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Best WordPress PDF Plugins [2024]

Best WordPress PDF Plugins [2024]

PDFs are beneficial when working with any sort of documents. Whether you are looking to create office documents or creating some study materials such as tutorials and manuals, etc, they look more credible in PDF formats.

While making it easy to read, PDFs keep data from being altered by mistake. PDF files also ensure that the document can be viewed in the same format on different devices.

Now, if you run a WordPress site, there are amazing WordPress PDF plugins that will let people view PDFs on your site, download PDF version of your site or save web forms in PDF formats, or PDF invoices to be sent, etc.

There are ways to edit PDFs in case you do wish to change information. Learn how to edit a PDF. It is a pretty detailed guide that you will find very helpful. You can also use a PDF editor tool to help you out.

In this article, I will be highlighting 10 useful WordPress PDF plugins that can help you to work with PDFs on your WordPress site for viewing, downloading, invoicing, etc.

However, I will divide this article into two parts.

The reason is, even though the free plugins are good, they often have bugs and they lack proper assistance from the support team. A premium plugin will fill in these gaps. However, at the end of the day, you are the one to choose what suits you best.

5 Best Premium WordPress PDF plugins

I usually prefer premium plugins because the developers are more active and offer good support when required. Plus, the premium plugins are always getting extra attention from developers who have a goal of proper customer satisfaction. Now let’s check out a few good premium PDF plugins in WordPress.

1. PDF viewer for WordPress

PDF viewer for WordPress

PDF viewer for WordPress is the most popular PDF plugin in CodeCanyon. It is used to embed PDF documents on your website easily. It has made over 3900+ sales inCodeCanyon and has an average rating of 4.5.

The plugin holds many features including complete navigation panel for visitors (to scroll, zoom in and zoom out). It gives you the options to allow visitors to download the PDF, share the PDF on social media, search options, and many more.

The plugin is easy to use and has a simple user interface to work with.

2. Form Generating PDF

Form Generating PDF

Form Generating PDF is an exclusive plugin that can be integrated with a web form so that it generates a PDF version of that web form. You can set this up to send the detials to you (the admin) and the person who filled out the form.

On CodeCanyon, this plugin sold 290 times and has a rating of 4.6. The plugin is mainly used to automate form fill-out pages. You get to add signatures, edit fonts on the PDF and many more. The plugin is easy to use and the support team is very reliable.

3. Blog to PDF Plugin for WordPress

Blog to PDF Plugin for WordPress

Blog to PDF Plugin for WordPress is a plugin used to generate PDFs of web page contents such as articles or blogs. It allows you to place an action button on a web page, in which visitors can click and download the content in PDF form.

It has only sold about 15 times on CodeCanyon since many don’t know about this plugin yet. However, this plugin is actually well crafted and handy.

You can allow visitors to choose templates, colors and fonts on the PDF generated. It also allows adding WaterMarks on the PDF. It’s a simple plugin that you should try out.

4. Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin

Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin

Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin is a stunning plugin that allows you to turn PDFs into 3D flipbooks on your website. It previews the thumbnails of all pages below the flipbook and allows text search for visitors. It also lets users to allow visitors to download, print or share the PDF.

This plugin was sold over 9,000+ times on CodeCanyon and is yet the leading plugin for the PDF flipbook viewer. The plugin is very convenient with a user-friendly interface.

5. WooCommerce PDF Invoice

WooCommerce PDF Invoice

WooCommerce PDF Invoice is an advanced plugin to help you with your WooCommerce invoice automation. The plugin generates invoices for all orders and attaches a PDF form of the invoice to order confirmation e-mails and also saved on your server.

It has sold over 5,000+ times in CodeCanyon and has a rating of 4.7. The plugin has several other features such as editing fonts and templates of the generated PDF invoice, editing layouts, and contents on the PDF and many more. If you are a WooCommerce store owner, you should consider using this plugin.

Now that we have seen these great Premium plugins, let us look at some of the free plugins which you can get for similar purposes.

6. PDF Generator For WP Pro by WP Swings

PDF Generator For WP Pro

PDF Generator Pro by WP Swings allows you to smoothly combine all the details of a product into one PDF and share it across different channels in just one click. With the PDF generator plugin, you can fully customize your PDFs using the Gutenberg editor including header, footer, and body settings.

The PDF Generator plugin lets you generate PDFs based on user roles. Additionally, you can also fetch emails of your leads and potential customers for marketing and promotions.

Furthermore, you can upload your own custom font file for generated PDFs and it’s also compatible with WordPress multisite.

5 Useful Free WordPress PDF plugins

You will find the free PDF plugins in the WordPress repository. I will point out the 5 that I personally think are good.

1. mPDF Embedder

PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder is the most popular free WordPress PDF plugin out there with over 100,000+ active installations to date. It has an overall rating of 4.6.

It allows you to embed PDFs on your site without any coding. You can upload a PDF file by adding media, and this plugin will turn it into a shortcode which you can use directly on a web page. It will allow users to view the PDF file on your website.

You can get more features if you upgrade to premium such as a download button, full-screen mode track record of views, downloads and many more. You can check its premium version here.

2. Gravity PDF

Gravity PDF

Gravity PDF is a simple plugin that allows you to integrate a web form on your web page. Whenever a person fills out this web form, the plugin generates a digital PDF format. This PDF can then be set up to send to people who filled out the form and to you (the admin).

It currently has over 30,000+ active installations with an overall rating of 4.9. The plugin is pretty good with a clean outcome and users are happy to use it.

The plugin has a few premium extensions and premium templates which you can check out if you are satisfied with the free version.



DK PDF is an exclusive plugin that allows you to embed PDF and Print buttons on a web page which users can click to generate a PDF version of your web page and download or print it whenever needed. You can edit the font, headers and footers on the PDF generated.

This plugin has simple but effective use when you want viewers to be able to keep information from your site. It has around 6,000+ active installations. It holds a rating of 4.7 in the WordPress repository.

This is a completely free plugin. The developers also created a few other useful plugins that you can check out here.

4. WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin

WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin

WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin is a great plugin that allows you to embed PDFs of all sizes in the form of flipbook and thumbnails. Along with several features, it allows the option to go to full-screen mode, download the PDF and convert the PDF into JPEG as well.

Currently, it has a total of about 9,000+ active installations and holds a rating of 3.5. When it started out it had many issues, but the developers did a good job in updating it and turning it into a great plugin.

The Pro version for this plugin will allow users to download a single page out of a complete PDF document, search terms within the PDF and create an archive, to name a few features. You can get more details here.

5. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

5. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips come in handy, in case you own a WooCommerce store. This plugin automatically creates and attaches a PDF form of the invoices to be sent to the order confirmation e-mail to customers.

It is a very popular plugin having over 100,000+ active installations and a 5-star rating. The plugin has no issues at all and the support team is reliable.

The free version comes with one default template, you can download the PDF generated from the dashboard and it can operate with bulk PDF generations. However, you can check out the premium bundle that they offer along with features such as PDFs of refund requests, notes, etc and more templates.


We regularly use PDFs due to most of our professional or educational purposes. These plugins can be beneficial when we wish to relate PDF to WordPress. Hence, try out these plugins. Personally, I find them very useful.

You can also check out a few must-have plugins that will make your website even better.

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