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Gids voor het online verkopen van sieraden - 5 tips om de verkoop van sieraden in WooCommerce te stimuleren

Gids voor het online verkopen van sieraden - 5 tips om de verkoop van sieraden in WooCommerce te stimuleren

The online jewelry industry is thriving, with plenty of new and established businesses in the market.

According to Statista, the online jewelry market is expected to reach $58.9 billion by 2027.

And with that, the market is quite competitive today. If you are in the jewelry industry, then it’s no longer as easy as running a website or promoting on a Facebook page.

You have to start using more reliable tactics to stay ahead of the competition.

Today, you will learn about a few proven tactics that you can embrace today and start selling jewelry online more effectively in your WooCommerce store.

These are all unique tactics that can prove to be game-changers for your business in the long run.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to –

  • Encourage more online jewelry shoppers to buy from your WooCommerce store,
  • Market jewelry products effectively for increased conversion, and
  • Implement unique tactics to unlock the growth of your online jewelry business.

And eventually, you will start making more money from online orders.

So let’s begin.

5 Unique Ways To Selling Jewelry Online

Following are seven unique tactics that you can use to enhance your jewelry marketing online.

1. Promote New Arrivals With A Lucrative Offer

People usually buy jewelry out of emotions rather than necessity. And often, new collections can get them more excited. So it is important to restock with new designs and trendy jewelry from time to time.

However, when you bring in new items, it’s necessary to promote them actively because chances are, people may not even know about them yet.

And one way to create excitement about new items is to make attractive offers.

Following are some of the ways you can promote your new arrivals:

  • Offer a small discount for the first week since the arrival
    Discounts are always exciting, and offering just a 5-10% discount is more than enough to grab the attention of potential buyers.

    So run a discount campaign on your new jewelry collection and promote it via Banners on the home page, notification bars, and via email. And surely promote it via Facebook & Instagram.
  • Run a giveaway contest
    If you have a good number of returning buyers in your store, then running a giveaway contest can be a great idea.

    For example, you can set a target amount to spend to make an entry into the contest. Let’s say every time a buyer spends $1000, he/she will be enlisted into the contest once. After the contest period is over, a lottery will be conducted to nominate a random winner. And you can give away some attractive jewelry as the winning prize.
  • Set up Upsells & Order bumps along with old items
    When you have new jewelry, the norm is to reduce the price of the older ones. And many buyers may tend to order old ones from time to time.

    In this case, you can offer relevant new jewelry along with old ones as an order bump. For example, if someone is about to purchase a pair of earrings from your old collection, you can make an order bump offer on the checkout page with a nose pin, maybe at 10% off, from your new jewelry collection. This will highlight your new nose pin designs, and many will take the offer as well.

    You may also set up upsell offers after checkout with a better design than what someone is purchasing from your old collection. For example, if someone is purchasing a bracelet, you can offer him a better bracelet from your new collection at a discount as upsell.

Whichever tactic you use to promote your new jewelry collection, make sure to spread the news via email and social media to your regular buyers.

2. Sell On Online Marketplaces For A Greater Reach

If you are already an established jewelry supplier, then you probably have a lot of followers and regular buyers. But as a startup, selling jewelry online could be quite difficult without any extra support.

Whichever the case, you can still get more business by relying on online marketplaces.

As a WooCommerce store owner, one of the best ways to promote any product is by listing them on popular online marketplaces to enhance their online presence. And it’s no different for a jewelry business.

The way it works is, you list your jewelry on an online marketplace that has a huge regular amount of audience. When a buyer finds your product there, if they are interested, they will be redirected to your website, where they can complete the purchase or look into more of your products.

This works well because people already trust these online marketplaces, and you are more likely to get more potential traffic from them than on your own organically, this can help to build an online presence.

The best platforms where you can promote jewelry, and get a lot of potential buyers, include Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and Google Shopping. You should surely list your jewelry collections on these marketplaces if you want regular traction.

Besides these, you should also consider the marketplaces under large social media channels.

  • Facebook & Instagram are two of the best social channels in the world, and they have their own marketplaces where you can promote your website’s jewelry collection.

    **You may also promote on Facebook and Instagram via paid Ads using short videos. A good video to highlight the quality and beauty of the jewelry piece works wonders in attracting the right buyers.
  • Pinterest is one of the best social marketplaces for selling jewelry online. Since the platform is all about showing pictures, it’s much easier to showcase your collection there.

    At the same time, buyers looking for specific designs may browse through Pinterest. So if you have an engaging product title with the right product details and a quality image, you may attract several potential buyers from there. Click here to learn how to promote on Pinterest.
Pinterest for selling jewelry online
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  • Snap feed is another great marketplace by Snapchat. People who use Snapchat are excited to look beautiful, and listing jewelry there can get great results.

It’s Quite Easy To List WooCommerce Products On Online Marketplaces

Listing products manually on online marketplaces is a daunting task, but if you are selling jewelry online using WooCommerce, then it’s only a matter of a few clicks.

Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce is a reliable plugin that makes product listing seamless by letting you generate feed accurately for your desired marketplaces. You just need to submit the feed link in the marketplaces, and your products will be listed there in minutes.

3. Run Exclusive Discounts During Special Occasions

This is the most common sales tactic for any online business, and it cannot be avoided. People purchase jewelry a lot during special occasions. So it’s important to make buyers feel your collection is affordable.

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Women’s Day
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Black Friday
  • Thanks Giving

All these could be great occasions when you can run discount campaigns. You may simply offer a site-wide discount campaign.

