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Complete Guide To Increase Your eCommerce Sales With Pricespy [2024]

Complete Guide To Increase Your eCommerce Sales With Pricespy [2024]

Running an eCommerce business may seem hectic, but today, eCommerce is the most booming industry out there.

According to a global report, the eCommerce industry has seen over $3.5 trillion worth of sales in 2019 globally and is expected to grow over $4.1 trillion by the end of 2020.

Retail Worldwide eCommerce Revenue
Pricespy Data compiled within The Global Ecommerce Playbook

As per EcommerceWiki, Europe alone saw over 620 billion euros revenue in the eCommerce industry in 2019 and there is no telling how much more it will increase this year.

Now, despite generating so much revenue, it was seen that most consumers actually go online to compare the prices of products. And 87% of these consumers end up making online purchases sooner or later.

In the UK, 54% of all consumers go online to compare prices through several price comparison sites such as Pricespy, Pricerunner, Pricechecker, etc.

Thus it is ideal for any online store to list its products on popular price comparison sites.

Pricespy is currently the most popular price comparison site in Europe. This means, if you run an online store and deliver products in major countries in Europe, then you must list your products on Pricespy to increase sales. Before you can leverage marketplace like Pricespy, it’s important to build eCommerce website that is optimized for user experience and conversion.

Today we will look at how you can increase your eCommerce sales with the help of Pricespy.

By the end of this guide, you will learn

  • Why Pricespy is the ideal site to list your products
  • How to list your products on Pricespy accurately
  • Actionable tips and examples to help you achieve success

Tauchen wir also ein.

Why You Should List Your Products On Pricespy?

Pricespy is currently the most trusted price comparison site around Europe with over 14 million regular users.

Let us look at the reasons why Pricespy is ideal for you to list your products.

1. Genuine Intent To Increase Sales

If you are an online store owner, Pricespy aims to help you increase sales.

  • When you list your products, they will be sorted in various categories.
  • When a consumer will search for a product, they will get a list of the best deals for that particular product.
  • If you are offering a good price and an overall good deal compared to others, your product will appear among the suggestions that the visitors will see.
  • Let’s say the consumer chooses your product. Click on it will redirect the consumer to the product page on your site, where he/she can complete the purchase.

Now, this sounds similar to most other such sites, however, Pricespy has a few perks that outweigh others.

i. Displays Honest Deals

Why List Products here

Other listing sites such as Google Shopping or Facebook Ads have packages where paying higher can increase views.

Pricespy has no such policy.

When a consumer searches for a product, he/she will get a genuine list of the best deals for that product from the lowest price to the highest.

So if you are offering a good deal, you will surely make money.

ii. Offers Price Prediction Graphs

Pricespy offers a unique service to consumers with a Price Prediction Graph. They have an artificial intelligence tool of their own called USP, which compares price changes in the past and the current market, and predicts what a product price might change into.

This can be used by consumers to decide when to purchase a product, and at the same time, it can be used by sellers to decide when to release good discount deals.

For example, if you see that the price of a product will fall next month, you can decide to give a discount offer beforehand to increase your sales as much as possible, prior to the fall in the market price.

In this way, even if a consumer sees that the price will fall later, your discount might tempt them to make an immediate purchase.**If the market price falls later, your current production cost will make it difficult to get a good profit at that time. So selling more of your products earlier will be more beneficial for your shop.

iii. Affordable Collaboration

Along with the above advantages you get, the cost of posting in Pricespy is absolutely nothing. They have a fair Cost Per Click (CPC) payment policy depending on the click volume. So if you are not getting results here, you will not have to pay.

They do have a paid feature, ‘Featured Shop’, however, it’s not what it sounds like. You might think a featured shop will probably be highlighted uniquely or will be displayed at the top of the list. But that’s not the case here.

In Pricespy, it will allow you to display your logo in the listing results rather than the name only, it will allow you to add a biography, and it will also add a ‘Cheapest on PriceSpy’ tag if your deal is actually cheapest for a certain product.

