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5+ Best Lead Capture Plugins For WordPress

5+ Best Lead Capture Plugins For WordPress

Lead capture or lead generation is a fundamental piece of any business.

Regardless of what specialty you are in, one thing you have to concentrate most on is building an engaging email list.

Without lead accumulation, it will be almost impossible and difficult to find new business openings associated with potential clients.

This won’t just enable you to get more focused on activity, but it will likewise allow you to construct trust with your audience.

The bigger and more engaging your email list is – the quicker your business will develop, and the more cash you’ll make.

Did you know that over 70% of visitors who visit your website will never return if you don’t offer them a chance to subscribe?

This is where lead capture & generation plugins can help you.

These plugins can collect and organize visitors’ email lists for you.

However, finding a good lead capture plugin can be confusing since WordPress is bloated with below-average lead generation plugins.

Without the right one, your growth strategy for your visitors and clients’ email can fail.

Today, we have listed the top 5+ lead capture plugins for your business.

You can go through the details, compare them, and choose the most suitable lead capture solution for you.

Let’s get started.

5+ Best Lead Capture Plugins For WordPress

Here are the 5+ best lead capture plugins you can use for your WordPress business website.

1. OptinMonster to Capture Leads

OptinMonster to capture leads

OptinMonster is the most popular lead capture and generation plugin you can find on the WordPress Directory.

It was a WordPress plugin once, but now it’s more than that. It’s a cloud-based app.

That means all your opt-in forms will be managed from a central location – giving you an excellent overview.

Currently, it has 1 million+ active installs and a 4.7-star rating on the WordPress Plugin Repository.

It comes with an easy-to-use form builder that allows you to create beautiful opt-in forms.

You can create various types of opt-ins including WordPress popup forms, floating header, and footer bars, slide-ins also known as scroll-triggered boxes, sidebar forms, after-post forms, in-line forms, mobile-specific forms, welcome gates, and more.

The form you build with the plugin is mobile responsive. So you don’t have to worry.


  • Multiple opt-in form types including; popover, slide-in, sidebar, after post, canvas, mobile-only pop-over, and footer (only popover included on basic plan).
  • Exit intent feature.
  • Set up split tests from within your dashboard.
  • Supports multiple email marketing platforms and autoresponders.
  • Ability to add custom CSS.
  • Support for shortcode placement.
  • Page-level targeting.
  • Great selection of templates for your forms.
  • Easy-to-use editor with form preview.
  • Use the MonsterLinks feature to display 2-step opt-in forms.
  • Page-level targeting- display certain forms on specific pages or categories.
  • Access your analytics to see how your forms are performing.

Learn more about OptinMonster.

2. Converti  

5+ Best Lead Capture Plugins For WordPress 1

Converti Conversion Booster is a game-changing tool designed to supercharge lead generation and enhance conversion rates for WordPress websites.

With its array of features, Converti ensures that capturing leads becomes seamless and effective, helping businesses thrive in the competitive digital landscape.  

Incorporating Converti into your WordPress arsenal ensures a seamless lead capture process, ultimately driving business growth and fostering lasting connections with your audience.

Explore Converti today and elevate your conversion game to new heights. 


  • Sales/Conversion Proof Widget: Influences visitor behavior with live sales notifications, fostering credibility and encouraging conversions. 
  • Review Widget (Social Proof): Enhances trust by showcasing authentic customer reviews with star ratings. 
  • Newsletter Subscription Form: Discreetly collects leads without disrupting user experience, optimizing signup rates. 
  • Conversions Counter Widget: Displays live conversion counts, bolstering social validation and urgency. 
  • Live Visitors Counter: Builds trust and boosts conversions by showcasing real-time site traffic. 
  • Dozens More: A plethora of additional widgets and overlays to cater to diverse conversion needs. 

Learn more about Converti.

3. CartFlows – Lead Generation

CartFlows Lead Generation

CartFlows offers powerful lead generation features for WooCommerce websites. 

It’s designed to help you get started with capturing leads in the least amount of time.

This plugin is easy to use and integrates with major page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and many others to give you a complete drag-and-drop interface and a minimal learning curve.

With CartFlows, you can create fully customizable opt-in landing pages from scratch, or choose from a wide variety of pre-built templates to save time. 

With templates that are pre-optimized by conversion experts, you know these pages will get you far more leads in a short period of time!

CartFlows also integrates with your email service providers so you can capture leads and immediately begin sending scheduled emails or sequences without any additional setup.

This plugin helps you build your email lists irrespective of the lead magnet you use – online courses, eBooks, gated case studies, free slide templates, free consultation calls, or something else entirely.

So get started with building your massive email lists!


  • Built for WordPress and WooCommerce websites.
  • Powerful built-in templates to start quickly.
  • Easy drag-and-drop customization when used with a page builder.
  • Integrates with popular email marketing tools.
  • Shortcode support.
  • Drag and drop to reorder form fields.
  • A/B split test opt-in page to optimize lead generation.
  • Dashboard insights.
  • Optimized for mobile devices.

Learn more about CartFlows here.

4. Thrive Leads

Thrive leads

Thrive Leads is created by similar individuals behind the well-known “Thrive Themes.”

It is in actuality, one of the greatest list-building plugins available right at this point.

It is an effective lead capture & generation module that accompanies dozens of incredible elements and opt-in templates.

From pop-over to scroll box, you can add an opt-in form using Thrive Leads.

The plugin also has powerful analytics that will help you to build a robust email list but at the same time won’t slow down your site.

You can customize your forms with a drag-and-drop editor and save plenty of time. Another good feature of this plugin is SmartLinks.

