create immersive experiences that elevate your listings.

With its intuitive interface and robust features, including customizable 360-degree views and interactive elements, WPVR ensures that you can showcase your properties in the best light possible.

By leveraging WPVR, you can provide guests with the ultimate Airbnb virtual experiences. It enhances their booking potential and sets their listings apart as the best Airbnb virtual tours available.


  • Free Plan: Basic features free on WordPress repo (link)
  • Starter Annual Plan: $79.99 per year for 1 website
  • Pro Annual Plan: $169.99 per year for 10 websites
  • Agency Annual Plan: $269.99 per year for unlimited websites
Airbnb Virtual Tour - WPVR Pricing

2. EyeSpy360

Airbnb Virtual Tour - Eye Spy 360

EyeSpy360 is the go-to tool for crafting Airbnb virtual tours. It ensures seamless experiences, making it the best choice for unforgettable Airbnb experiences.

As a top-notch Airbnb virtual tour app, EyeSpy360 simplifies the process. It also allows you to create captivating tours effortlessly.

With customizable 360-degree views and interactive features, it offers guests immersive experiences they won’t forget. By utilizing EyeSpy360, you can showcase your listings as the best Airbnb virtual tours, attracting more guests and maximizing bookings.

Its user-friendly interface and advanced functionalities make it a must-have for any host like you looking to elevate their Airbnb game.


  • Pay-as-you-go plan: $15 per tour creation for 1 year of hosting, 1 user & 1 brand
  • Monthly Plan: $12.99 per month for unlimited hosting, 3 users & 3 brands
Airbnb Virtual Tour - EyeSpy360 Pricing

3. Matterport

Airbnb Virtual Tour - Matterport

Matterport is a trusted tool for crafting immersive Airbnb virtual tours. It stands out as the best option for elevating guest experiences.

As an Airbnb virtual tour app, Matterport simplifies the process. It enables you to create stunning tours effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, it ensures that your listings are showcased as the best Airbnb virtual tours available.

By utilizing Matterport, you can offer guests unforgettable virtual experiences that highlight every detail of your property. Its seamless integration with Airbnb enhances visibility and attracts more potential guests, ultimately leading to increased bookings and revenue.

With Matterport, you can provide guests with unparalleled virtual experiences that leave a lasting impression.


  • Free Plan: Basic features free forever 1 active space for 2 users
  • Starter Annual Plan: $9.99 per month (billed annually) 5-10 active spaces for 3 users
  • Professional Annual Plan: $55 per month (billed annually) 20-150 active spaces for 10 users
  • Business Annual Plan: $269 per month (billed annually) 100-300 active spaces for 50 users
  • Enterprise Annual Plan: You have to contact for custom pricing
Airbnb Virtual Tour - Matterport pricing


In conclusion, all three tools, WPVR, EyeSpy360, and Matterport, offer valuable features for creating Airbnb virtual tours. WPVR emerges as the optimal choice.

While you can use any of these tools according to your preferences, WPVR stands out as the ultimate solution for crafting the best Airbnb virtual tours.

With its intuitive interface, robust features, and seamless integration with Airbnb, WPVR enables you to showcase their properties in the most captivating and immersive way possible.

You can elevate your listings, attract more guests, and ultimately maximize your rental income. Whether you’re a seasoned host or just starting, WPVR helps you create virtual experiences that truly stand out in the competitive Airbnb market.

** FAQs **

Can I use virtual tours for properties other than residential homes?

  • Yes, virtual tours can be utilized for various properties like commercial spaces, vacation rentals, event venues, and more. It’s a versatile tool for showcasing any space remotely.

Are virtual tours compatible with mobile devices?

  • Yes, most virtual tour platforms are mobile-friendly. It ensures seamless viewing experiences on smartphones and tablets. You can easily explore properties on the go.

How long does it take to create a virtual tour?

  • The time to create a virtual tour varies depending on factors like the size of the property and the complexity of the tour. However, with user-friendly tools like WPVR, you can create immersive tours efficiently.

Can virtual tours be customized to match my branding?

  • Many virtual tour platforms offer customization options. It allows you to incorporate your branding elements such as logos, colors, and fonts. This ensures consistency with your brand identity.

Are virtual tours secure?

  • Yes, virtual tours are secure as they don’t require physical access to the property. Additionally, reputable platforms employ encryption and privacy measures to protect sensitive data and ensure a safe viewing experience for both hosts and guests.

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