Apart from that, it gives you an analytics board to keep track of your product performance and changes the fees into a fixed Cost Per Click amount regardless of the click volume. These are the two features why most people actually sign up for the featured shop.

Your advantage here is that others cannot get too many special preferences just by paying extra. If you are offering good deals, you will get the value you deserve on the listing.

2. Huge Reach

Pricespy currently operates in 7 different European regions with their respective local domains (in local languages).

UK & Irelandhttps://pricespy.co.uk/

It was originated in Sweden as Prisjakt and has expanded to the above regions, while already gaining people’s favors locally and globally. Most English-speaking people in any of these regions prefer using Pricespy UK rather than using the local sites.

However, that’s not where it ends. Pricespy UK is also used by people overseas who wish to order products from the UK. The site has regular users from the USA, Australia, India, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and many other countries.

So, if you sell products globally, this site is a sure way to reach ideal prospects.

3. High Regular Traffic

High Regular Traffic

There is a reason why Pricespy decided to have local sites for the above-mentioned regions. It’s due to the huge traffic the site gets on a regular basis.

Being the #1 price comparison site, Pricespy gets tons of regular visitors every day and results in tons of sales.

Here’s a chart (compiled using Ahref and Alexa) that will give you an idea of the number of visitors Pricespy gets in each of their regions:

LandAhref Traffic AnalysisAlexa Rank & Stats
UK & IrelandGlobal: 131,914 /month
Local: 839982 /month
Rank: #54,920
1:22 Daily Time on Site
NeuseelandGlobal: 251,216 /month
Local: 251,216 /month
Rank: #82,216
2:04 Daily Time on Site
SchwedenGlobal: 2,807,643 /month
Local: 2,807,643 /month
Rank: #14,723
1:48 Daily Time on Site
NorwegenGlobal: 835,560 /month
Local: 830,664 /month
Rank: #31,802
1:25 Daily Time on Site
FinnlandGlobal: 80,406 /month
Local: 279,935 /month
Rank: #243,912
0:51 Daily Time on Site
DänemarkGlobal: 14,191 /month
Local: 14,069 /month
Rank: #601,266
1:42 Daily Time on Site
FrankreichGlobal: 636,256 /month
Local: 627,249 /month
Rank: #98,963
2:04 Daily Time on Site

**Daily time on site means the average time spent by every visitor per day.

As you can see, each of these sites has a high number of monthly visitors. This is definitely a plus sign for you if you list your products on these sites.

Also, notice that visitors to all of these sites spend more than 1 minute (on average) daily. This is considered highly engaging.

Any site with a daily time above 45secs is considered a quality and well-preferred site.

All these are proof that people regularly buy products through the help of this website which obviously is earning revenue for many online stores.

4. Trusted Overseas

Here’s another great advantage of listing your products on Pricespy. Other than huge local visitors, Pricespy is also used by people overseas, who wish to order products from the UK.

Here are stats of the number of visitors Pricespy gets from a few overseas countries.

LandTraffic Volume
USA63,828 /month
Australien2,019 /month
Indien1,036 /month
Kanada886 /month
Deutschland854 /month
Italien588 /month
Niederlande502 /month

This is really promising for any online store that delivers globally. Hence you have an opportunity to expand.

5. Engaging Mobile App

Pricespy Mobile App

Pricespy launched its own mobile app which helped increase its usage even further.

Currently, the app is regularly used by over 1 million android users and tons of apple users as well.

You may download them here:

The app comes in 7 different languages:

  • English
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Norwegian
  • Bokmål
  • Swedish

This is a great advantage because more than half the online consumers prefer using mobile apps to make purchases. Hence, this will increase the possibility of you getting more sales.

Now that you know all the advantages you can get just by listing your products in Pricespy, let us look at how you can start listing your products here.

How To List Your Products On Pricespy Accurately

First of all, keep in mind, Pricespy will not list any non-branded products. So, for any products you submit here, you must submit a brand name. For in-house products, they too need to have a brand name, possibly under your company name.

Now, in order to list your products on Pricespy, you will need the following.

