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5 Best Virtual Tour Software For Real Estate Agencies In 2024

5 Best Virtual Tour Software For Real Estate Agencies In 2024

Virtual tours are transforming real estate sales, and here’s why you should be paying attention:

According to a recent survey, almost 50% of potential buyers would consider making an offer on a home solely after viewing a virtual tour.

Hence, it’s only logical to start using virtual tours actively if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

But, to create good virtual house tours, you will need to find the right tool that is easy to use and has the right features to make the tours engaging and enjoyable for visitors.

Today, I will discuss some of the best virtual tour software for real estate agencies that you can use to start selling more properties.

Here, I will ensure you understand what features to look for when choosing a real estate virtual tour software. And then, suggest 5 tools that have all these features to help you craft a perfect real estate virtual tour.

So let’s begin.

Key Features To Look For In A Virtual Tour Software For Real Estate

When considering virtual tour software for real estate, there are several key features that you must have to make sure you can create a virtual tour that is appealing to your potential buyers.

These features enhance the visual experience in a virtual tour and encourage prospects to visit the property in person or make an early purchasing decision.

Following are some of the features you should look for when choosing a real estate virtual tour software for your business:

  1. Easy UI To Help Create Virtual Tours Quickly
    You would want a tool that is not too complicated to use so that you can create 360 virtual tours without wasting hours. Since you are always busy, it is ideal to try and save time where possible.
  1. Ability To Support High-Quality Media
    High-quality images and video support are a must necessity of any virtual tour software. You would want a visitor to get a high-resolution experience rather than a blurred or jittery view of the property.
  1. Quality Mobile Responsiveness
    Today, it is an era where most people use mobile phones to look for properties. Hence, you need to be able to deliver a virtual tour that works seamlessly on mobile devices as well.
  1. Engaging Interactive Hotspots
    The VR tool should allow you to connect with the buyer using interactive hotspots, such as tooltips, click-to-view videos, on-hover content, etc., within the tour. This will allow you to highlight the special areas of the tour while communicating directly with your audience.
  1. Customizable Branding
    The real estate virtual tour you create should make it easy for buyers to recognize you. Hence, you need a tool that allows you to showcase your branding within the virtual tours via watermarks, company logo, etc.
  1. Contact Form To Reach Out To You
    Surprisingly, this is rather a rare feature in most virtual tour software. If you can find a tool that allows you to integrate a contact form into the tour, it will help you generate more real estate leads and make it easy for potential buyers to request a call or inquire about information.

Other than these, the more features you get to make the tour more attractive, the better. For example, having a scene gallery, interactive floor map, navigation icons, background music, etc., is great to make the tour more enjoyable.

You will even find tools that have support for VR glasses & custom introductory videos, which can be great for attracting high-value buyers.

5 Best Real Estate Virtual Tour Software In 2024

Now, I am going to describe five of the top virtual tour software for your real estate agency solutions that are revolutionizing the way your present properties are for potential buyers.

1. WP VR – Best Real Estate Virtual Tour Builder For WordPress

WPVR - best virtual tour software for real estate

WP VR is the leading virtual tour creator in WordPress. It has the most simplistic UI that will let you create virtual tours within a few minutes without having any prior knowledge.

All you need to do is upload 360 panoramic images of the property you’re selling, and the tool will help you transform each image into a realistic virtual tour.

It comes with both a free and a pro version. The pricing of this tool is very reasonable, and the best part is you can embed this software even in non-WordPress websites.

This tool comes with everything you need, such as interactive hotspots, branding media placements in the tour, floor plans, scene gallery, etc., to make the virtual tours super engaging.

If you’re looking for a very reasonable way of boosting your real estate sales, WP VR will be one of the best options for you.

Key Features of WPVR

  • Connect multiple scenes to craft a realistic tour
  • Interactive hotspots to offer information and create engagement
  • Scene Gallery to showcase all the rooms and features
  • Custom navigation icons for easy control
  • Gyroscope support for mobile devices
  • Fluent Forms integration to add contact forms or book forms
  • Company branding info customization
  • Embedded virtual floor plans
  • VR Glass Support [Google Cardboard]
  • Introductory Explainer video
  • 360 Video tour creation
  • Google Streetview tour creation
  • WooCommerce integration for virtual showrooms
  • Option to embed a tour on external websites.


  • Free: Available on WordPress Repository with the option to create unlimited tours with limited features.
  • Pro: Starting from $79.99[Annual] to Agency plans $649.99[Lifetime]
virtual tour software for real estate - WPVR Pricing

2. Kuula Virtual Tour Creator

virtual tour software for real estate -  kuula

Kuula is another brilliant real estate virtual tour creator that comes with a simplistic UI. The real estate virtual tour software is aimed at smaller but top real estate agents in the USA who may require minimal features to create an engaging 360 virtual tour.

Apart from generating a 360 virtual environment from a panoramic image, Kuula allows additional customizations such as pan/tilt zoom, focus customization, manual distance adjustments, and a horizon line feature.

You’ll also find options like manual and automatic focus, image stabilization, image panning, seamless image integration, etc., which can be handy if you are capturing the panoramas on your own.