But even a better option would be to offer discounts on jewelry that are more likely to be demanded during a particular occasion.

For example, a classic ring or customized necklace would be appropriate to offer on Valentine’s Day.

valentines day tactic for selling jewelry online
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A lovely pair of Christmas earrings would be a special gift for Christmas.

However, a mother’s day unique bracelet or ring can be a perfect gift for the mother.

As a seller, you must understand the jewelry demand based on the occasion and set offers accordingly.

4. Run Enticing Jewelry Set Offers

You might already know that product bundling is a classy tactic for increasing sales. But, not every bundle will bring sales. You have to be tactful while planning the jewelry set offers.

The idea is to create a bundle mixing some pieces of jewelry that people would love to buy together.

Here are some ideas for organizing a good jewelry set –

  • Matching Set: You can create a set matching 3 or 4 pieces of jewelry. For example, multicolored (hoop earrings + ring + bracelet) would be an excellent combination to create a funky look.
  • Casual Set: You can make a set suitable for everyday wear. A simple pendant with stud earrings would offer a perfect casual set.
  • Mixing category: The concept here is mixing any non-popular item with a popular item you sell. For example, you can pair the most-seller ring with a non-seller nose pin.

Once you have the set ready, make sure to value it at a lower price than what the buyer would pay if he/she would buy each of the items individually.

5. Free Shipping On Luxury Collections

Free shipping plays a vital role for buyers in making the purchasing decision. You may implement a free shipping strategy to trigger more sales for your luxury jewelry collections that are normally more expensive.

This is a psychological tactic than a marketing one. The shipping fee is usually not much for a buyer, who is ready to spend a high amount on jewelry, But this special offer makes them feel special and helps them to consider buying from you.

However, it can also be a way to attract buyers internationally. If you have a license to ship jewelry abroad, then offering free shipping can be a big deal.

Apart from these, you can also go for a creative way to use free shipping.

For example, you can offer free shipping if someone purchases more than two items at a time.

Or, you may set a target cart amount that will result in free shipping.

You may even consider a discount or a coupon for first-time buyers.

Bonus Tip: Stay Prepared For The Wedding Season

A huge chunk of sales that big jewelry stores enjoy are due to weddings. People not only look to purchase beautiful jewelry for the bride but their families and friends also look to get new jewelry sets to wear at the ceremony.

So you must take advantage of this and make sure to run attractive discount campaigns during the wedding season.

According to TheKnot, 80% of all weddings take place between summer and early fall. Seemingly, June, August, and October are the times when the highest number of wedding anniversaries are expected.

During this time, you should have a separate category on your WooCommerce store just for Wedding collections and run special discount offers on them.

Plus, you should run Paid Ads to highlight your offers by targeting individuals who have recently looked at diamond sets or wedding rings.

Not only that, you should make sure the jewelry pieces you have for weddings all have a detailed gallery to showcase the piece from every angle. The idea is to attract your buyer right then and there using the images and not worry about the price too much. And then, when you offer a discount, it just acts as the icing on a cake.

Also, make sure to highlight specific items which include a wedding ring, a tiara, a wide necklace, and nose pins. These items are more likely to sell if you can promote them properly with a good offer.

Wedding ring offers - guide to jewelry selling online
A wedding ring can be quite expensive. So, people take their time to buy engagement or wedding rings smartly.
Making the right offer can help you sell wedding rings to the right couple.

Besides wedding rings, you can also focus on Engagement rings that most guys look to spend a fortune on to propose to their beloved life partner in the first place.

Here are some offer ideas you may use to sell more bridal rings:

Idea 1 – Keep A Budget Jewelry Set Among Expensive Ones

Normally, wedding jewelry is quite expensive, and many may not want to continue shopping at your online store if they see everything is out of their budget.

To avoid this, you may keep at least one jewelry set that is both attractive and affordable compared to the rest of the jewelry.

People with lower budgets will surely consider getting this budget offer. And the ones with higher budgets will go for better jewelry that is more expensive. So you have a chance to attract people from a broader budget range.

Idea 2 – Make A Bride & Groom Offer

For couples who are planning their own wedding programs, a bride and groom wedding jewelry bundle can be a great attraction.

Matching rings, bracelets & cufflinks, and even introducing matching bracelets & watches can be great bundles together.

And if you offer a discount on them, many couples may consider taking your offer.

Idea 3 – Take Pre-Orders For Limited Pieces Of Unique Designs

This is an out-of-the-box idea that you can use to attract couples that are concerned about showing off their status and fashion choices.

Seemingly, you can have an exquisite design of wedding jewelry that is not available on the market. You can promote a sneak peek of this exclusive jewelry and trigger couples to pre-order them even before you manufacture more pieces.

The catch here is, you have to promise a set number of copies you will sell for this design. For example, you could say you will only sell 20 sets of this piece, and you are taking pre-orders.

Since this will not be available to the masses, many will want to take it just to be unique compared to others.

**Of course, the design really has to be unique and beautiful. So you probably have to hire a good jewelry designer.

These are just 3 ways to promote wedding jewelry. But you can find countless other creative ways to promote your offers during the wedding season.

Noot van de auteur

Selling jewelry online may get quite challenging at times, but if you can invest enough effort in planning effective jewelry marketing tactics, you can grow your online reach much faster.

The abovementioned are highly effective marketing tactics to grow sales fast for your online jewelry store.

Tactics such as promoting on online marketplaces are a must today. So start using it if you aren’t already.

And running discount campaigns from time to time is crucial to get regular sales.

So go ahead and start using the tactics mentioned in this article to enhance your jewelry sales strategy.

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