Signing Up As A Retailer On Pricespy

Signing up is completely free. The idea is to make sure that even very small shops can benefit from the site along with large stores.

However, there is certain set of requirements that needs to be met. In this guide, I will elaborate on how you can get registered on Pricespy UK.

It’s a simple process. You just need to fill out a form. Here’s the link to register on Pricespy UK:

Now, to get registered on their UK platform you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must sell at least one product within the categories of PriceSpy.
  • The website must be in English (language).
  • Products prices on your site must be in GBP (currency).
  • You must be able to take online orders via your website (or email).
  • The company policy should comply with all laws and regulations; nothing illegal is allowed.
  • You must submit your Company number or VAT number to Pricespy
  • You need to comply with UK Government policy on online selling and state the VAT number on your site.

After you register, if your shop is a British legal entity, then it will be listed with a UK flag next to its name.

And, if you own a non-EU company, then you must either be VAT registered in the EU countries where your wish to sell your products or be registered via the EU-service “VAT Mini One Stop Shop” (VAT MOSS). See details on Non-Union VAT MOSS here.

Here’s a copy of the Registration form:

Pricespy registration form

Simply fill out the form with all the required details.

The field ‘URL to product feed is where you can put the link to the price list you create for your products. If you don’t have that ready yet, you can leave it blank for now.

The shop category is important. Pricespy lets you choose from the following shop categories:

  • Various
  • Audio & Video
  • Beauty & Health
  • Camera & Photo
  • Computers & Accessories
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Gamer Zone
  • Games & Consoles
  • Home & Garden
  • Phones & GPS
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • White Goods & Household Appliances

If you sell products from different niches in one shop, then you can choose ‘Various’. However, if you sell products within a single niche, then it’s best to choose one of the other categories.

This is because consumers have the option to get notifications and updates on Shopping categories. Choosing ‘Various’ reduces your shop’s visibility in any individual category.

Once you register, your application will be reviewed and you will get a confirmation e-mail with instructions for using Pricespy.

After that, the next step is to submit the Price List of your products.

How To Generate And Upload Accurate Product Price List On Pricespy?

List Products on Pricespy with Accurate Price List

When you create your product price list, you will need to include a few specific data.

Let us look into what data you must include on your price list and I will give you examples for each data so that you know the most optimized way to generate it.

Pricespy accepts either a Text format with tab delimiters or an XML format, although they prefer you to submit the Text format.

*I will provide you with a sample feed template to understand how the data should be submitted for your products

Now, Pricespy requires the following attribute values for each of your products to be included in the price list:

Mandatory Attributes

  • Product ID / Article Number
  • Product Name
  • Produkt-Kategorie
  • Produkt-URL
  • Product Price
  • Condition / Product Format
  • Availability
  • Brand / Manufacturer

Recommended (but optional) Attributes

  • Product Image links
  • MPN / Manufacturer SKU
  • EAN-13 / GTIN-13
  • Shipping Fees
  • Total Price
  • Produktbeschreibung
  • Stock Status
  • Colour or pattern
  • Gender and audience
  • Größe des Produkts
  • Multi-pack or bundle

Now, you must include all the data listed under the Mandatory Attributes. The recommended attributes are strongly advised to use for better results in the listings.

Below is a more detailed explanation with examples of how each of these attributes should be assigned on your Pricespy price list for the maximum output.

After learning about the attributes in detail, you will get a sample of a Pricespy price list to get a clear idea.

Now, let’s get into the details to understand what values you should assign to each attribute.

Product Attributes Explained

For each of the attributes, Pricespy has its own set of instructions that you need to follow.

Here I will give you examples and tips on how to make sure the data is not rejected and are optimized for better results.


AttributProduct ID or Article Number
**Here you can either submit Product ID or Article Number

This is a unique value for each product, to identify it in your store. It is limited to 36 characters.

For this, you can either use the value of the Product ID or the SKU of the product in your store.

