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7 Top Marketplaces In USA To Sell WooCommerce Products Online

7 Top Marketplaces In USA To Sell WooCommerce Products Online

If you own a WooCommerce store in the USA, then you probably already know how difficult it is to make the store more popular. And one of the best ways to sustain is to promote your products in large online marketplaces.

You too can enjoy growth in your revenue by taking advantage of the huge potential buyers that regularly purchase from popular online marketplaces.

Today, we have listed the top marketplaces in the USA where you can promote your WooCommerce products and increase your sales significantly. These are marketplaces that have proven to be vital in helping small eCommerce sites grow fast.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will clearly know where to promote your WooCommerce products for the best results.

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7 Top Marketplaces In USA To Promote WooCommerce Products Easily

Following are 7 global online marketplaces where you can promote your products and expect to get great results real quickly.

First, let’s see how many visits these marketplaces get per month.

Sl No.MarketplacesUSA visits/month
Data sources

1. Amazon

Amazon - one of the top marketplaces in USA
Amazon Marketplace USA

From a seller’s perspective, Amazon is a smart way to get international market reach. Even on the Standard listings, you can expect a large number of sales.

In 2023, the net sales of Amazon were close to 574.78 U.S. dollars!

Plus, Amazon comes with great assistive approaches such as handling its shipping, offering Fulfillment by Amazon, and initiating a strict fraud protection system.

This means your store viewers won’t be able to sell ripped-off products at a ridiculous price – products have to be real and sellers should pass the Amazon background check.

But one of the best advantages you get from a marketing perspective is Amazon has tons of Affiliate promoters. Bloggers, eCommerce sites, and several Ad Firms regularly promote products from Amazon as affiliates to get some commission.

According to DigitalGYDAmazon Associates has the highest market share of affiliate networks at 44.68%, with over 90,777 companies currently using the program.

Let’s go through some data insights that will help you to choose the right platform :

Generic Traffic Report Of Amazon (2024)

Amazon 3 month traffic report.
Traffic Report of Amazon Marketplace USA
Source: https://www.similarweb.com/website/amazon.com/#traffic

This large number indicates that your products are most likely to get sold but yes, you have to pay more fees.

The top categories and topics that rank high on Amazon

Top categories of amazon

Social Traffic of Amazon

7 Top Marketplaces In USA To Sell WooCommerce Products Online 1

Suggestion You Need To Take To Sell via Amazon

As you saw the most-selling categories are video game consoles, accessories, Programming, and developer software, Computers, electronics, and mostly technological staff.

So if your niche is relatable to these categories, You can go for Amazon.

In the social traffic of the Amazon section, you can see that most traffic is on YouTube, which means you need to add affiliate marketing to your marketing strategy to achieve success.

2. eBay

eBay marketplace
eBay Marketplace USA

Suppose you have a jewelry business and you are searching for a marketplace to sell jewelry online, in that case, eBay is the best option to show your products to the maximum number of people.

Apart from high traffic, one special aspect of eBay is its auction.

You can list products for auction on eBay with a minimum price so that buyers can bid and you get to earn the highest amount possible on your products.

Plus, their Promoted Listings can display your products to the right audience, much better than most other marketplaces, making it a good value for money.

And like Amazon, eBay is also considered by most sellers that want to sell internationally.

Let’s get more data insights into eBay :

Generic Traffic Report Of eBay (2024)

ebay 3 month traffic report
Traffic Report of eBay Marketplace USA
Source: https://www.similarweb.com/website/ebay.com/#traffic

The Top Categories And Topics That Rank High On eBay

7 Top Marketplaces In USA To Sell WooCommerce Products Online 2

Social Traffic On eBay

Social media traffic report of eBay

Suggestion To Sell via eBay

As you can see the audience’s highest interest is educational. If your niche is relatable to it you can go for eBay.

You can also consider selling on eBay MIP which increases your business success to a great extent.

For those inspired by eBay’s success and looking to venture into the e-commerce space, understanding how to create an online marketplace like eBay from scratch could be the next big step in realizing your business dreams.

3. Walmart

Walmart marketplace
Walmart Marketplace USA

Walmart’s eCommerce business in USA is streamlining faster every year and last year, their net sales went over 642.64 billion.

Walmart makes it super easy for buyers to choose and get products delivered. They offer 2-day free shipping which helps to drive more conversion.

Plus, since Walmart has at least one store in every community, almost every knows the company and trusts them with its website products. And they do make sure to take necessary measures to ensure that the products sold in their marketplace are of high quality.

You will need a pre-approval to be able to list your products on Walmart. You must have fast fulfillment capabilities, a diverse range of products, and competitive selling prices. So not all WooCommerce stores can qualify to list their products on Walmart.

Another reason the Walmart Marketplace is famous is its fast and reliable customer support. So your potential buyers will not doubt you and will remain loyal to Walmart, ensuring more sales for a while.

Having your products listed on such a reliable marketplace is always an advantage in terms of sales.

Generic Traffic Report Of Walmart

Walmart 2024 traffic report
Traffic report of Walmart
Source: https://www.similarweb.com/website/walmart.com/#traffic

The Top Categories And Topics That Rank High On Walmart

Walmart most search categories

The Social Traffic Data On Walmart

Social media traffic of Walmart

Suggestion To Sell via Walmart

Suggestion To Sell via Walmart As you can see Walmart’s audience’s highest interest is in video game consoles and accessories. if your niche is relatable to it, you can choose Walmart as our online marketplace.

