Adjust Settings For Maximum Results

Once you have set up your email campaigns, you have to adjust the plugin settings according to your requirements.

Go to Dashboard > Cart Lift and click on the Settings tab to view the settings.

Cart Lift Settings

Under the Settings Tab, you can see three more tabs: General, Email & SMTP

Let us configure the settings properly through 3 steps.

  • Step 1 – Set Up the General Settings
  • Step 2 – Adjust Email settings
  • Step 3 – Integrate SMTP (if required)

So let’s get started.

Step 1 – Set Up the General Settings #

General Settings

Under the General tab you will get the following options:

  • Enable Abandon Cart Tracking
  • Notify Admin For Abandon Cart
  • Notify Admin For Recovered Cart
  • Enable Cart Lift SMTP For This Site
  • Enable External Webhook
  • Cart Expiration Time
  • Cart Abandoned Cut-Off Time

i. Enable Abandon Cart Tracking #

Turn this option on and he plugin will start tracking abandon carts on your store automatically.

You can view all the abandoned carts on the Carts tab in the plugin.

ii. Notify Admin For Abandon Cart #

Turn this on to get notified every time  a person abandons the cart.

iii. Notify Admin For Recovered Cart #

Get notified every time an abandoned cart customer returns to complete the purchase.

iv. Enable Cart Lift SMTP For This Site #

If you have set up SMTP in the plugin and wish to use that instead of your site’s default SMTP (if any), then enable this option.

v. Enable External Webhook #

If you wish to use an external Webhooks for your emails, other than the ones provided within Cart Lift, then enable this option.

External Webhook

Once you turn it on, it will ask you to insert the Webhook URL.

You will be able to test it out by clicking on the ‘Test’ button.

vi. Cart Expiration Time #

Assign the number of days as cart expiry so that after that time, the cart will no longer be held for the customers and will be removed from the Carts list in the plugin.

vii. Cart Abandoned Cut-Off Time #

After a customer will abandon the cart, the cut-off time is the time until the plugin will wait to initiate the recovery campaign.

Once you are done with these settings, time to move on the Email Settings.

Step 2 – Adjust Email Settings #

email settings

Once you are done with the general settings, click on the Email tab.

Here you will have to set up certain essentials for sendings as explained below:

i. “From” Name #

Decide the sender’s display name here. By default, it is set as ‘Admin’. You can change it to your name or company name.

ii. “From” Address #

Assign the email address to send the email from.

iii. “Reply To” Address #

If a recipient want’s to reply, the address to reply to will be this email.

Next, if you want to use an SMTP, you can add it through Cart Lift. Let us see how you can do that.

Step 3 – Integrate SMTP (if required) #

If you do not have an SMTP for set up on your website already, then you can set up an SMTP through Cart Lift to be able to send e-mails from your email service.

Click on the SMTP tab.

SMTP Settings

Here you will see there are 3 sections:

  • From – to connect your email service
  • SMTP – to integrate SMTP
  • Security – to specify the level of SMTP security

Here’s how you integrate SMTP.

i. Connect your email service #

Under the From section, you will need to provide the following data:

Connect email

User Name #

This will be the username of the email service you use.

Password #

This will be the password of the email service you use.

From #

Assign an email address from your email service from which the emails will be sent.

From Name #

Set the name to be displayed when an email is sent.

ii. Integrate SMTP #

Under the SMTP section, you need to provide the following two data:

Adjust Settings For Maximum Results 1

SMTP Host #

Input the Host Id/ Name of the SMTP for your email service.

SMTP Port #

Input the SMTP port number / name.

iii. Indicate the Security Level #

Under the Security section, choose the appropriate security protocols.

Adjust Settings For Maximum Results 2

Security #

Choose the Protocol as SSL or TLS.

**Make sure it matches the settings of your SMTP email service.

Authentication #

Choose ‘Yes’ if authentication is required and ‘No’ if it’s not required.

iv. Save, Authenticate and Tex #

Once you have provided the necessary data, click on the Save Changes button below.

Adjust Settings For Maximum Results 3

If you selected Authentication as ‘Yes’. then it will ask you to authenticate the SMTP.

Next, you can test if it was connected properly by sending a test email.

On the bottom right corner, input the email address and click on the ‘Send A Test E-mail’ button.

If the SMTP was set up properly, an email will be successfully sent to your email address. If not, then then you will get an error message.

Now your settings are all configured and your campaign is activated. So the next thing to do is to monitor your abandoned cart and recovery campaign analytics to decide whether to improve the email copies or not.