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Generate WooCommerce Product Feed Optimized For Effective Promotion [2024]

Generate WooCommerce Product Feed Optimized For Effective Promotion [2024]

Your WooCommerce store conversion can significantly increase by promoting on renounced merchant platforms such as Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamics, eBay, Amazon, etc.

Product Feed Manager (PFM) for WooCommerce is here to help you generate a product feed for all the products on your WooCommerce store with just a few clicks and without any hassle.

WPFM allows you to generate flawless WooCommerce product feed in the correct format for your desired merchant shop. All you need to do is select the merchant type, assign the correct attribute values and generate the product feed.

Then simply download the feed file and upload it on your desired merchant platform.

New And Improved Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce 

Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce already has set templates for 13 major merchant shops for free.

It also has and many useful features including Category Mapping, Advanced Filter options (category, tag, custom) and Auto-Sync With Google Merchant Shop, in the free version.

Upgrading to pro allows you to generate unlimited product feed.

However, we have introduced a few more impressive features that will help you to generate product feed more efficiently and without any hassle.

Let us look at the new features of Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce.

1. Generate Large Volume of Product Feed Without Issues

It is always a great concern about efficiency when you are generating product feed for a large number of products.

There are many tools that often get overloaded and fail to generate feed properly. They either stop after generating a few thousand product feeds or simply crash. Also, some tools will claim that the product feed is generated in full, but if you check the feed, you will find that several data are missing. 

Unlike most other such plugins, Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce generates feed using batch processing.

Which means, there is no chance of getting overloaded. Whether you have 50 products or 50,000 products or more, it does not matter; the plugin will successfully generate product feed and without any flaws.

2. Custom Fields for identifiers (Pro) 

Some products have assigned GTIN, MPN, UPC or other forms of such product identifiers.

In order to promote products on Google Shopping, you need to provide at least one of these identifiers, if you wish to disclose the brand name of your product.

As you know, WooCommerce doesn’t provide such fields by default. So your options would be to use custom fields, add attributes manually to the feed, or use some other plugin to add these fields.

But now, you will not need to do any extra work. Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce now helps you to get these fields.

Add custom fields

You simply need to input the correct data and generate the product feed. 

For a single product, these fields could be added manually using WooCommerce custom fields, but what about variable products?

Just to let you know, identifiers are unique for every variation of a product under the same brand. WooCommerce only allows custom fields to be added for the parent product, not the variations.

Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce gives you the solution to this. The custom fields you get with our plugin will add the identifier fields within each variation for variable products.

Custom fields for variable products

This saves you from any complications.

You don’t need to use any extra plugins or get expert assistance to add the custom fields. Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce will help you add these fields without any extra effort.

Enabling custom identifier fields:
If you have activated the license for Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce Pro, then you should be able to enable or disable custom identifier fields from the dashboard.

Go to Dashboard > product feed > Settings. On the top, go to the tab called Controls.


Once you go there, you will get the option to enable or disable custom identifier fields.

Enable identifiers

It’s as simple as that.

3. Custom Fields for extra attributes (Pro)

Some attributes are very important for prospects to take decisions but WooCommerce doesn’t have fields for that. For example, age group, size, material, etc.

Also, if you have apparel products, to promote them on Google Shopping, it is mandatory to provide extra data which includes size, pattern, material, age group and gender, for which each product is suitable.

You can add the custom fields for these attributes through Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce.

For Single Product:

Single product Custom Attribute added

For Variable Products:

Variable product Custom Attribute added

Due to this, you can easily assign these attributes and use them for generating product feed.

Enabling custom attribute fields:
If you have activated the license for Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce Pro, then you should be able to enable or disable custom attribute fields from the dashboard.

Go to Dashboard > product feed > Settings. On the top, go to the tab called Controls.


Once you go there, you will get the option to enable or disable custom attribute fields.

Enable custom attribute fields

So, once you have these fields, there will be no more chance of missing information when uploading products to other merchant shops.

4. eBay MIP Feed Generation 

Feed formats are crucial when uploading on other platforms. However, some platforms have different feed formats. eBay MIP is one of them.

You can generate product feed for eBay MIP in the correct format using Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce.

Most merchant shops accept feed format similar to what Google accepts. But eBay MIP requires a completely unique feed format.

Here’s a glance at the differences:

Compare Google and eBay feed format

Well, using WooCommerce Product Feed Manager, you will get the feed format required by eBay MIP without any errors.

So maybe it’s time you promote on eBay MIP as well.

5. More amazing merchant shop feed templates 

The improved WooCommerce Product Feed Manager also supports with 8 more major merchant shops.

As you know, different merchant shops have different feed formats, it is difficult to read and apply their instructions, and create product feed manually.

You don’t need to. We have done that for you. Now, you will be able to generate product feed for over 20 merchant shops.

Apart from these 13 merchant shops in the free plugin,

Once you upgrade to Pro, you will also be able to generate product feed for the following:

All these merchant platforms are very popular and if you operate internationally, you can benefit from promoting on whichever ones you want.

Additionally, there are tons of new merchants added in the free version. You can check them out here: All supported marketplaces.

Enabling more merchant feed formats:
To activate extra merchant product feed formats, go to
Dashboard > product feed > Settings. On the top, go to the tab called Merchants.

Merchants Tab

Once you go there, you will get the option to enable or disable feed generation for any supported merchant shop.

All Supported Merchants

Here, enable the ones you wish to promote on, and then go ahead and generate product feed to upload on those platforms.

Upcoming features 

We are working on adding more and more features so that you can generate feed more easily and have a tool that is value for the money.

>>More Merchant Types – We are working on more major merchant types such as Rakuten, Heureka, Pricespy, Yandex, Catch, Alibaba and many more. If you operate internationally, more merchant types are always a plus. And for WooCommerce stores in locations of some of the origin of these merchant sites, can leverage the fast feed generation.

>>Amazon Auto-Sync – Amazon is a large platform. We are trying to connect with Amazon and set up an auto-sync feature for Amazon. This will surely save a lot of time and effort.

>>E-mail product feed – You will be able to send the generated feed via e-mail to anyone you want. If you have someone else handling a certain merchant account for you, you can simply generate product feed, and e-mail it to him. This feature is on the process of creation.

There are so many more upcoming features waiting down the line to be developed.

Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce is a stable and powerful tool that you can get benefit from.

WPFM click

Get Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce now to take advantage of all its features and generate product feed at ease.

Save your time and effort and promote your products globally without hassle.

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