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Vang WPFunnels op AppSumo - De heetste lifetime deal van vandaag!

Vang WPFunnels op AppSumo - De heetste lifetime deal van vandaag!

Sales funnels are one of the best marketing trends to increase revenue, and now, there is big news for all WordPress & WooCommerce users – WPFunnels is now live on AppSumo!

WPFunnels is one of the easiest sales funnel builders in WordPress that has introduced the visual funnel building canvas in the WordPress environment. And over the past few months, the plugin has only gotten better and better with amazing new features.

Having said that, WPFunnels is now available on AppSumo at over a 70% discount on exclusive lifetime plans!

Let us look at why you should grab this deal and start using WPFunnels today.

The Lucrative Lifetime Deal – WPFunnels On AppSumo

Sales funnel builders are usually very expensive, and WPFunnels is comparatively cheaper than other funnel-building solutions in WordPress.

However, the AppSumo deal brought you a discount that has made WPFunnels more affordable for anyone and everyone.

The huge 70% discount means you can get a lifetime license of WPFunnels at as low as $59!

In fact, you can get an unlimited license for only $199!

Here’s a glance at the available Plans:

WPFunnels on AppSumo - plans
WPFunnels on AppSumo – Plans

But the price is just half the bargain. The plugin itself is something you will love if you want to run sales funnels in WordPress.

WPFunnels – Visual Sales Funnel Builder In WordPress

WPFunnels is a sales funnel builder that introduced the visual funnel mapping concept in WordPress.

You will get a visual drag and drop canvas to plan, organize, and configure your sales funnel however you want – you are in full control!

Plus, you will be able to import conversion-optimized funnel templates to start using sales funnels immediately.

The plugin is very easy to use and comes with useful features, some of which are unique and not available on any other existing plugins. Let us look at some of these unique features.

  1. Order Bump Offer At The Checkout Page
    Make quick offers right on the checkout page, which buyers can add to their order with just a click, and increase your revenue.
  1. One-click Post Purchase Offers
    Set up a sales funnel where you can make smart one click upsell and downsell offers after checkout and make your buyers spend more on every purchase.
  1. Conditional Steps Control
    Control your buyer’s journey and define the next step for him based on his choices in the funnel.
  1. Opt-in Form For Lead Generation
    Use an intuitive opt-in form to create lead generation funnels and collect more leads easily.
  1. Global Checkout for WooCommerce
    Set up a sales funnel for your whole WooCommerce store based on conditions such as product category or specific products, and make targetted offers to your buyers based on the products they added to their cart.
  1. Simple Integration With FluentCRM
    The plugin lets you easily define Event triggers so that buyers’ will be assigned to specific tags in your FluentCRM lists, based on their actions in the Funnels.
  1. Compatible with most WordPress page builders
    You may design funnel steps using Gutenberg, Elementor, or Divi, using dedicated blocks, widgets, or modules. Plus, you may use Shortcodes when using other page builders such as Zion, Bricks, Themify, etc.

Who Should Use WPFunnels?   

WPFunnels is a plugin for anyone in any niche to craft optimized sales funnels and increase sales.

  • Digital Marketer
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Marketing coach
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Online Coach
  • Educational Portal
  • Counselor
  • Fitness Product seller
  • Health Supplement Provider
  • Legal Advisor
  • Software Firm
  • eCommerce Shop
  • .. and many more.

    Use WPFunnels and create highly converting sales funnels no matter what business you are in.

    How to Purchase WPFunnels from AppSumo? 

    To buy WPFunnels from AppSumo, follow the steps below.

    1. Go to the WPFunnels Deal Page on AppSumo and on top, click on Buy Now button.
    WPFunnels On AppSumo

    It will take you to the AppSumo Checkout Page.

    1. Once you are on the checkout page, click on Proceed to checkout.
    1. Select your payment method, or use your AppSumo credit, and click on Continue to Order Review.
    AppSumo payment
    1. Once the order is placed, you will get a confirmation. Here, click on View Product.
    WPF AppSumo checkout complete
    1. Next, click on Activate Now above.
    1. Then, use your preferred email address to register your WPFunnels account.
    WPF AppSumo Activate

    Once you do, you will be redirected to the GetWPFunnels website to set up a password and complete your purchase and product activation.

    And that’s it. You may then access your WPFunnels account and start using WPFunnels Pro!

    You can always upgrade, downgrade, or refund your purchase from your AppSumo account if the need persists.

    Final Notes

    Not all lifetime deals are good. But once you get a good one, you should not think twice to get it.

    WPFunnels has changed how you saw sales funnels in WordPress in the past, and it’s difficult to find a sales funnel tool that is as easy. Plus, the plugin will grow real quick with more amazing features in the coming days.

    Hence, get WPFunnels Pro at this low price before the deal ends.

    **The Deal will last till 20th February 2022.

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