**SKU is also unique for each product and can be used for the same purpose.

Product Name

AttributProduct name
BeispielRFL White Electronic Blender

It is the name of the product to be displayed. When you set the product title, make sure it includes the product tile, along with the model name/number.

Also, specify any special feature such as its color, material, model year, etc on the title if possible, especially for variations of the certain product.

If there is a separate brand name that people may recognize your product by, that is different from the manufacturer name you submitted, then you must include the brand name in the Product name.

For example, if you submit the Manufacturer as Today Electronics, but the brand name of the product is RFL, then include RFL in the product name (as shown in the example in the table).

Certain products may have different pack sizes (such as perfume, shampoo, and food). In this case, you need to specify the volume or weight in the product name.

If it is bundled or multiple packs of products, this should also be stated in the product name.

These tips are important to follow to get better chances of being relevant to a user’s search term, thus more chance of being listed when searched for.


BeispielKitchen Appliances > Electronics For Kitchen

This is the category of the product. You must include the full category including sub-categories, in a tree structure.

The categories you submit should be based on the product type and not brand or any other aspects such as sales category, color, trademark, etc.

Pricespy will only accept the submission of one category, so you cannot submit multiple categories for the same product.

In this case, we suggest you use certain category mapping tools to ensure the right category tree is assigned.

If you own a WooCommerce store, you can use the plugin Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce which has a great category mapping feature to help you set the categories accurately.

**Browse through Pricespy and find out how other products, similar to yours, are categorized and try to assign similar categories to your products when mapping.



This is the link to your product page. If the product page doesn’t have an URL of its own, you can use the URL for the category page.

If there are parameters in the product URL to differentiate between variants of a product such as color or size, the parameter must be included in the link; do not just give the URL of the basic product page.

**Do not include any UTM tracking code in the URL. For UTM tracking, submit a separate attribute called UTM, with the value of the UTM code.

Product Price

AttributPrice or Price (without VAT)
**Here you can either submit Price or Price (without VAT)
BeispielExample: 85.09 GBP

This is the price of the product to be displayed when listed, excluding shipping fees. We suggest you submit the price with VAT.

If you submit the price without VAT included, then rather use the attribute name Price (without VAT) to specify this to Pricespy.

The price you submit should match the price shown on your product page, and the currency should be GBP for the UK market.

Condition / Product Format

AttributCondition or Product Format
**Here you can either submit Condition or Product Format

Use this attribute to indicate the current condition of the product or the format of the product.

These are the accepted values for the condition:

  • New – to indicate that is a brand new product and intact
  • Demo – to indicate that this is a preview of the product.
  • Used – to indicate that the product was refurbished or unpacked
  • Download – to indicate that this is a digital product to be downloaded

If all the products in your price list it in new condition and are physical products, then you may avoid submitting this attribute at all.


BeispielCan not be ordered

Use this attribute to indicate if a product is currently available for shipping, if a certain product in the price list cannot be ordered immediately, or doesn’t accept home delivery.

These are the accepted conditional values for availability:

  • Available – to indicate that the product is in stock and can be ordered
  • Can not be ordered – to indicate that it is not available for ordering at the time being
  • Pickup – to indicate that this product has to be physically collected; no home delivery

Brand / Manufacturer


It is mandatory to provide the brand/manufacturer in order to add products on Pricespy.

Ideally, you should also mention the brand name on the product tile.

In case you are a renounced manufacturer but are selling products with another brand, then you probably want to represent your company name as the Manufacturer’s name.

In that case, you must include the product brand name in the Product name.

Certain products may be accepted without submitting this attribute.

These include

  • Movies
  • Books
  • Music Records

Other than these 3 types of products, any other products with missing brands or incorrectly defined brands will not be indexed or listed.

Product Image links

AttributImage links

You may submit 1 or more image links for the product. The first link will be considered the primary image in case you submit multiple links.

Make sure the image has no watermarks or brand seals, or any such marks on it. It’s advised to use high-resolution images of the product with a white background.

Also, the image should match various details that you include on the Product Name such as the color or the size.

For example, if the name of a product is White Blender, then the image should also include a Blender that is White color.

