While growing your business, you need to hire new talents in your team.

However, the hiring process consumes a lot of time, and many businesses spend a good amount of money on several job-posting websites to find the right talent. This might seem normal but you can do better.

If you have a WordPress website, you can enjoy the benefits of WordPress job board plugins to integrate a full-fledged job board on your company website.

Placing job boards directly on your website allow applicants to submit their job applications directly to you. This will give you three specific advantages:

  1. You will most likely get highly qualified candidates. Most people applying through your site will go through your website. This means they know your company’s niche and will be able to realize if they are qualified for the job.
  2. You do not need to rely on third-party job board websites to get the right candidate for your site. Hence, you will be saving on the fees of such sites.
  3. It will save your time from creating job posts and filling out forms on other job board websites. You simply write your job post and make it live with all settings already configured.

Now, there are tons of WordPress job board plugins out there, but today I will list 3 of them, that I personally believe are quality job board plugins.

But before we look into the plugins, let us look at what you should look for in a job board plugin.

What To Expect From An Ideal WordPress Job Board Plugin?

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Most job seekers use mobiles to apply for jobs. Hence, the plugin should deliver a job board that is mobile friendly.

Collect Data Easily

Collect Data Efficiently

You should be able to customize your application form to collect the required data from interested talents according to your requirements. These data should be accessible in an organized way.

Filtering Data

Filtering Data

You might get a huge amount of applicants. However, if you are looking for candidates with specific qualifications, you should be able to filter them out.

Post Types

Post Types

To use the full potential, you need a plugin that has all essential post types enabled. You should be able to separate job publishers and job seekers and maintain their essential data in a curated way.

Access Rights

Access Rights

Though WordPress comes with default restrictive functions, you should make sure the plugin has access restriction capability built-in. It will help you to restrict the role of job recruiter on your website.

3 Best WordPress Job Board Plugins For Your Site

Based on all the necessary requirements, I have researched and screened out 3 best WordPress job board plugins that are easy to use and efficient.

1. WP Job Manager

WP Job Board

WP Job Manager is a powerful and extremely easy to use WordPress job board plugin. It is compatible with most of the WordPress themes out there. It can integrate with any existing WordPress website and is shortcode based.

WP Job Manager is a plugin from Automattic, the company behind WordPress. So, it is a flexible plugin and has many add-ons.

It has an intuitive UI that allows the employer to log in a dashboard through which the user can view, edit and delete their job listings. This plugin can help you to build a professional job board, based on your existing theme.  

Visit the website of WP Job Manager to learn more.

2. Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board is a lightweight WordPress job board plugin. Currently, it has over 10 thousand active installs and a 5-stars rating on the WordPress repository.

This plugin is very extensive and convenient, making it one of the most preferred job board plugins. It can make customized job boards based on your requirements and can manage various job offers directly through your WordPress Site.

As it is shortcode based, it allows you to add multiple job listing and display them through the application form on any page of your website.

It is a free plugin. But you can buy add-ons and upgrade functionalities as you may need.

You can add multiple attachment fields, use filters for job level and reCAPTCHA verification to avoid spam.

Visit the website of Simple Job Board to learn more.

3. WP Job Board

WordPress Job Board plugin

WP Job Board is a premium WordPress job board plugin. It allows you to run an efficient job board in WordPress with numerous useful applications.

This plugin can easily be customized. It also provides seamless WordPress integration.

WP Job Board can send automatic email notifications and can likewise disperse jobs to job marketplaces.

It is good with all WordPress themes, implying that it is an ideal expansion to your site, paying little mind to your taste in themes.

Also, it gives you the optimization option for various social media and search engines. Currently, it is probably the best premium job board plugin out there.

Visit the website of WP Job Board to learn more.


You will probably find many other articles talking about tons of WordPress job board plugins. But I decided to let you know of the 3 that I believe are the best.

If you ask for my preference, I would rather go for WP Job Board, however, it is at number 3 in my list because the other two are more accessible and preferred by most people in the WordPress community.

Please leave a comment below to let me know if you have any other plugin that you find is better.