4. Target Plus

Target Plus
Target Plus – One of the best premium US marketplaces

Target Plus is a third-party seller platform run by the American retail company, Target.

And they are among the top marketplaces that deliver only in the US states.

One specialty of Target is its focus on product promotion based on current trends. They have people who handle the changes so that buyers always get products that are related to a recent trend, season, occasion, or even location of the buyers.

This increases the chances of conversion and if you have trending products, you too will get the exposure.

Another advantage of Target Plus is its large pool of local buyers. Certain buyers are so satisfied with its quality delivery that they always consider Target Plus first, before going to other online shops.

Generic Traffic Report of Target Plus (2024)

Target 3 month traffic report
Source: https://www.similarweb.com/website/target.com/#traffic

The Top Categories And Topics That Rank High On Target

Top search category of target plus

The Social Traffic Data On Target Plus

social media traffic of target plus

Suggestion to Sell via Target Plus

As you can see the target Audience’s interests are mostly in Banking credit and finance. If your niche is relatable to that you can choose Target Plus.

5. Wayfair

Wayfair household products
Wayfair online marketplace

Wayfair has recently become one of the top online marketplaces for household goods in the U.S.A.

Generic Traffic Report Of Wayfair

3 month traffic of Wayfair
Source: https://www.similarweb.com/website/wayfair.com/#traffic

The Top Categories And Topics That Rank High On Wayfair

Target audience of Wayfair

The Social Traffic Data On Wayfair

Social media traffic wayfair

Suggestions To Sell via Wayfair

If you supply or sell household goods, then Wayfair is one of the best places to rely on due to the relevant potential buyers, and the low-cost promotion modules.

Their detailed analytics provide you with quality customer demand data that may help you make decisions on re-stocking or stocking new products.

Plus, if you are a retailer and your products sell well, they may even offer to purchase your products and sell themselves as a supplier.

6. Overstock

Overstock USA

Overstock is well-trusted by its buyers when it comes to quality home decor at an affordable price. The website is serious about user experience and makes sure to remove any listed product that buyers report to be faulty, it even has records of banning sellers for false promotion.

Meanwhile, it has tons of loyal buyers who are solely interested in home decor products. So if you are part of that industry, then this site can be more beneficial than even Amazon or eBay.

Overstock is a brilliant marketplace to promote home decor products having a wide variety of options for its users. This means that if you sell products that fall under the ‘Home Decor’ category, then Overstock can help you get more sales.

Generic Traffic Report Of Overstock (2024)

Overstock 3 month traffic report
Source: https://www.similarweb.com/website/overstock.com/#traffic

The Top Categories And Topics That Rank High On Overstock

Top search category of Overstock

The Social Traffic Data On Overstock

Social traffic of overstock

Suggestions To Sell via Overstock

Overstock is a brilliant marketplace to promote home decor products having a wide variety of options for its users.

This means that if you sell products that fall under the ‘Home Decor’ category, then Overstock can help you get more sales.

7. Bonanza

the Bonanza marketplace
Bonanza marketplace

Bonanza is one of the best online US marketplaces that most sellers often call an alternative to eBay.

It is well-known for quality clothing products. However, to sellers, the Bonanza marketplace is rather popular due to generating more sales real quickly.

There is a reason why Bonanza is called an alternative to eBay. It’s due to higher odds of selling. Compared to eBay, Bonanza has a 1300: 1 buyer-to-seller ratio (whereas on eBay, it’s 10: 1).

One of the main reasons for this higher ratio is that Bonanza only accepts sellers based out of the USA and have a physical location. So, this is not your typical online marketplace. Bonanza wants to make sure both its buyers and sellers are happy, so, it is strict about listing products from local suppliers only, and likewise, it is strict about selling to local buyers only.

Generic Traffic Report Of Bonanza (2024)

Bonanza 2024 recent traffic report
Source: https://www.similarweb.com/website/bonanza.com/#traffic

The Top Categories And Topics That Rank High On Bonanza

Top search categories of Bonanza

The Social Traffic Data On Bonanza

Social media traffic of bonanza

Suggestion To Sell via Bonanza

As you can see, the audience’s interest in this site is firstly computers and electronics. Secondly, fashion and apparel. If your niche is relatable to these, you can choose Bonanza as your online marketplace.

How To List WooCommerce Products On Large Marketplaces

Now, you know where to promote your WooCommerce products. But the question is, will you list them manually?

The answer is no. Since you use WooCommerce, you have the advantage of using its Addons.

To generate an accurate product feed for most online marketplaces, you will find a reliable plugin called Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce (PFM).

This plugin has pre-built templates for product feed so that you can generate the feed and list your products on your desired USA marketplace real quickly.


As you saw in the statistics above, these marketplaces have a huge audience and can generate more sales in no time. Plus, each of them has its specialty, which you can take advantage of. You can also visit UK online marketplaces to get an idea of other countries in terms of selling WooCommerce products.

So go ahead and choose the marketplaces that best suit you and start getting more sales!

Generate flawless product feed for your favorite USA marketplaces and start generating more sales in your WooCommerce store easily.

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