5 Unique Skincare Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Sales Online

5 Unique Skincare Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Sales Online

The online beauty industry is booming with around half of the market’s growth coming from online sales. And, the skincare market is expanding faster than any other sector of the beauty industry.

The skincare market is expected to reach $177 billion by 2025.

However, this market has always been competitive. As a seller in the skincare industry, you must constantly look for new and innovative ideas to connect with your customers, especially when selling online.

In this article, you’ll learn a few innovative skincare marketing ideas to boost your sales and stay ahead of your competition. After reading this article, you’ll be able to

  • Get more interested buyers to your WooCommerce store
  • Reach more potential buyers for your skincare products
  • Use smart ways to increase conversion

And eventually, you’ll generate more revenue

So, let’s get started.

Five Unique Skincare Marketing Ideas To Boost Online Sales $ $ $

The following are unique strategies that can help you stay ahead of your competition in the skincare market and persuade more prospects to purchase your products.

1. The One-Week Campaign Strategy

The “One-week Campaign” strategy is a special tactic where you plan to run a unique discount campaign for a week every month.

For example, next month, in the second week, you could run a special campaign for organic products. So, for people who prefer organic skincare solutions, you may offer them discounts and lucrative bundle offers during this week.

Again, the month after, plan for another campaign, let’s say the “No More Wrinkles” week, where you will give discounts on products that are specialized in reducing wrinkles.

This tactic works really well. It will give you two specific advantages:

  • Your buyers will be curious about what offers you may come up with next month and are more likely to visit your website every month.

    When they visit, many may not find a certain week’s campaign suitable for them, but they may still browse through other products you have and end up purchasing.
  • You have an opportunity to reach out to your buyers with exciting news, thus increasing your brand awareness, and boosting your marketing campaigns.

2. Persuasive Tags On Potential Products

When browsing through your shop, buyers are specific about what they want when it comes to skincare products as it is a sensitive matter.

However, some of these products are easier to sell than others. And you can do that by adding a few persuasive tags to a few products that are more likely to sell with the right push.

Following are some of the ways you can do this.

>> The ‘Stock Ending Soon’ Trigger

When browsing through products, people often tend to be reluctant with products that are a bit more expensive than others, even if they are good.

For example, if someone is looking to purchase an exfoliator for oily skin, let’s say you have the “Dual Action Exfoliator by Lifeline” available in your store.

However, it costs $65, which is $20-$30 more than most common exfoliators.

But this is a product had has proven to be one of the best out there when it comes to exfoliators.

In this case, a small push is required to make them take a decision.

You may add a tag that says “Stock Ending Soon” to this product on the shop page. And genuinely, display that a low number of this product is available (even if you have a lot of it available in reality).

This will make the buyer think quickly. If she is willing to spend a bit more for high quality, then they may decide to take it right away, rather than missing out on it when stock runs out.

>> The “% Off” Tag

Discounts are a common tactic used by online stores, and you too may run discounts on several products occasionally.

However, this can be made more apparent with a discount tag on the product right on the shop page.

Let’s say you are giving a 15% discount on the “Revitalift Face Serum by L’Oreal Paris.”

So all you have to do is add a tag on top of the product stating “15% Off.”

And that’s it. People looking for face serums will notice it and may end up purchasing it due to the discount.

>> Highlight “New” products

Well, maybe you are not offering any discounts yet or don’t have enough data to highlight a best-selling product.

You can still grab buyers’ attention with your new products. This involves leaning on more than just your product packaging design; it’s about a holistic and creative approach to marketing.

Simply add a tag, “New” to them. So when people make a relevant search, or simply browse through your shop, they will notice these products.

This is a great way to get a few instant sales for new products.

You may also consider creating a separate category for new products only, which will let curious buyers browse through the new items. It will even make it easier for you to run discount campaigns for new products.

**Other tactics with Tags such as “Bestselling” or “Most Popular” are quite commonly used, and you too should use them.

3. Sell Skincare Products On Large Online Marketplaces

If you are a start-up or a small-medium business, then promoting your products on online multi-vendor marketplaces is inevitable.

The idea is, that an online marketplace already has a set number of loyal buyers with huge traffic on a daily basis. If you list your WooCommerce products there, then this will surely drive a lot of sales if done right.

Platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook, eBay MIP, etc are extremely popular and almost every WooCommerce store owner should consider promoting there.

However, to list your products on these marketplaces you need to submit your product data in specific formats that are difficult to create manually. However, since it’s a WooCommerce store, you will be glad to know that there is a simpler solution.

You may use the plugin Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce. This plugin makes product listing seamless by letting you generate feed accurately for your desired marketplaces in just a few clicks. And once you have the feed ready, you may submit the feed link in the marketplaces, and your products will be listed there in minutes.

4. Offer Category-Based Discounts

Offering different types of discounts for different categories is a proven tactic that will generate more sales.

Though it is difficult to categorize skincare products even further, it’s actually quite easy. Most people categorize skincare products with skin types, expected output, or the use of the product.

For example, the brand LifeLine has its products distributed in categories that include

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Acne Scarring
  • Elasticity Loss
  • Sun Damage

You can see buyers can easily relate to these categories to meet their needs.

Categorizing based on face type (Sensitive, Dry, Oily, etc) is also very popular.

If you have skincare products from multiple brands in your store, then this is even more effective.

Once you have they categorized, now it’s time to plan discount campaigns for categories when it is most effective.

For example, during summer vacation, products that cure or prevent damage from sunlight will be popular. You may run discount campaigns for these products at that time to attract more buyers to your store during the vacation.

Again, during winter, people with dry skin have a hard time. So any skincare products that help with protection or curing dry skins will be in high demand. Again, this is an opportunity for you to run discounts during the winter to stay ahead of the competition.

5. Make Your Buyers Exciting In Referring To Their Friends

This is a special tactic where you offer a gift to any buyer that refers a friend to purchase your product.

For example, you may provide a 25% discount code to a buyer that she can pass on to a friend. And if her friend purchases a product from your store while using that code, then she will get a $15 discount on the purchase she makes.

referral program for skincare marketing

This can be easily promoted on your landing page, and you may send a referral email to anyone who makes the first purchase, with this offer.

This may not sound that big a tactic, but imagine if you managed to reach someone who has a good number of followers on her social media. One shout-out from her can get you tons of new sales. She will probably benefit quite a lot from it, but you will be able to reach more people in a shorter time.

Wrapping Up

These are only a few unique and effective strategies that you need to consider for skincare marketing online. But you too can look for creative ways to bolster your sales.

Sure, improving your product titles, description copy, and images matter a lot. But people won’t always pay attention to them unless you grab their attention.

A business can’t grow just by relying on prospect needs. You often have to make the buyer want your product over others.

Hence, it’s crucial for you to start using these tactics as soon as possible.

So go ahead and start promoting your skincare products in the best way possible and climb your way up the skincare market competition.

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