Pricespy will list your products even if you do not submit image links, however, we strongly advise you to provide at least 1 image link for better results in the listing.

MPN / Manufacturer SKU

AttributMPN or manufacturer SKU
**Here you can either submit MPND or manufacturer SKU

Here you need to provide the product MPN code of your products.

In case you do not have an MPN, you may use the SKU as the value (provided that you did not use the SKU as the Product ID.

It is not mandatory to include this attribute, but it is highly recommended to help with faster, accurate indexing.

**MPN for each product is unique.

EAN-13 / GTIN-13

AttributEAN-13 or GTIN-13
**Here you can either submit EAN-13 or GTIN-13

A product that is manufactured in Europe usually has an EAN. Similarly, a product manufactured in the US or Canada comes with a GTIN.

If you have the EAN-13 or GTIN-13 barcodes for your products, then you may submit them through this attribute.

This is optional data to provide, but submitting it helps with an accurate listing.

Shipping Fees

Beispiel5 GBP

You may submit the shipping fees for your products.

The shipping fee may vary depending on the product, so it is not necessary that you have to assign a fixed shipping fee.

Total Price

AttributTotal Price (with VAT) or Total Price (without VAT)
**Here you can either submit Total Price (with VAT) or Total Price (without VAT)
BeispielExample: 90.09 GBP

Rather than submitting a separate shipping fee, you can choose to submit a total price which is basically, the shipping fees added to the product price.

If you wish to submit the Total Price including VAT then use the attribute Total Price (with VAT).

And if you wish to submit the Total Price excluding the VAT, then use the attribute Total Price (without VAT).

**You can either submit a shipping fee, or the total price. If you submit both, Pricespy will keep the Shipping and exclude the Total Price attribute.


AttributProduct description
BeispielThis blender is super efficient and takes up less electricity than others.

You may add a short description of the product you are selling. Try to highlight all the major features it may have included in any features that you did not include in the Product Name.

This is optional data you may submit; we advise you to submit it to attract more prospects.

Stock Status

AttributStock status

This attribute indicates the stock status of the products in the shop.

It is not mandatory to submit this attribute, but it helps to enhance the search results on the listing.

The stock status value you submit is conditional. It must be relative to the value you submitted under Availability.

The following are the accepted values for the stock status:

  • In stock – to indicate that the product is available and can be delivered to the customer within six business days.
  • Out of stock – to indicate that the product is out of stock in the shop.
  • Incoming [date] – to indicate that the product is not in stock at the moment, but is expected to be available on the given date
  • Pre-order [date] – to indicate that the product is not released yet, but it will be released on the given date and can be pre-ordered from your website

You can use ‘In stock’ only when you submit Availability as ‘Available’.

Use ‘Out of stock’, ‘Incoming [date]’ or Pre-order [date] when you submit Availability as ‘Can not be ordered’

Do not submit a Stock Status if you submit Availability as ‘Pickup’.

**If you do choose to submit the stock status, then make sure it matches the instructions above. Incorrect submission of the Stock Status for any product will result in Pricespy hiding that product from the listing.

Colour or Pattern

AttributColour or pattern
BeispielStripped Marble Green/White

For certain types of products such as Apparel & Accessories, it is more logical to specify the color or pattern since buyers look into these aspects when buying such products.

Submit the actual color or pattern assigned by the manufacturer if possible.

As you can see, the example in the table, Stripped Marble Green/White is not a generic color or pattern; it was assigned by the manufacturer.

Gender and Audience

AttributGender and audience

Certain products are made for people of a specific gender or age group. For example, a skirt for women or a toy for children.

In such cases, you may submit the target gender or audience for the product.

You may use the following values:

  • Women – if the product is for an adult lady
  • Men – if the product is for an adult man
  • Unisex – to indicate the product is usable by any gender
  • Girl – if it is for a teenage girl
  • Boy – if it is for a teenage boy
  • Child – to indicate that the product is for children

This attribute is optional. You only need to submit it if you did not include the value to the Product name.

