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5 Online Furniture Marketing Tactics To Increase Your Revenue

5 Online Furniture Marketing Tactics To Increase Your Revenue

The furniture industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, ever since businesses started to sell them online.

According to Oberlo, the e-commerce sector for furniture marketing has a sales growth rate of 3.5 % per year!

Though this sounds promising, it also means that it’s now getting more competitive. And if you own a furniture business, you must start implementing careful tactics that will help you get more sales despite this competition.

In this article, you will learn about 5 reliable tactics that can help you stay ahead of the competition online and get more revenue.

So let’s get started.

5 Online Furniture Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Revenue

Suppose you have a WooCommerce site where you have listed your products for online promotion. If it’s a new website, then initially, you may struggle to get enough traffic organically.

Hence, you have to resort to running paid Ads on Facebook and Google. Plus, you have to SEO optimize your product descriptions so that they gradually start ranking on SERPs.

But apart from these, how can you ensure you get more potential customers and close more sales?

The following 5 tactics are some ways you can enhance online furniture marketing for your WooCommerce store.

1. Offer ‘ Fast & Free Delivery ‘ on Expensive Furniture

If you’re selling expensive pieces of furniture online, offering free shipping can be a great way to attract potential buyers.

Free delivery has a powerful psychological effect that grows confidence in buying expensive goods.

In the case of furniture, the shipping costs are usually quite high. As a result, you can afford to give free shipping for products that cost less. However, for the products where you have a higher profit margin, this could be a cost you may bear to trigger more sales.

Imagine you have a premium sofa set listed on your WooCommerce store, priced at $2,000. Let’s assume that the shipping cost for the premium sofa set is $200.

And, you decide to offer free delivery exclusively for this item within 5 days.

This will make the buyer excited as he will save $200.

Now, sure, you are making $200 less from a buyer. But on the bright side, you will be able to close about 24% more sales just by offering free shipping.

Scenario 1: Charging Customers for Shipping

Number of units sold: 100

Price per unit: $2,000

Total revenue: 100 * $2,000 = $200,000

Scenario 2: Offering Free Shipping (with 24% increased sales)

Number of units sold: 124 (24% increase)

Price per unit: $2,000

Total Shipping fee paid: 124 * $200 = 24,800

Total revenue: (124 * $2,000) – 24800 = $223,200

Result: $23,200 increased revenue.

How to implement this tactic?

  • First, you have to focus on the product image. Add a tag that says “Fast & Free Delivery” on the images for such products so that it’s easily noticeable on the shop page.
  • You may create a separate category or page to list down products that will include this benefit.
  • In WooCommerce, set up free shipping for these products. To do so, you can use shipping classes for all your products and make it $0 only for the products you want to offer at free delivery.
    Here’s a guide to help you out.
  • On the product description, if possible, include a section to show the amount they will save with free shipping.
  • Highlight this offer on the home page by using a specific banner to promote Free Delivery for specific products.

Overall, this tactic is a win-win offer for you and your customers.

2. Give Pre-order Discounts For Exclusive Collection

Offering pre-order discounts on your new and exclusive collection is a great furniture marketing tactic.

The idea is you do not bring in large supplies of a product, rather, you bring in a sample. You then run a full promotional campaign by creating videos, social posts, and Ads to highlight this product.

So, this will not only act as a special furniture discount campaign for greater reach but also help you get guaranteed sales even before you bring in your supplies.

You could try this with a new upcoming furniture collection that you plan on bringing in, maybe in a month or two. It will definitely give you an extra edge over other competitors who are likely to have access to the same supplier.

Here are some tips for implementing this furniture marketing tactic effectively:

  • Once you get hold of a supplier with an upcoming design that you suspect may become trending soon, request a sample immediately. If you like it, finalize a deal with the supplier for the full delivery, let’s say in 45 days.
  • With the sample at hand, you now have to prepare your marketing materials for promoting this upcoming furniture.
  • Decide on a suitable discount. To do so, first, calculate the price you will sell it at and the profit you will make. In this case, you may choose to make a lower profit and give a larger discount to get more guaranteed sales. Suppose you decided to offer 40% off.
  • In WooCommerce, add the product and set it to the status “On backorder.”
  • On the product image, set a tag that says “Pre-order for 40% Off.”
  • Create a special banner with the image of the product and mention that the buyer can save big by pre-ordering. You may place this on your website’s home page and share it on social media as well.
  • Mention the deadline for pre-ordering, which can be a couple of days before the supply arrives.
  • Once you have everything ready, you may run Paid Ads and share the promo video on social media.
  • You may shoot emails to your current regular buyers with this exciting offer.

Now, you have to understand that the pre-order campaign is quite unpredictable in terms of results. It will totally depend on if the product is really something your prospects will like. Hence, this is a tactic that you should use only if you are part of the furniture industry for a while. Your experience will help in bringing the right products based on market demand.

And then, the rest lies in how well you managed to market this offer.