Key Features of Kuula

  • Subscription-based platform to host virtual tours
  • Equirectangular virtual tour
  • Image retouching and restoration
  • Embedding and sharing virtual tours on any website
  • Company branding info customization
  • SSL-certified link generation
  • Interactive hotspots
  • Custom hotspot icons
  • Private tour link generation
  • Password protected tours


  • Pro: Starting from $240[Annually] to Agency plans $432[Annually]
virtual tour software for real estate - Kuula Pricing

3. Matterport – 3D Virtual Tour Service

virtual tour software for real estate - Matterport

Matterport is the most iconic and popular virtual tour software for realtors that has been around for a while.

Unlike most other VR tools, Matterport focuses on helping you craft the most realistic virtual tours out there. The best feature that sets Matterport apart is the 3D walk feature. When you move from one spot to another in the virtual tour, you feel like you are walking toward it.

Having said that, there are complications involved.

First, you have to use their camera, the Matterport Pro2 and use it to capture 360 images. Then you have to use their platform software to customize and host it in your Matterport account. From there, you will find the embed link to place it on your website.

However, they did offer a mobile app as an alternative, which though great, isn’t of much high quality.

With these comes the expense. Matterport is one of the most expensive virtual tour services out there.

If you have a high budget and are selling luxury homes, then this could be a great option.
But for local listings, this could be a bit overboard and will probably result in a lower ROI.

Belangrijkste kenmerken:

  • Pro2 Camera offers high-quality image capture.
  • Easy platform to edit the tour
  • Tags to highlight text and media inside the tour.
  • Professional dollhouse tour service
  • Custom blurring and animation within the tour
  • Publishable to streetview
  • Display dimensions inside the tours


  • Free: You can use the free version with limited features with NO option to embed the tour on your website.
  • Pro: Starting from $119.88 [ Starter Annually] to $3228 [Business annually]
virtual tour software for real estate - Matterport Pricing

4. 3D Vista

virtual tour software for real estate - 3D vista

3D Vista is a downloadable software that comes with options to generate VR tours from Google Streetview or create virtual tours using 360 panoramic images.

But unlike other virtual tour software, you do not need a ready 360 image.

You can simply capture images in the right angles and then stitch them in a 360 panoramic image within 3D Vista. And then, you may turn that into a 360 virtual tour.

If you know how to handle cameras and tripods, then this is a great tool for you. Basically, 3D Vista acts as a DIY virtual tour creator.

Belangrijkste kenmerken:

  • Easy live panorama creation
  • Batch Image uploading
  • 360 Image stitching and sound editing support
  • Live tour with video call support
  • Offline download option
  • 3D Transition Effect
  • Custom Hotspots
  • Floor Plan for real estate
  • Timelapse videos of the same spot with a 360-degree view
  • Icon Library to add inside the virtual tour
  • Customizable Branding


  • Free: This software doesn’t have an option to use for free. But you can use the trial version to learn its features.
  • Pro: The one-time payment is $499 and you get 1 year of free software upgrades.
virtual tour software for real estate - 3D Vista Pricing

5. Klapty

virtual tour software for real estate -  Klapty

Klapty is a drag-and-drop virtual tour creator that lets you add 360-degree images with interactive hotspots.

You don’t need to become a tech expert to use Klapty. Realtors can easily use this tool to showcase a property. Instead of just using boring pictures on your website, you can make an exciting tour that lets people feel as if they’re walking around your place.

The free version of Kalpty lacks customization options. Klapty is made with Real Estate in focus, and considering it’s a free choice, it’s quite good.

Let’s find out its key features,

Belangrijkste kenmerken:

  • Clickable Floor plans in Virtual Tour
  • Customizable hotspots to show specific features or move between scenes
  • Create and share virtual tours
  • Embed virtual tours on your website
  • Post virtual tours on social media
  • Blurring Tool
  • VR Headset compatibility
  • Password protection for private virtual tours
  • Nadir logo enable/disable
  • 2D photo gallery


Free: You can use a 15-day free trial for Klapty
Pro: Starting from $108.8[Annually] to $478.8[Annually]

virtual tour software for real estate - Klapty Pricing


Virtual tours are really important in the real estate world. It helps real estate people show properties in a cool and interactive way.

Instead of just looking at pictures, your potential buyers can explore the whole place, like they’re actually there. This helps them make better decisions about buying.

Check out this guide on How To Create A Real Estate Virtual Tour To Increase Conversion

The tools we talked about here will be very useful. These tools make it easier for you real estate folks to show off properties and make customers excited about what they’re offering.

So check out these tools and make your website more attractive.

** FAQs **

Is there a trial or demo version of WPVR available?

  • Yes, WPVR offers a free version for trial. You can explore basic features and functionalities with the WPVR free plugin in WordPress Repo. You can upgrade later to unlock your full potential based on your needs.

Can Kuula virtual tours be customized with branding?

  • Yes, Kuula allows branding customization, including logos and company information. It ensures brand consistency across tours.

Are Matterport Tours compatible with Google Streetview?

  • Yes, Matterport tours can be published on Google Streetview, It expands visibility and marketing opportunities for properties.

Does Klapty support password protection for tours?

  • Yes, Klapty offers password protection for tours. It ensures privacy and exclusivity for specific audiences.

How does 3D Vista handle image stitching for tours?

  • 3D Vista provides easy panorama creation, seamlessly stitching images for 360 tours. It simplifies the tour creation process.

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