Größe des Produkts


For certain products such as shoes or T-shirts, a buyer will always look into the size. So you may submit the size of the product using this attribute.

Make sure to indicate the size type such as EU45 or US11 or UK12, to understand which size type the buyers are dealing with.

For example, you may submit the size as UK12, and if the buyer is from the US, then he/she can convert it from the UK to the US size and decide if this is the right size to buy.

If you have a product with multiple sizes available, you may submit all of them with a ‘/’ in between for example EU45 /E42 / EU40.

Multi-pack or bundle

AttributMulti-pack or bundle

If you wish to submit a bundle or multi-pack offer from within your shop, and not the actual product manufacturer, then you may use this attribute.

For example, let’s say you have the products Shampoo, Hair conditioner, and Hair Serum. Now, in your shop, let’s say you created a bundle on your own. You may submit that bundle as a product in Pricespy. In that case, you need to include this attribute and set the value as ‘Bundle’.

You may use the following values:

  • No – to indicate that the product is not a multi-pack or bundle created by your shop, (or you may keep it blank)
  • Multi-pack – if you submit a multi-pack offer created by your shop
  • Bundle – if you submit a bundle offer created within your shop

**Now, though this seems beneficial, we advise you not to submit your own created bundles or multi-packs to Pricespy. It may often confuse buyers.

You may avoid using this attribute simply by adding “bundle by (your shop name)” to the Product names of the personally created bundles you submit, for example, “Shampo Combo bundle by RexSupplies”.

That’s it. If you follow the instructions above when including data in the price list, you can expect that they will be successfully approved by Pricespy and will be optimized for better results in the listing.

Sample Price List of A Product for Pricespy

Here’s a sample of a price list for a single product in text format (with the mandatory attributes included),

One advantage you have with Pricespy is that, unlike most other such listing sites, if you submit extra attributes, that are not among the ones mentioned above, they are not entirely ignored.

After pre-scanning, if any such values are traced that are not part of the expected attributes, Pricespy initiates review by a live agent, i.e., manual review. As long as you submit the mandatory attributes properly, it will not get rejected.

**Pricespy will give you the option to allow listing your products on the multiple platforms it has in different regions. For that, you will need to contact their support and request approval. They will review your request and give you instructions on the next step.

How To Generate The Price List For Pricespy Easily?

Now comes the question, how you will generate the price list?

Manually creating it will take hours of your time, in case you have over 50 products.

In that case, you can look for product feed generation tools to help you out.

If you are using WooCommerce, then it’s even easier for you. Simply use the plugin Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce.

The plugin has the template of Pricespy already created. All you need to do is assign the target values and the plugin will generate the price list in minutes.

I mentioned earlier that to create categories, you will need category mapping. This plugin already has this feature.

Before generating the price list, simply set the category mapping. Then when you generate the price list, assign the category mapper you created as the value for Category.

You may first test out the free version of the plugin.

Once you generate the price list, log in to your Pricespy account.

On the Merchant Dashboard, you will find the Products tab. Here, choose Add Products and then click on the option called Feed file. There you will be able to upload the price list.

Anmerkung des Autors

It is always wise to use more options when promoting your online products if you want maximum sales.

Pricespy is one of the few price comparison sites that always brings in good results for online shops.

If you wish to excel in sales, then it’s high time you start listing your products on Pricespy as well, provided that you do have good deals for the products you sell, i.e., you do not over-charge.

Hier sind die Anleitungen zur Erstellung genauer und optimierter Produkt-Feeds für die beliebtesten Marktplätze:

Wenn Sie einen bestimmten Marktplatz haben, für den Sie einen Leitfaden für den Produkt-Feed wünschen, lassen Sie es mich in den Kommentaren wissen. Ich werde versuchen, einen für Sie zu erstellen.

Try Product Feed Manager For Free!

Generate accurate product feeds for Google shopping, Facebook feed, TikTok Ads & popular US and European marketplaces easily!

Complete Guide To Increase Your eCommerce Sales With Pricespy [2024] 1

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