In the end, if done right, will have tons of orders already placed, i.e., profit promised even before you have the supply at hand.

3. Promote On A Popular Online Furniture Marketplace

One of the most common furniture marketing tactics that have brought great results for several furniture shops is promoting on a popular or local online furniture marketplace.

Here are a few online marketplaces where you may consider listing your furniture products to get more sales.

  • Wayfair
    Wayfair is a specialized online furniture marketplace in the USA and Canada where you will find all sorts of furniture products listed.
    This platform’s targeted audience consists of customers actively searching for furniture and home furnishings, i.e., your ideal customers.
    If you are in their region, you will get great exposure just by listing your products there.
  • Houzz
    Houzz is another popular online marketplace for homeowners and interior design enthusiasts. You will find furniture listed there for delivery to all over America (not limited to the USA). Plus, some of the companies that list products there also deliver internationally.
    If you have an exquisite furniture collection, then this is a great website to promote on.
  • eBay
    eBay is a well-established online marketplace known for its wide range of product categories, including furniture. Plus, it operates and lists products from companies all over the world.
    You may easily list your furniture products on eBay and take advantage of its large customer base and diverse audience.
    eBay’s auction-style listings and Buy It Now options provide flexibility in pricing and sales strategies, allowing you to attract different types of buyers and earn more profit.

Other than these, you may look into some of the local online marketplaces that allow furniture promotion.

The idea here is to list your products on these marketplaces and get exposure to their regular set of audience (which is much greater than yours if you are relatively new). The way it works is people will find your products, pricing, and offers listed there. And when they will try to purchase a product, they will be directed to your website.

Some of these marketplaces may charge a small fee per sale done, or for listing on their site, but that’s a small cost you may consider bearing to get a larger outcome.

Now, you might think it is a hassle to upload your furniture products to these marketplaces individually. But don’t worry. You don’t have to do it manually.

If your online furniture store is created with WooCommerce, then you can actually generate all the furniture listings for these marketplaces in just a few clicks.

All you have to do is use a reliable product feed generation plugin.

You may try using Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce, which is, right now, the easiest plugin to help you generate product feeds for almost all popular online marketplaces.

4. Promote Exclusive Furniture Bundles

Offering bundles is a common tactic for increasing online sales and it really works if you can bundle up the right products at the right time.

For instance, customers may be searching for outdoor furniture and patio sets during the spring season. So, during this time, you may bundle up a patio dining set, outdoor lounge chairs, and a sunshade as part of a single discounted package.

Again, if someone is decorating his new bedroom to live in after marriage, he would probably want a bed, a wardrobe, and a dressing table. So you may bundle these three products from the same brand and offer a lucrative discount.

Usually, the conversion rate of a bundle really depends on if you have managed to offer the right products together and if they are in high demand.

For example, if you bundle up a dinner table with a bed, it is less like to convert as people do not usually think of buying both of these together.

So you have to understand the dependencies of the products and the market trend to pile up an attractive bundle. And then, the discount will act as a trigger to make people take action.

Overall, this is a great online furniture marketing strategy if you can take good decisions based on your experience.

5. AR Furniture Showcase

A new technology that you may incorporate into your furniture marketing strategy is Augmented Reality (AR).

Basically, what you can do is you may invest in creating a mobile app for your online furniture store and infuse AR into it for customers to judge if their choice of furniture fits well in their home/office.

There have been numerous cases where people bought a piece of furniture, but then returned it because they felt “it didn’t fit the home decor.” But with AR, they will be able to see how the furniture looks in their home through their phones and then make a decision.

It will help buyers to make a more accurate decision before placing an order.

Plus, the idea of an AR furniture app will act as a trigger of excitement for buyers. Hence they will be more hooked into making decisions rather than considering moving to other websites for more options (as long as you have well-designed furniture).

You will find several AR apps out there for e-commerce which you may integrate with your WooCommerce shop for using this advanced feature and stay ahead of the competition.

Few Other Tactics You May Use

Apart from the 5 tactics above, you may consider some of the tactics below as well:

  • Create a Facebook group to promote your furniture.
  • Collaborate with existing social e-commerce community admins to share your promotional furniture marketing campaigns for more exposure.
  • Set up a sales funnel with relevant product offers as upsell and downsell.
  • Spread local handouts with a focus on visiting your website and downloading your AR app.
    Use QR codes for greater response.

Summing Up

It’s high time you start implementing these tactics so that you can keep up with the growing e-commerce popularity among furniture brands.

Using the AR furniture app will definitely give you an edge over most competitors as it is still a trend in progress.

Plus, if you are new, then promoting via online furniture marketplaces would be one of the mandatory tactics you should follow if you want to grow fast.
– Try using Product Feed Manager to start implementing this tactic immediately.

In fact, the rest of the tactics are just as potential to get you more sales.

So go ahead and start creating a profitable furniture marketing process and boost your revenue.


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5 Online Furniture Marketing Tactics To Increase Your Revenue 1

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