It allows hiding the opt-in form from the person already subscribed to your service. It’s handy for user experience.

And if you want to trade your client’s email with your premium content now you can do that with Thrive Leads.


  • Drag-and-drop editor for advanced customization.
  • Send lead capture magnets to your subscribers.
  • A/B Testing: Test different form types against each other.
  • Show different content to existing subscribers.
  • Multiple themed templates are available for each opt-in form type.
  • Various opt-in form types such as ribbon, lightboxes, inline, widgets, and slide-ins.
  • Supports multi-state opt-in forms.
  • Reporting dashboard gives you essential insights.
  • Integrates with the most popular email marketing services.
  • Various popover triggers such as Exit Intent.
  • Actionable reporting/statistics.
  • Supports 2-step opt-in forms.
  • Shortcode placement.
  • Supports multiple form fields, radio forms, checkboxes, and dropdowns.
  • Lead Capture.

Learn more about Thrive Leads.

5. Bloom for Lead Capture

Bloom for lead capture

Bloom is a full-featured, standalone plugin created by the Elegant Themes team.

Using Bloom is easy because all you need to do is install it and get started with it. At the time of this writing, 401,632 members are using this plugin.

To compete with market leaders such as Thrive Leads it needs to be easy to use.

So it created an easy interface to use.

You can use it as a content-locking plugin, where your readers can enter their email address into a form within your content, to reveal premium content, for example, a free download.


  • Multiple opt-in form types.
  • Various forms trigger popovers/fly-ins like time delay, activity, after comment, % scroll, on click and more.
  • Large numbers of integration with email providers Large selection of templates.
  • Page-level targeting.
  • Content Locking.
  • Import/export plugin features.
  • Basic reporting functionality.

Learn more about Bloom.

6. Sumo List Builder

Sumo list builder

Sumo List Builder is another free list-building plugin that is popular in the WordPress community.

It’s a free lead capture plugin with limited features, and you can upgrade to unlock additional features. Also, it’s easy to set up.

It is a bit unconventional because it doesn’t have a centralized admin panel.

You have to click on its badge to load the admin options in a popup.

Sumo has a control panel where you can install add-on plugins and set up your email opt-ins.

It offers some basic customization options to design your signup forms. It’s more than just a lead capture & generation tool; it’s a full suite of products designed to grow your website traffic.

The main disadvantage is that the free version will do branding on your site with a prominent blue menu bar and visitors on your website will see it.

You have to pay Sumo for removing the branding from your site.


  • Displays elegant popovers.
  • Full-screen opt-in forms that convert.
  • Displays an opt-in form as a visitor scrolls down the page.
  • Adds a notification bar at the top or bottom of the page.
  • 4 specific lists of building apps.
  • Displays opt-in forms based on page-level targeting.
  • Integrates with popular email providers.
  • Optimized for mobile devices.
  • Download your new subscribers via CSV (no need to connect an email provider).
  • Access to other apps such as Content Analytics and Heatmaps.

Learn more about Sumo List Builder.

7. Optinly

Optinly Lead Capture WordPress Plugin

Optinly is a new lead capture tool but the features that come with it make it a definite addition to your bucket list. 

It follows a user-centric approach that allows you to create/design popups on the go, making it one of the best lead-capture tools available. 

Pre-existing growth goals like building an audience, reducing cart abandonment, promoting special offers, and more are backed by 75+ appropriate popup templates.

The plugin comes with multiple popup forms types like fullscreen overlays, notification popups, floating bars, countdown timer popups, and slide-ins.

You’ll also get spin-the-wheel popups and popup launchers.

Also, Optinly doesn’t charge you based on the number of sessions or pageviews. You can create an unlimited number of popup campaigns and drive max conversions every day!


  • 75+ ready-to-use, highly responsive, and customizable popup templates.
  • 10 pre-existing marketing growth goals.
  • 6+ types of popup forms including spin-the-wheel popups, countdown timer popups, and popup launchers. 
  • Built-in WYSIWYG editor that allows you to customize popup templates to suit your brand’s theme. 
  • Advanced popup display triggering options like exit triggers, device-based triggers, URL-based triggers, and time-delayed triggers.
  • In-depth analytics dashboard to view campaign analytics like views, clicks, responses, and the total number of visitors. 
  • Seamless integration with 15+ best email service providers and webhooks. 
  • Option to download collected leads via CSV file.

Learn more about Optinly.

Setting up lead magnets, running ads, and driving traffic with these tools, it can take a lot of effort, time, and resources. So to avoid spam you can always integrate your lead capture forms with real-time email verification.

Bonus: Another Useful Plugin You Can Use On Your WordPress Website:

Let’s have a look at another WordPress plugin that you can use on your website.


Underconstructionpage WordPress Plugin

UnderConstructionPage is a plugin with which you can create coming soon, under construction, sales, and landing pages with minimal effort but on the other hand with maximum effect, and thus stay in touch with your visitors and potential customers.

Your under-construction, coming soon, or any other page with a similar purpose will suit your business because this plugin has a database of over three hundred templates for all niches. 

In addition, a new template comes out every week, so even though you may not have found something that suits you, it is very likely that you will find it next week.

In addition to the templates described above, this plugin comes with many useful features, let’s have a look at them:


  • Automatic start/end on the selected date.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Drag & drop builder.
  • Social media links.
  • No-setup stats/leads collecting/contact form.
  • Whitelisted user roles/users/IP addresses.
  • SEO visibility settings.

And many more.

Learn more about UnderConstructionPage.


There are many more lead capture plugins you may find out there but these are among the best.

If you have more suggestions for the best lead capture plugin or use one for yourself, you can let us know in the comment section.

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